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With their steady flow of single releases this year such as ‘English Weather’ and ‘Insomnia’, Fick As Fieves are rounding off their year with their newest video and single ‘Poison Ivy’. Continue reading “FICK AS FIEVES – POISON IVY – REVIEW”



sittingthesummerout Artwork_preview.jpeg

Sittingthesummerout, aside from having no spaces, consists of vocalist Samir Batista. Dimitri Sironi and Luca Della Foglia on Guitar, Andrea Daniele on Drums and Cristina Lietti on Bass,Hailing from Milan, Batista named the act in 2015, following a difficult Summer, which he reveals “cemented the concept that summer, as a season, wasn’t meant for me.” Continue reading “SITTINGTHESUMMEROUT- BRICK AND MORTAR REVIEW”


Weekend Recovery are a 4-piece punk-rock band already creating a buzz in the scene after being signed to Headcheck Records after only forming a year ago.

‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ has the foundations to be a strong punk rock track, and it has its moments of punk rock power brutality throughout! However, points do come through where the power of both angsty vocals and kicking backing guitar riffs do begin to clash against each other towards the chorus. The two aspects almost fight against each other instead of blending smoothly at the chorus like the do throughout the rest of the track. Yet, clearly throughout the rest of the track, Weekend Recovery certainly have a real kick to their sound.

With a bit of work, Weekend Recovery could have a great track and no doubt they will keep on creating great stuff for the future. The single has its good points and highlights Weekend Recovery’s punk rock realness.

Rating: 6/10


Tranqua Light are ‘offering something the Leeds market doesn’t currently have’ with their new track ‘Tempered Tides’

Tempered Tides’ has quite an upbeat tone to start with, however it does appear that the intro is ever so slightly dragged out a little further than it should have been. Either way, as the fitting slower vocals come in a notable contrast is formed between the upbeat happier backing and the slightly more melancholic, slower vocal style. Yet despite this subtle contrast, the aspects blend well together and form a rather ‘chill-out’ track

The track may be slightly dragged out, but overall it is a pretty good track for Tranqua Light.

Rating: 7/10


Releasing their first song, ‘Toe The Line’, through Sound-hub Records are Nottingham based 4-piece Say The Word. Bringing an alt-rock style compared to the likes of Deaf Havana and The Gaslight Anthem, the band are ready to make their mark on the rock music scene.

‘Toe The Line’, at first, offers an opening that falls onto the more simplistic side, keeping things calm for the first part of the track before opening up to more options and build ups further on. As the track builds further, so do vocals with layers of backing and key main vocals build together to ultimately form a chorus. However, the track does very little to develop further from this point, leading it to quickly turn repetitive and predictable up to the bridge. The bridge offers up something fresh, with a developing build up to the end of the track.

Say The Word still have a way to go, with this single adding to their climb as a band. ‘Toe The Line’ has its weaknesses towards the middle, but as the track strengthens towards the end, Say The Word are ready to rise up even further with their next release.

Rating: 6/10


The next rising band of the scene right now, Chapel, have just released their debut EP ‘Sunday Brunch’. After three successful singles and a run of shows across America and the UK in the last year, this album is make or break for Chapel.

Chapel are often compared to hit duo Twenty One Pilots, with similar vocals and electronics similar to ‘Regional At Best’. However, Chapel emphasise in this EP that they are more than just a comparison. Opening track ‘Cindy White’ brings along a cheerful dance track that brings a catchy beat and rhythm to its eccentric, colourful sound.

Even the tracks that cleverly fall into the middle of the extremes fit the flow of the EP. Single ‘We’ve Got Soul’ brings the middle ground of the EP keeping a clear balance of slower elements and faster, eccentric beats similar to hooks and drops featured in ‘Miss Monogamy’. Yet, tracks on the slower, more emotive side bring a strong rhythm with string bursting vocals in ‘Fools Gold’ to the more reclusive quieter sound of ‘See You Again’. Chapel cleverly bring a variety of different sounds to this EP, almost like a Sunday brunch has different elements, so does this EP.

Through their year of touring, ‘Sunday Brunch’ has been a highly anticipated EP and lives up to all expectations received. Chapel aren’t afraid to mix eclectic electronic styles with more conventional pop/rock styles which makes them stand out. With its stylish synth-pop hooks and incredible production efforts, ‘Sunday Brunch’ was worth the wait, and is definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 8.5/10