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Severn were first up and while you could tell it was their second ever show, they didn’t do as badly as one would have expected. Giving a few little awkward quirks such as ‘track 6’ and stumbling trying to be a frontman, the band did give it what they had and took advantage of their opportunity.

Scattering Ashes took their stage and held it…to an extent. As for many of the bands on this stage tonight, movement and energy did lack for a large majority of the night. Scattering ashes were more polished than the band prior to them and helped get the audience a bit more intrigued.

Netherhall, like Fire Red Empress, had the advantage of playing a few weeks prior to this show on the same stage to a similar crowd. However, being a member down meant they had to perform an entirely instrumental set for their slot. The technicality and higher energy of Netherhall helped bring a more interesting side to an instrumental performance, giving it a further push and really making use of the creative technicality all three members use for their individual instruments. Yet, the worry with instrumentals is that sometimes they can drag on which sadly did seem to be the case at times in their set. Having to go completely instrumental which may not be instantly known is hard, so props to Netherhall for executing it well!

On the other hand, headliners Fire Red Empress took the stage with monumental exuberance, plying their full debut ‘Black Morphine’. Taking advantage of their recent set just a few months previous at Midlands Metal Crusade, the band clearly knew the stage and their audience well. While their set was longer than they may be used to, the band didn’t let that stop them as they threw 100% Of their energy into killer tracks such as ‘Giants’ and ‘Dead Nature’.

Even on the slower side of things with ‘The Little Death’ there was still a full flow of eccentric energy and talent coming through. However, a lot of the songs sounded similar to their recordings, which isn’t an issue, but perhaps a little twist to some of the tracks could have embraced a more changeable side of the band and open them up to new stage ideas. Fire Red Empress are no strangers to playing Wolverhampton, and this was clear tonight. Make sure to stay tuned for our interview later this week!

Rating: 3/5



If you haven’t heard Stand Atlantic yet, you will soon. With a groundbreaking new EP ‘Sidewinder’ released late last year and featuring on our top 3 bands about to break in 2018, these guys are set to be breaking boundaries in the following year. The three-piece have been sending waves across the music scene in both their home country of Australia and overseas here in the UK after gaining further recognition from touring with bands along the likes of New Found Glory and ROAM.

Made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, bassist David Potter and Drummer Jonno Panichi, Stand Atlantic fall musically into the range of alt-rock with their strong ability to create a heavier pop/rock vibe with its own individual aspect. As well a s this, Stand Atlantic have raised the bar with their polished musicianship and musicality both on recording and live on stage.

Yet, not only have Stand Atlantic already shown they have their potential, but they have also reached a few achievements as well. They not only became the first Australian band to be signed to Rude Records, but their standout EP ‘Sidewinder’ reached number 31 on the ITunes chart at its release!

Definitely take the time to check out Stand Atlantic. While the band may not have any tours announced currently, you can listen to their EP ‘Sidewinder’ below and check out their social media for updates!

FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/standatlantic

TWITTER: Www.twitter.com/Standatlantic

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/standatlantic

EUPHORIA OF BREAKDOWN INTERVIEW: https://youtu.be/9lwmYsor9rM


Fire Red Empress, have just put out their debut album ‘Black Morphine’ out to the metal market. Incorporating a stoner metal fuelled explosion of heavy riffs, powerful musicality and pretty extreme vocals to the albums mix, their debut is something to check out.

After three years of anticipation, Fire Red Empress have come out with a reputable record. Black Morphine’s opener ‘Dead Nature’ instantly reinforces the intense power of vocalist Jennifer Diehl from its onset. The gritty feel of the track gets straight to the point of their grunge-infused atmospheric starter and helps set the bar from the album and what we can expect. Of course, this does remain fairly standard throughout in some ways. While their more grungy tracks come around such as ‘Dear Mister’, there are a couple of game changers hidden within. ‘11.59’ brings less of an obvious grunge influence and instead incorporates more of a flowing hard rock feel with a subtle feel of candour in its roots.

Even tracks falling under a false pretence of something a little lighter such as ‘Under The Barren Light’ are well created with more simplistic patterns to switch up original mindsets before throwing listeners straight back into the line of powerful grunge style riffs and a slow building track. Something a little different that adds to the creative stylistic choice of the album. Yet, ‘The Little Death’ does bring a lighter, more haunting side to ‘Black Morphine’. The echoic, softer sided vocals and more simplistically structured backing leads the album to a different side of their music. A calmer, more melancholically melodic side at that.

Black Morphine is a clear debut at its core. It paves a clear pathway into Fire Red Empress’s Future but at some points over exemplifies their metal musicality and skips moments where perhaps more of a subtle change or slower build up may have been incorporated. The tracks in this album are similar enough to make it harder to listen to it as a whole, but individually the tracks on this album do have their own potentials that can be enjoyed.



A day after releasing that they are back in the studio to record album no.2, Our Hollow Our Home have now announced an 8 date UK tour!

Bringing along High Rise (22nd March – 25th March) and Invisions, this tour is set to be pretty big. So make sure to check out the dates below!

And if you need a little refresher of what Our Hollow Our Home sounds like, listen to ‘Pride: Of Might And Mane’ below!


Italian metalcore quintet Forbidden Seasons have announced that their debut album ‘Promise’ will be released on 16th March 2018!

The album follows on from their debut EP ‘Paramnesia’, in 2017 with vocalist Mark Seasons stating: ‘Promise’ refers to all the promises made by people that are never fulfilled because of their selfishness.”

Their first single ‘Thank You For The Venom’ is described by Mark as ‘one of our favorite songs, and it reflects the overall sound of the album, so we thought it was great to launch with it.


Make sure to check out the tracklisting below!


1. Atlantis

2. Thank You For The Venom

3. Keys and Locks

4. Gravity Fall

5. Wormhole

6. The Human

7. Sorrow Won’t End

8. I’ve Seen The End In Your Eyes 9. The Rejected

10. Promise


Paramore have shown a reinvention of themselves over the last year with the release of their 5th studio album ‘After Laughter’. Coming back to the UK on Tour Three, we went to check out how Paramore are living up to their new style.

For the supports, Mewithoutyou, the lasting impression they should have left sadly lacked. It appeared that for most of the set the drummer had more stage presence than the rest of the band themselves. While lead vocalist Aaron Weiss had some energy during some aspects of their set, the overall lack of energy and stage presence from the majority of the band sadly did bring their set down.

As expected, Paramore shot the start of their show through the roof with their hit single ‘Hard Times’, interestingly creating a crossover of Blondie’s ‘Heart Of Glass’ at the same time showing their impeccable ability to bring something new to their songs at any given time. Even pre-After Laughter tracks were given a little revamp with ‘Ignorance’ being sung partially through a black and white striped megaphone which actually made the song sound more authentic than originally.

Of course, one thing is clear through the newly inspired Paramore, they certainly love ‘After Laughter’ and rightly they should. Even mellower tracks such as ‘Forgivness’ and ‘Fake Happy’ were filled with a sense of ecstatic happiness, a sign they truly enjoyed their performance. Little surprises such as the live debut of ‘Pool’, singing older songs to other band members in ‘Hate To See Your Heart Break’ and a very cute dance from Hayley and drummer Zac Farro to Halfnoise’s (Zac Farro) ‘French Class’.

Another impressive factor of the show wasn’t just the groovy style of older hits such as ‘Ain’t It Fun’ and ‘Grow Up’, but also the stylistic approach to the visual aspects of the show. While some may see the band as having a more basic setup, their colourful lighting rig and big side screens helped amplify the resonating colourful vibe the band brought. Interestingly, through the newer tracks such as ‘Caught In The Middle’, the live filmed screens took an 80’s stylistic twist with colourful effects and filters to add a subtle stylistic choice to their show.

Yet not only have the band grown musically, but mentally over the years. While their new album ‘After Laughter’ shows a musical transformation, before the bands most popular track ‘Misery Business’, front woman Hayley Williams gave an apologetic notion, explaining that they aren’t the same band they were in 2007. Despite their less positive attitude to the track, the band took full advantage of its popularity, picking two fans to join them onstage to help finish the angst filled belter.

Even so, it seems that there are things in Paramore shows that do go unplanned. Be it Mewithoutyou’s vocalist Aaron giving a rather random massage to Taylor York in No Friend to Hayley Falling over Taylor during ‘Misery Business’, leading Taylor to go on an energetic fuelled frenzy around the stage after losing his place in the track.

Paramore may have grown up over the years, but the same energetic stance in their music still shines through, if not even further at this point.

Gig rating: 5/5


This weeks Track Of The Week goes to Currents with their new video for ‘Delusion’!

Coming off their most recent record ‘The Place I Feel Safest’, ‘Delusion’ is a energy packed track of definitive metalcore with its own style. A track not to be missed. Make sure to check it out below!