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Lifehack are taking a risk. Coming from Hungary with a goal to reach listeners across their country, the exuberant rockers produced a 7-track album to gain national success. However, with a desire to reach out to an international audience, Lifehack have written and are debuting their first full English EP, with the hopes of showcasing their style to the world.

Without a doubt, from the start of ‘brave’, it is clear vocalist Anna Sevena’s soft vocals form a perfect fit to the track. While perhaps a little deeper instrumental layering could help bring this track a little more, the vocals and the instrumentals are put into their own layers, with no real distinct layer for each individual aspect. Yet, with a more atmospheric, flowing track such as ‘Brave’, this doesn’t cause a massive issue through the track.

Opening up the three track EP is ‘Wait Up’. Now, once again the issue of a depth in the tracks isn’t the clearest part of the track. However, this may just be a part of the process Lifehack will go through to evolve as a band. The track itself in terms of verses is rather basic, but Lifehack form this in a way that amplifies the vocal aspects more and, in turn, emphasise the deeper lyrical aspect of the track.

Yet, it is title track ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ that is the standout of this album. Holding the similar genre styling of the accompanying two tracks of the EP, this has a slightly heavier, deeper opening through the track. Is the track perfect? No, but the thing about it is, it doesn’t need to be. While some improvements could be developed in future releases, this track is probably the most developed off the EP and truly does stand out as a singular track/

Overall, Lifehack have put out a good attempt at an English EP. Following onto a new singing style from a more traditional Hungarian lyric style can be difficult, but it appears that the band have made this transition their own and done this rather well.

Rating: 7/10



We caught up with Tom Weaver (Vocals) from Casey to chat about the bands new album, touring and favourite coffee shops? Make sure to check it out below!

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You Know The Drill have been dwelling in and around the local Birmingham scene since the release of their debut single ‘No Ambition’, occasionally venturing outside this border. However, with new single ‘Snake Eyes’ already gaining recognition and a playthrough from Radio 1 and a new EP ‘Selfhood’ to follow, could this be the start of something bigger for the 4-piece?

Following their previous release ‘Losing Streak’, ‘Snake Eyes’ is already a massive improvement upwards in terms of recording/mixing quality. Even from the start everything is clear, from quickfire guitar track to the underlying basslines. Of course, at first, like with many songs in this genre, this track could appear to be just your average pop-rock playlist track, but in itself it is a lot more than just that if you give it the chance. This band are familiar with the average sound of the genre and fit into this well, yet at the same time bring their own aspect to the table. Vocals from lead vocalist Benji Yapp help add a distinct tone to the track, while even the extra harmony/fill-in vocals by Luke Astley add a nice light touch to the track. Even guest vocalist Joey Fleming (In Her Own Words) adds a subtler raw vocal touch to the final part of the track and while not entirely necessary, an enjoyable touch either way.

Keep an eye on their new music, as You Know The Drill are moving forwards, and if their new EP ‘Selfhood’ is anything to be based off this song, this could be their ticket to launch them out further into the rock scene.

Rating 8/10


This weeks track of the week goes to none other than Hey Gigantic with their single ‘Colours’!

“It’s a song we’ve had for a couple of years and reworked multiple times before we got it to the finished version you hear now. We think it was worth the wait!” says vocalist/bassist Jonathan Bateman

He continues “Written about the end of relationship as one person leaves for what they believe to be something better with someone else, but windup losing their personality to try and make it work. Realising their mistake they scramble to get back their real self and true colours.”

“It’s just about appreciating a good thing when you’ve got it and don’t take it for granted and most importantly be true to yourself”

Make sure to check out the track below!



The Word Alive have just dropped a new emotive track ‘Why Am I Like This?’ with a dark visual music video alongside.

The track comes from the bands forthcoming record ‘Violent Noise’ released May 4th, also featuring previous single ‘Red Clouds’


Casey’s tour has reached the penultimate date, selling out Birmingham’s The Asylum 2 days prior to the show.

Ontario based band RARITY (7.5) did well to warm up the filling venue. From the start, it’s clear that the five piece have a fanbase, with a clear connection between the band and audience being formed almost instantaneously. One of the strengths of their set was communication, using their performance to spread a positive message of mental health as well as producing an energetic performance, playing on top of the barriers and even encouraging moshpits among the crowd. While their set may not have been the most memorable of all, they performed a well-practiced, energetic set to start off the evening.

Coming all the way from Australia, ENDLESS HEIGHTS (7.5) brought a different approach to the musical coagulation of the night. Bringing a more melodic hardcore, emo crossover, their set was far less rampant/angsty, but instead flowed smoothly through the set. While the slight change in style may have thrown audiences ever so slightly, this didn’t hinder the energy on stage in any form. If anything, the lower use of between song talks helped the band keep their carefree, enjoyable style on stage and amongst each other. Endless Heights took advantage of their stage time and definitely did it well.

Embarking on the penultimate date of their EU/UK tour for ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’, CASEY (9) showed just why they can sell out shows. Despite being an album promotion tour, the setlist was well balanced across tracks from their latest album, ‘Love Is Not Enough’ and ‘Fade’ creating a perfectly mixed balance for fans new and old.

Creating an atmospherically ambient sound in a recording is hard enough, but replicating such a style live is another factor. Yet, from the slow ambiance of opener ‘Making Weight’ to the atmospheric instrumental bridge track of ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’, the same feel was captured almost flawlessly throughout the venue. Yet, be it the lighter side of tracks such as ‘Bruise’ or heavier releases such as ‘Fade’, energy amongst the audience and band refused to dip. Despite reaching the end of a twenty-date tour, the energy was the strength of an opening show, with no sign of slowing down at any point of the set.

However, there wasn’t the best communication in-between songs. While there was the odd talk at times, it was mainly down to the music to create a connection between the two sides of the audience and musicians. On the other hand, this amplifies the power Casey truly have at spreading an emotion, a message, even a story across to the audience without even using words or lyrics in their tracks.

Development is also a factor noticeable in Casey’s performance. incorporating ‘Hell’ and ‘Teeth’ from debut ‘Fade’ it’s not only clear that they’ve improved in performance over time, but musically and in a way that they can still appreciate their old music just as much as the new. Even playing different material such as ‘Phosphenes’ and ‘Fluorescents’ from their latest album, each song has the same level of energy, determination and effort put in and is just as appreciated by fans, an aspect that can sometimes cause a noticeable change. In the end, finishing on old favourite ‘Little Bird’, the band put a great closing end to the second to last date of tour, clearly more than satisfying audience members at the same time.

Casey are building up fast. Selling out eight of twenty shows in places they’ve never even headlined before is quite an achievement for a building band. Make sure to catch these guys touring across the year; this is not the last you will hear of them.