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We had the chance to chat to Lesbian Bed Death about their touring experiences in England and Spain, as well as their feature in an upcoming movie! Make sure to check it out below!

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We had the chance to chat to Bonnie from Stand Atlantic ahead of their show with Roam in Birmingham! Make sure to check out the interview below to find out about the bands future, love of accents and the real soundtrack to Bonnies life!

Make sure to check out Stand Atlantic below as well as their track ‘Sidewinder’






Realms, the 5-piece post-hardcore band hailing from Yorkshire, are on the verge of releasing their debut EP ‘Echo Chamber’ on Saturday 9th December 2017! In the run-up to their new EP, we had the chance to take to Realms about each of the tracks from ‘Echo Camber’ and the true meanings behind each of the four tracks! Continue reading “REALMS TRACK-BY-TRACK GUIDE TO ‘ECHO CHAMBER’”


With a new single out and much more ahead of them, we had the chance to chat with Dino from Sages about the future of Sages and their new music!

Heya! Could you please introduce yourself, what you do in the band and one instrument you would like to learn?

Dino : Hey, how’s it going, I’m Dino. I sing and play guitar in the band. Unfortunately, I’ll be the only one here today, but I’m more than happy to share as much as I can with you. One instrument I’ve always wanted to learn is the sitar, and it would be a dream come true to learn from Anoushka Shankar… Even though I’m pretty sure if I don’t faint, I’d freeze up like a deer in headlights if I ever met her in person, but hey, I’m willing to give it a shot, haha!

You’re influenced quite heavily by the likes of Deftones, Metallica and Periphery. What is it about these bands that influences you?

Dino : Well, they’re all just really great at what they do. Like, Deftones puts out the vibe better than most. You can mosh to their music or you can have sex to their music. It’s great. And I’ve always appreciated Metallica’s ability to arrange long songs without the songs getting boring. That takes some pretty serious artistry and I’ve always loved the challenge of integrating similar complex arrangements and vibes into some of our songs. But speaking of influential, just a couple nights ago I revisited the “Title of Record” album by Filter, and man, that has to be one of my all time favorite rock albums ever! Filter, in general, is a major influence.

‘Matter Of Time’, your new single, was released recently. How has the response been so far?

Dino : It’s been awesome. We’re all really happy about it. We actually just got word this morning that the music video is going to be featured in up to 4,000 gyms/clubs around the U.S. this November through December, which includes Planet Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and L.A. Fitness. Pretty cool! So keep your eyes and ears open for us while you’re out there making them gains, haha.

I hear you’re also planning a new album, can you give us a little information about it?

Dino : Yeah, we’re actually working on it right now. I don’t have a release date or anything like that just yet, but I think it’s safe to say that at the very least an EP will be released in the first quarter of 2018, and a full album later on in the year.

Do you feel the style and direction will be the same as ‘Matter Of Time’

Dino : So far, a lot of it is in the same ballpark. There is some heavier stuff and there is some softer ambient stuff, but it’s all generally of the same vibe so far.

You play a lot of shows locally, is there anywhere internationally in particular you would like to play?

Dino : I’d love to tour through Japan. I have friends that have toured through there with their bands and they all say it’s amazing. I also just really love Japanese culture and it would be really cool to experience a little bit of that and play shows all in the same trip. To be completely honest though, it would be a blast to tour pretty much anywhere outside of the U.S. I love to travel, and at this point, I’m not too picky about where to go because I can appreciate all of it. Well.. most of it.

What’s next for Sages? What direction do you hope to go in?

Dino : There is so much happening right now that I honestly don’t even know where to start, haha. I’ll say this though, 2018 is going to be a busy year for us. A new album, new tours, maybe even international tours. There’s a lot being discussed right now regarding all of those things so we’ll see what happens.


Blank Atlas are the next alt-rock trio ready to release their new music. Just after the release of ‘Open Up’ and the announcement of new music, we got to chat to Blank Atlas about who they are and what is coming next!

Hey guys! Could you please introduce yourself, what you do in Blank Atlas and your biggest inspiration right now?

Dan: Hey! I sing and play guitar. Arcane Roots’ new album is awesome but there are a lot of small bands we play with that are soo good too, Trigger Thumb have just released an EP and it is a bit good…….(SICK)

Tom: Hey, I play drums and do some singing as well. Lots of stuff inspire me musically, but playing with talented musicians at every show keeps me on my toes and inspires me to get better. As Dan said, the new Arcane Roots album is extremely good and I particularly can’t wait for the new Press To MECO album as they never disappoint.

Chris: Hi, I play bass and do a bit of backing vocals. My biggest inspiration right now is whoever we play with live. I find myself watching the bands we support thinking ‘damn I wish i’d written a riff like that.’ Especially watching Donnie Willow and The Decoy recently, those boys have some spicy riffage.

Can you tell us about your roots as a band? How exactly did Blank Atlas come together?

Dan: Well me and Tom are twins and we met Chris in school. It’s been a long time! Me and Tom wanted to start a new band and we always thought he was a sick bass player. That was about 7 years ago now, the band has evolved a lot since then but it has always been us 3.

You are also planning a new release for 2018, do you feel you’re going to stick with the same process of recording as ‘Solitude’ or will there be some changes?

Tom: We actually already have the next release ready and recorded, we’re just waiting for the stars to align and then release it into the world. The recording process was a lot different than the last one for sure. Solitude was recorded in a high-end studio with a high-end producer and was super fun and exciting. But with this one we wanted to find a person that was enthusiastic enough about the band  to spend time on it with us and make it perfect. We ended up recording with Simon Jackman and although we recorded it in his house/bedroom, (in our opinion) it sounds BANGIN and arguably better than the last release. So we can’t wait for you to listen to it.

But for the time being, we have made our song, Open Up available to stream (Which Simon also produced) so you have something to listen to for now while we prepare the next one 🙂

As for touring, you have some pretty interesting tour names such as ‘I Swear We Had More Dates Than This Guys’ and ‘Does Anybody Even Read This Bit Tour’. What made you decide to have different tour makes over more conventional names?

Chris: I think it’s just a bit more interesting than the usual tour names we used to have. Our first proper one was just called the ‘Solitude Tour’ and that was a bit boring. I really like naming things, I think you can add a lot to what you’re naming whether it be songs, albums or tours. I think with the tour names I just wanted to catch people’s eye and make them laugh.

Which tour/show and your name has been your favourite in your career so far?

Dan: The best tour was probably the Solitude tour because it was our first one for our Debut EP, the gigs were all sick and we met some great people on that one. Also our hometown show in Bristol was so sick on that run! It was the first headline so I didn’t know if anyone would come (they did)!

The best tour name has got to be the ‘I Swear We Had More Dates Than This Guys Tour’, We had quite a few dates cancel just before we announced it so the name was very appropriate.

Bands often have little little bickers and arguments from time to time, what’s the weirdest thing you guys have fought over?

Chris: Our first year of uni (late 2014/early 2015) was pretty turbulent for us. I didn’t cope with the stress well and as a result I became a pretty bitter and angry person. Our song ‘Lost at Sea’ is literally about me just being a dick all the time. Things are better now though, i’ve learned to love again!

For anyone who may not have heard of Blank Atlas, how would you describe yourself as a band?

Chris: We have influences from all over, pop music to metal, so i’d say we have a bit of something for everyone. Plenty of melody in our choruses (dare I say ‘catchy’!?) and lots of vocal harmonies but also plenty of riffs and techy mathy bits. Especially with the new material which is a fair bit heavier than the Solitude stuff, I think that has a good balance of the heavy and the catchy. For fans of everything from McFly to Meshuggah.


Ahead of their final date of the ‘Under Your Spell’ tour in Wolverhampton, we got the chance to chat to Chibi and Rainbow from The Birthday Massacre about their touring experiences and a pretty serious injury…

Hello! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Chibi: Yes! My name is Chibi and I am the singer for The Birthday Massacre

Rainbow: My name’s Rainbow and I play guitar for The Birthday Massacre

Your latest album ‘Under Your Spell’ has just come out, how do feel the response has been to the album?

Chibi: Very positive which we’re very happy with. I mean it did well and charted on Billboard in the states which was great, the audience seem to enjoy it and we’re really enjoying playing the songs live, I love listening to the album!

Rainbow: Yeah we’re really happy with it!

You funded this album and gave incentives to fans via pledge music. What was the decision to go for pledge music?

Chibi: Yeah this was the second one, why did we go with Pledge?

Rainbow: Well the initial idea was just to have a more direct relationship with the fans and just do the music more closely in conjunction with our audience. To be able to give more updates. It was interesting for us, it gave us a sense of who was listening, how many people wanted another album!

Chibi: Which is a good piece of information!

Rainbow: Yeah it seemed like a more honest  realistic way of funding an album that’s not over funded or under funded and you know where you stand. Its also a way where you can offer the Skype calls and you can kinda have fun with it and offer things that are interesting and unique and and I would have liked if my favourite bands did a pledge campaign. Just an interesting new way to make an album! The first one went well so we did it again! Just like a good joke you keep repeating it!

Do you feel like for your next release you will go for Pledge again?

Rainbow: Not sure I haven’t really thought about it. I’m assuming so but who knows? We’re still promoting this one.

You’ve been around for about 17/18 years, do you feel your musical influences have changed over the years?

Chibi: Oh gosh, yeah!

Rainbow: I think we just have more. I have the same influences I did earlier on but now there’s just more influences, different production styles, different bands that have come out since but I think we definitely respect what’s come before we’re all of a sudden not gonna do a reggae album…

Chibi: We’re not? Well okay I guess we’re not! I mean, I don’t listen to a lot of newer music, I really kind of live in the past but at the same time your musical tastes will change so its kinda the same foundation. We’re the same people with the same interests but different influences will come in. I think we are who we are at this point!

Rainbow: Yeah, I definitely think I look for new things but mainly just from a mixing production kind of standpoint. A lot of the progressions in bands that sort of touch me the most are the ones that are more nostalgic, so I agree with Chibi on that.

Who would you say are some of your biggest influences?

Chibi: Right now? I really like this band called Mew, I think they’re from Denmark, I’m probably wrong and looking like a complete jerk but they’ve been around for a while but I didn’t really get into their music too much until recently. I absolutely love the singers voice, absolutely love the songs, that right now is something that I just can’t get enough of.

Rainbow: There’s too many to be honest.

Chibi: He’s more into the new stuff. He’s always exploring new things

Rainbow: If I find something I like, I’ll Shazam it and download the record and I won’t even remember the band.It happened the other day I was just listening to the songs and someone asked me what it is and I was like ‘I don’t know’ but it’s like one of my favourite records but I don’t know any of the song names or who did it. I’m not looking at that I’m just listening to it on headphones. It’s more about finding progressions I like and production that I really enjoy.

You’ve been coming across to the UK over the years and this is the last date on you’re most recent tour, how has it been going for you so far?

Chibi: This has been quite a long tour actually. It’s been one of the longest ones we’ve done in a while. Started in the States and it was very warm then we had a couple of days off and we came to Europe, toured with several bands,  female metal bands so we shared the bus with Sirenia and the Agonist are also a Canadian band so it was a lot of fun, made a lot of good friends, listened to cool music every single night on that tour it was great and then everybody got to go home except for us! Then we came to the UK and this has just been a gorgeous way to wrap up such a long touring cycle because we love it here, we’re really looking forward to this part of the tour and I’m glad it was at the end it gave us something to look forward to.

Obviously you share a tour bus quite a lot, what are the best and worst parts of having to share a bus?

Chibi: Best part is if everybody gets along you have a group of best friends to hang out with all day and all night and its amazing. Worst part is probably the laundry, a little TMI I’m sorry but you know what I mean! Three sweaty bands that have just performed shows, you know what I mean?

Rainbow: Just basic things like washing and showers and stuff. Those little things. Also if you want space I think it can be the best thing being around people all the time and you really enjoy it or sometimes  if you need quiet there’s nowhere to find it. But that’s not really something that any of us would complain about. We know that’s the deal coming into the tour.

Chibi: That’s touring, you’re never going to have any real quiet time.

So Chibi, I heard that you hurt your elbow before you came out, did you feel that this would impact the tour?

Chibi: Initially, everybody was concerned.

Rainbow: I honestly thought that tour was gonna be cancelled! She sent us photos…

Chibi: Like I’m in the emergency room, I fell off my bicycle, I’m sending them photos of my swollen elbow.

Rainbow: It was brutal! Then I was like oh my god. It was like right before we left, not a couple of weeks but…

Chibi: It was like a week before we were leaving. I had to have surgery.

Rainbow: But yeah, after talking to her she was like ‘No it’s fine I’m pretty sure I can do it’

Chibi: I had surgery and we were on the tour bus three days later. I had a giant cast on my arm.

Rainbow: We did a week in the states before you even got the surgery.

Chibi: It was a mess.

Raibow: It wasn’t, like I thought it was going to be a mess but it wasn’t.

Chibi: For me personally, it was a mess! I did keep telling myself that I wasn’t gonna complain because it was a tour, and it was hard performing, I couldn’t sleep in the bus with a cast, but I didn’t wanna ruin everyone else’s tour.

Rainbow: You didn’t complain about things we were expecting you to complain about.

Chibi: Everyday I was like ‘Ow this sucks, I hate this and I wanna go home’, that’s gonna ruin tour for everybody so I made a conscious effort to not complain too much.

Rainbow: We’ve been on the road so long it’s pretty much healed!

Chibi: Yes! Its almost been two months and I can touch my shoulder. It was very character building because I don’t know how I got through those shows with that cast on!

I saw that you had a black cast at one point?

Chibi: Oh it was a knee sock! I just shoved a sock over it!

Rainbow: Anything you don’t think you can do, like if its happening, you do it anyway, you have no choice cause its happening and you get through it.

Chibi: You’re proud of yourself at the end. Like I have no idea how I did nine shows, sweating every night,not able to really shower cause you can’t get the cast wet. I feel so good about that now! I’m proud of myself and you guys we’re really awesome and helped me out.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Chibi: To our fans I would say, obviously a giant thank you and that I’m happy to be a part of a community of fans who take care of each other so well and the gorgeous creative community among themselves. I’m happy to be a part of that.

Rainbow: Thank you and we’re grateful to be a part of their family too. Its a really mutual feeling of gratitude and positivity and we’re really lucky to be where we are and be doing what we’re doing and we never want to take it for granted.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Drive it in like a hammer!







We had the chance to chat with London alt indie trio Plastic Barricades singer and guitarist Dan Kert, talcking questions about recording and having a beer with Dave Grohl!

 Heya! Could you please introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

Dan: Hi there! Dan here, singing and guitar playing is my role in Plastic Barricades

You guys have been doing a run of shows across the UK in the last month, do you have any fun/embarrassing stories from any of the shows?

Oh yes, plenty! Touring is a perfect way to collect those kind of stories. During this tour we had a chance to sleep at a venue after the gig, first time ever. However, no one told us that there will be an epic club night till 3 am and we have to party before we are allowed to bed. The whole building was shaking. This was in Derby. The next day after a gig in Liverpool we couldn’t locate our van for hours. This had happened before. We need to load out quickly and cannot leave the van at the venue. I go and park it somewhere and then run back for the soundcheck. After the gig in Lennon’s Club it took us ages to find the van tucked into one of the narrow streets of central Liverpool.

The process of recording was more or less the same as in the last couple of years, but we did experiment a lot of vocal sounds, bass effects, synth arrangements and guitar double-tracking. Album allows you to follow a certain overarching plot, but each song has to have a bit of diversity in the sounds in any case.

Do you think there is anything you would change about the recording experience?

This is a difficult question, but I would say that starting with a very solid and great sounding drums is a must for anyone. Half of “Mechanics of Life” drum tracking was done at fab Resident Studios in North-West London – and that big drum sound made the tracks stand out nicely. So next time we will focus on getting those drums nice and fat before we worry about the rest.

Having 11 tracks on ‘The Mechanics Of Life’, each song is different. What inspirations do you use when writing your music both lyrically and musically?

Inspiration is all around! From daily news to art and literature. I like to research a subject thoroughly and “get into it” before I finalise my lyrics for recording. The album starts with the song we usually end our gigs with called How Goldfish Grow. It is based on a simple fact that if you take a goldfish and you find a big tank for it – it will grow BIG! The environment affects the size of the goldfish, the same way as our environment affect our own growth. There is a funny animated music video for this song on our YouTube channel. Then we sing about artificial intelligence helping humans get their s**** together (Singularity-2045), being able to reinvent yourselves again and again (Our Favourite Delusions), caring about the environment and throwing all the mindless consumerism away (Be the Change), looking back and overthinking it instead of moving forward (Around the Sun), searching for meaning (Needles in Haystacks), shining a light to show others the way (Shine!), finding the one intended for you (Half of your Soul), Big pharma conspiracy (Medicine Man) and mental illness (Voices). The last song of the LP – Masterminds – kind of summarises the whole experience, reminding everyone that they are the ones responsible for the things happening around them – and they can take back control!

Were there any songs that didn’t make it onto the album? If so , will they be released in the future?

We had a couple of tracks we wanted on this LP, including an new version of an old track we still play live called “9Lives”. But in the end it just didn’t fit with the rest. Who knows, maybe someday it will get a revamp.

For a growing band, you have also got a lot of personal achievements such as winning Enfield Battle of the Bands 2016 and coming second in 2016’s Sziget Festival. If you can pick one, which of these achievements do you each hold closest to your heart?

Being selected nr 1 out of 222 London bands participating in Global Battle of the Bands 2014 was pretty cool. And we got to play a show at Hard Rock Café London that year – what a legendary venue!

What do you plan to do next with Plastic Barricades? Do you have an ultimate goal?

We will be touring extensively around UK throughout 2018. European tour is also currently in the works and might happen around April. We are also starting to collect demos for LP nr 2. As for the ultimate goal – we would love to travel the world and play our music and maybe heal a heart or two. And share a case of beer with Dave Grohl.


And here is how a goldfish can conquer the world:

“Mechanics of Life” album OUT on iTunes and Spotify!

You can hear the album here: