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We caught up with Tom Weaver (Vocals) from Casey to chat about the bands new album, touring and favourite coffee shops? Make sure to check it out below!

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The Word Alive have just dropped a new emotive track ‘Why Am I Like This?’ with a dark visual music video alongside.

The track comes from the bands forthcoming record ‘Violent Noise’ released May 4th, also featuring previous single ‘Red Clouds’


Embarking on the final date of their album launch tour, indie folk band Speak, Brother have made the last stop near their local area of Birmingham.

Hunger Moon (6.5) opened the show with intense vocal and atmospheric sound. The thing is about Hunger Moon is that in terms of vocal and musical performance, they are almost there, but for stage presence, more needs to be done. Granted, these isn’t a large range of movement that can be done during a heartfelt slow indie ballad, but perhaps the ‘first support jitters’ caused a sense of nervousness among the duo.

Often shows may have little minor issues such as supports quickly pulling out and being covered for a show, often without an announcement, these are largely unnoticed. Fill-in singer/songwriter Joe Dolman(8) smoothly took this place tonight on short notice, still bringing out a high quality performance despite the lack of preparation. Constructing an entertaining balanced set of quick and slower tracks (with the odd bit of on-stage comedy), his set was honestly quite enjoyable and definitely a good fit for the shows lineup.

Relatively well known around Birmingham, Speak, Brother (9) had a large turnout for their close to home show. Having formerly played the Hare And Hounds In November 2017, this atmosphere is nothing new to the indie-folk quintet. It’s almost magnificent how Speak, Brother can transform a small venue sound into something amplified to a greater extent. Both the bursting, powerful choruses of ‘Magnificent’ to the overall drawn out slower collective feel of ‘Slow To Now’, while only opening the show, saw a lovely start to the set.

Being an album release show, it’s inevitable there will be some newer tracks performed, with impactful tracks such as ‘Empire’ and ‘When We Were Young’ receiving elaborate, detailed backstories behind them. Evolving from last performance, vocalist James Herring has improved between song conversations compared to the slightly awkward tuning waits in the prior tour. While this did perhaps ramble a little through the set, it encapsulates just how personal and intricate each track can be, with ‘Empire’ appearing most personal through each member’s performance as well. Bands that can recreate a distinct, almost intricate sound live is hard to come by. Being joined by guest vocalist Kirstie Smith for ‘Father’, the same vulnerable, atmospheric flow of the original recording created beautifully sincere ballad and making a standout performance mid-way in the set.

Of course, anyone who has seen Speak, Brother will know they enjoy involving their audience, getting them to sing along and dance to varying tracks, even altering the setlist for a request of ‘Lions Roar’. There’s no doubt the band can build up tracks in their recorded music, but the inclusion of willing audience members during ‘He’ll Fight’ creates a more ethereal atmosphere, a quality the group base their music on. Even adding a dance competition to their jokey, fun cover of Rusted Root’s ‘Send Me On My Way’ fought its way through to close the show in a different enjoyable fashion.

Speak, Brother are evolving as a band constantly, a difference clearly noticeable between live shows as well as recorded music. A refreshing change for a Sunday night is what can be said about this show, a very lovely refreshing change.


Fight For Friday. As their first band, the project began life as an extra-curricular school activity at the tender age of 14, picking a name which “sounded pretty cool. Not so much anymore.” Now seeing the eldest member turn 20, they say:  “We’ve achieved more than we’d initially hoped – playing at huge venues such as Manchester Academy, Fac251; releasing our first EP in 2016 and having toured the UK twice. We are nothing more than a high school band that didn’t stop, carrying on to get to the stage that we are now. It wasn’t the quickest journey but its definitely been the most fun.” With the release of their newest EP on May 11th, FFF give us a little insight into each track on the record…

1 – Life Hits You Hard:

Life Hits You Hard is our take on the fast EP opener as we really wanted to push that high energy sound that we label ourselves with constantly. It was actually the final song that we wrote for this record, with its origins coming from the fact that we desperately wanted to open the EP with a bang. The song came to life from one chord progression in the intro and we really just pushed it out from there. Our plan from the start was to make this song as fast and direct as possible, no messing about with any interludes or build-ups, as we didn’t want to give people a chance to calm down. It’s the epitome of what we are all about.

Recording this song was simple and straightforward, probably because it’s a simple song! We went into the studio knowing exactly what we wanted this track to sound like so there really wasn’t much work that needed putting into getting it record ready.

I wanted there to be a song on this EP that described our journey as a band since we formed as 15/16 year olds around four years ago, so I thought what better song to use to portray our past, present and future than the song that perfectly defines our energetic attitudes. Starting out as school kids it has always felt that bands around us have looked down upon us in the past and not taken us seriously, which is why for the past four years “We’ve got nowhere fast.” We’re still confident on our ability, we’ve been learning and improving together since we formed and now we are at the point where we are happy with our sound, attitudes and where we are hopefully heading, that’s the message of Life Hits You Hard.

We’re unbelievably happy with the outcome of this song, there wasn’t really much that could go wrong with it so it really has had a perfect outcome to us! For any gig goers out there, we’ve been opening all our shows with this song, so brace yourselves!

2- Take it Or Leave it:

This is the oldest song on the record, originally written in mid-2016. This probably affects the fact that Take it Or Leave it is our most raw, thrashy song. Having said that it feels like the writing of this song was a turning point for us as a band, as it marks the transition between our more childish punk vibes into trying to create something more meaningful and intricate. We altered and edited bits of this song a lot over the years, meaning it contains elements of us at our rawest, but also moments of detail that we never had when we first wrote the song. Most of it is loud, angsty and edgy but as the song draws to a close the vibe completely flips as everything stops into a mellow, questioning buildup until the song kicks back in, but instead of the angst and edge, we went for emotional, powerful vibes that completely contradict the first 5 or so minutes of the record.

We really went to town with recording the end of this song. We’d been excited to go crazy and add as many tracks and sound onto the final section for a long time, so it felt good for the ideas we had to come to life. We layered up track after track of different vocal lines and harmonies and got a few bits of gang vocals in there too. We’re really happy with how this turned out, it could have been very sloppy and messy, but luckily with the help of producer Dave Page (White Bear Studios) it came out exactly, if not better than we imagined.

Take it Or Leave it is the breakup song that every pop punk record apparently needs. The lyrics tackle the topic of insensitivity, selfishness and how people can change for the worse without explanation. Hopefully this breakup song doesn’t come across as cheesy and whiney, but rather a more mature, introspective analysis on personalities.

Having so much hope for this song and so much time to plan it out, we were worried that the outcome wouldn’t reach our high expectations. We were blown away by how the finished track sounded, it met every hope we had and more.

We’ve been playing it live for around 2 years now so we know it unbelievably well! Sometimes we feel that this song isn’t our best because we’ve had it for such a long time, but people’s reactions to us performing it remind us that it’s not too bad.

3 – I Feel Bad, But You Should Feel Worse:

The feel good song. This one’s upbeat, catchy and incredibly happy yet somehow its ended up as our heaviest song. We wrote this with the intentions of creating something for people to sing along and have a good time to, which it ended up being for a while. It’s even got a cheesy key change! When we took it into the studio to be recorded, our producer Dave said he didn’t like the key change. We took his advice and somehow ended up changing the tuning from Drop D to Drop C and writing a 30 second breakdown to precede the key change. It’s a really different song to what it was before the studio and it captures all vibes, from singalong to throwing down. Mega EZcore vibes.

The lyrics for this song don’t really mean a huge amount, we just wanted to get people psyched and have a melody to sing to. The chorus really captures that inspiring catchy vibe in our opinion. Memorise those hooks for us.

IFBBYSFW has changed almost completely during its time in the studio and that’s 100% for the better. We’re so glad that this song turned out the way it did, it’s gone from being our least promising tune to our most exciting and out there banger.

4 – Target Practice:

To us, Target Practice is the best and most meaningful song that we’ve ever written. It’s a song that captures our more serious, hard personalities and it’s a song that we can all relate to lyrically and musically. You can expect to find a mellow edge to this song, switching between calm and questioning energy, straight into full on anger driven hooks.

We wrote this song after pondering on different variations of the intro riff for quite a while. When we finally made it to elaborating on the riff we didn’t want to overcomplicate the song into something technical yet unenjoyable. We wanted to find that perfect mix between technicality and simplicity that creates and interesting yet catchy tune. The ending of the song is our first attempt at a real instrumental section, which hopefully shows our more creative edge.

Similar to Life Hits You Hard, the recording of this song was really straightforward, mainly due to the fact that we knew exactly what we wanted to come out of this song and its not really too complicated at all.

The lyrical content of this track talks about how other people can try their best to bring you down when they see you doing well for yourself. Certain people will try anything to ruin your happiness when they don’t have it themselves and you’ve just got to brush it off and show people that you’re better than that and rise above them.

We’re really pleased with how this song has come out. The recording has captured every bit of emotion that we put into the writing of the track and its come out better than anything that we could’ve hoped for. Hopefully people can relate to this song as much as we do and it can be one of those songs that might inspire somebody to do great things with themselves and others around them.

Live, its quite a difficult song to perform! We love to put it last in the set because there’s no better song to finish a show with but that can take its toll as we probably need the most energy to do this song justice. We love playing it though and we can tell that we’ve got a good one in this tune because people seem to be immersed throughout the 3 or so minutes that it lasts.

5 – Headache:

There was no song better to end the EP than Headache. Its our anthemic, emotional song and it’s a massive contrast to the vibe at the start of the EP. Our nickname for it is ‘Sad Song’, because that’s what it is, a sad song. Having said that it still contains all the catchiness and high energy attitude that we contain.

We wrote this song just after the news of Chester Bennington’s death, so when I sat down to write the lyrics for the track, that was the main thing on my mind. It got me thinking introspectively and how other people’s actions can affect somebody massively, especially when there’s nobody around to listen to you and give you that helping hand that is needed.

Recording this song, we tried a couple of things that are unique to this song. We double tracked each guitar with an acoustic guitar part to add thickness and depth to the sound, which we think worked really well. The bridge section of this song came together whilst we were in the studio. The section felt quite empty and boring to us so we wanted to add another dimension to the song. Luckily in the studio was a piano so we made full use of that. The melody that we played throughout the bridge is a variation of one of the beginning riffs that also closes the song, acting as a little theme for the song.

Once again, we’re so happy with how this track turned out. It sounds so huge, which we were aiming for because if the track was slightly sloppy or weak it just wouldn’t have worked. Again, we have only David Page to thank for the amazing job that he’s done on every track of this record to help them reach their full potential.


Dream State have hit the ground running after the release of recent single ‘In This Hell’ and show no sign of slowing, having now dropped one more track: ‘New Waves’.

Pinned for release on May 18th, Dream State have announced their second EP ‘Recovery’ featuring two new tracks among the three already released singles ‘White Lies’, ‘In This Hell’ and ‘New Waves’.

Make sure to check out the artwork and tracklisting below, as well as the other two singles and our interview with Dream State!



1.White Lies

2.In This Hell

3.Help Myself


5.New Waves

White Lies: https://youtu.be/GwkUq3cXe8o

In This Hell: https://youtu.be/yE63XBK-bhI

Interview: https://youtu.be/hpqZix-fBHc


London electro-punk three-piece Calling All Astronauts have a lot to say, but what are the true A-Z factors about them that they want to tell their fans?

A Song Which Made You Want To Make Music:

My parents had loads on old 60s records when I was a kid, I used to play them all the time I had favourites, Bits And Pieces by The Dave Clark Five and Hippy Hippy Shake by The Swinging Blue Jeans, I was hooked on music from age 4

Best Experience While On Tour:

We haven’t actually toured as Calling All Astronauts, yes I know we’ve had 2 albums and 12 singles out, but we have very young children, so it hasn’t been possible so far, we’ve kinda stuck to playing high profile one off shows and festivals

Cover you would really like to do?

Strangely enough, we have just released our “Influences EP”, a quadruple A-side single. Four tracks that have influenced our love of music, we did a Pendulumesque version of Gary Numan’s “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” and followed that with a stripped back, dark, atmospheric version of T-Rex’s “Metal Guru”, we then took on on the legend that is David Bowie’s classic, “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)”, and rounded it off with a Post Punk version of Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water” we hope we have made them our own.

Deepest Lyrics One Of Your Songs Features:

That’s a tricky one as I’m so shallow, hahahah, I do like the chorus of our song Divisive, “Greed equals power, equals war, equals death”

Easiest Song You Wrote:

None of our songs have been easy or hard, we take a long time writing, our last album took us 2,000 hours, it’s just a process we go through, all our songs develop over a period of time in the studio, I don’t think we’ve ever written one in a short space of time.

Favourite album/single/EP you have released:

Our “Anti Social Network” album is my favourite, we could have easily released every track as a single, it also marked a vast improvement in my production skills, I believe that album sounds like we recorded in a major studio rather than in my lounge, though we did actually record it in my lounge

Greatest Show/Festival You Have Played:

We’ve had quite a few good shows, I think my favourite was when we played “Death To Dicso” at Notting Hill Arts Club, it was a night run by Alan Magee, but the crowd was all Made In Chelsea type people, it was totally sold out, we thought we were going to stiff, but within 2 songs, we had a pit and crowd surfing, a really awesome night

Happiest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band:

When we hit #1 at 2 minutes to midnight on December 24th on the Hype Machine Chart, knocking Adele off the top spot and getting the Christmas Number One!!

Interesting Fact About One Of Your Members:

Paul used to be a tree surgeon

Jokes You Have In The Band

We have so many, they are always “in jokes” that we find hilarious, but would never made anyone else laugh, if you ever meet Paul ask him “would you like some pork?”:

Kicking Off Your Set Is Best With Which Song:

We change our intro regularly, but always seem to kick of the set with “Someone Like You”, it was our frist single and got us BBC radio play within a week of release, so it’s a very special tune for us

Longest Distance You’ve Travelled To Play A Show:

J has toured America, I think just travelling there is further than the whole size on the UK and sadly we’ve never played outside England so far

Movie That Best Represents The Band:

It’s very cliched, but I’d have to say Spinal Tap, especially when we all want everything to be on 11

New Band You’d Recommend:

I really like Ded, they have a song called “Anti-Everything” which I just love, I must have watched the video about 100 times

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal:

For the right Target audience, any of NIN, Ministry, Killing Joke, Marilyn Manson, we’d be stoked to play with any of them, from a personal point of view, I’d love to tour with The Offspring or Editors

Place You’d Most Like To Tour:

America, I’ve been there many times, but have never played there, it would be awesome to see more of the country

Quote That You’d Like To Pass On To Readers:

One Man’s plagiarism is another man’s art

Reason For The Title Of Your Recent/Forthcoming Release:

As I’ve mentioned our latest EP is called “Influences EP” because we recorded covers of songs that have influenced us, the working title for the new album is “Divided States Of America” because that is exacly what Trump has done

See Us Live At:

The First Song You Ever Played Together As A Band:

I really have no recollection, I would guess it would be either “Someone Like You” or “What’s So Good About?”

Unusual Merchandise:

We have zero mechandise, which I suppose is quite unusual in itself

Variations You’d Like To Do On Any Of Your Songs:

Worst Experience On Tour:

Because we use a lot of programming, we have clicks coming to the stage monitors, so we can hear where the songs start, at one festival, the clicks went to the field, and we didn’t have a clue when any of our songs were going to start #nightmare

X-rays Or Any Other Treatments For Band Related Injuries:

I have broken loads of bones, my leg, ankle, wrist twice, Paul has had several operations on his back, I don’t think J has ever broken anything

Your Favourite Show You’ve Ever Played:

When we were in US:UK, we sold out The Marquee and got as many of the audience on stage for the encore as was humanly possible, that was an amazing night

Zoo Animal That Best Describes The Band:

The chimps as we love a good tea party

Our aformentioned Influences EP is available here



The track that has been circling the internet over the last week is none other than Starset’s track ‘Ricochet’ and the new music video that was released this week.

The track is featured on Starset’s second album ‘Vessels’, with the intensely cinematic visual now out alongside their previous 360 music video.

The band are also set to tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown this May! Make sure to check out the dates below.

May 6 – Nashville, Tenn. @ Bridgestone Arena

May 8 – Lexington, Ky. @ Rupp Arena *

May 10 – Tulsa, Okla. @ BOK Center

May 11 – Council Bluffs, Iowa @ Westfair Amphitheatre

May 12 – Milwaukee, Wis. @ Eagles Ballroom *

May 14 – Salem, Va. @ Salem Civic Center

May 16 – Birmingham, Ala. @ Legacy Arena **

May 17 – Evansville, Ind. @ Ford Center

May 18 – Moline, Ill. @ Mark of the Quad

May 20 – Grand Forks, N.D. @ Alerus Center

May 30 – Casper, Wyo. @ Casper Events Center *

* – Five Finger Death Punch & Bad Wolves only