Hailing from Birmingham Alabama come House Fight, a debut band releasing their debut single ‘Drown’. So what do House Fight have to offer?

‘Drown’ is a fast paced pop-punk track. Is there much else to say? Not really. Every aspect in the track that should be distinguishable is mashed so heavily together that it just forms one large block of sound. The tracks overall rhythm is good and is kept through the track. While it may become slightly repetitive towards the end, the band do include a little acoustic moment, gang vocals and a little different ending to shake things up. House Fight do achieve the aspects of pop-punk no doubt and do have a set genre they fall into, but still have a little way to go to push this into their own original style. ‘Drown’ itself does fall more on the generic pop-punk style, but what’s important is that the band know their style well and know their genre goal.

This is House Fight’s first track and sometimes it does take a little while to really define a bands sound. Don’t give up on them just yet, cause they could surprise you.

Rating: 3.5/10

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