The British pop-rock crossover genre is slowly becoming less known amongst the modern scene. Shows are getting smaller, as are audiences. Yet even the snow and cold can’t keep some fans from rushing to see their favourite bands, such as Milestones playing Birmingham’s The Asylum 2.

Known relatively well in the Birmingham pop-punk scene, local rockers You Know The Drill were billed as the starters for the night. Be it the misery of the weather or the lack of an audience, they started with a slightly lacklustre performance. Yet, from midway of their second track, the true pop-punk energised style of the collective we know was unleashed. Of course, with one EP and another due to come, the performance of unreleased track ‘No Ambition’ held up well both on stage and through those listening. You Know The Drill played a good lengthy support set and even though they did miss out their much loved Taylor Swift cover, still gave a fun and lively performance.

Better Days were up next, bursting through with tracks from their previous release. While it took a while for fans to get into the music, lead vocalist/guitarist Graeme Costello managed to forward a spark to the audience with their plethora of enjoyable tracks. Stage presence also kicked up well, despite a few almost disastrous collisions amongst members! Following a few issues of a lost bass, the band didn’t actually have too many issues performance wise. Filling the accidental tuning issues with improvised stage banter, the set did appear a little unplanned, however, this didn’t set the 4-piece back, if anything, highlighted their ability to add a few lighthearted touches to their set. These days, Pop-punk is often referred to as a ‘dying genre’, but Better Days helped prove there is still a collective presence out there.

Midway through their headliner, Milestones left no room for errors. Yes, they may not be the most well known band in the scene, but with such lively, excellent performances, they’re on the way for certain. Opening with ‘This Is My Life’, the band managed to kick off the show with a slower track, rather unusual but working in their favour. Milestones definitely bring back a reminiscence of the early eras of British rock bands You Me At Six and Mallory Knox. Yet through their early 2006 pop-rock style track ‘Bittersweetheart’, their dedicated ecstatic performance came through strongly. In some respects, it’s understandable that the band had more fire and vibrancy during their newer tracks. Nevertheless, older fan favourites such as ‘Call Me Disaster’ still emerged through the set and weren’t tossed aside, still keeping up a strong energy. Even the slowest of tracks ‘Shot In The Dark’ still has an unmistakable charm about it, being stripped back but still having a slower, well reformed energy.

‘Red Lights’ isn’t just an album of fast paced pop-rock angst, but also features heartfelt ballads that come through just as strongly live as they do on recording. Emotion throughout the setlist was never diminished, not once. Stripped back melodies of ‘Hold On’ sent waves through the room, whereas even the slowed down beginning of single ‘Paranoid’ added a different interpretation to the albums tracks. More importantly, the emotional connection, especially between vocalist Matt Clarke and the audience was recognised. Between songs, there was a slightly awkward atmosphere, but this was quickly made up for between songs with everyone getting deep into the music of each track and the band jumping endlessly around the stage and onto the barriers.

Of course, with any crowd in Birmingham, one ending track is never quite enough. Finishing with their hopeful ballad ‘Against The World’ saw a collection of fans come together in a lovely singalong. Yet, despite ending on a beautiful track, in hindsight, Milestones probably knew a demand for an encore was coming. Unexpected and unplanned, demands from the audience led the band to perform an old rendition of ‘Hindsight’, not quite as polished as the other tracks, but in their defence it wasn’t planned. If anything, it formed quite an entertaining performance that didn’t quite go horribly wrong, but certainly was a fun finale either way.

Milestones know how to perform and connect with their audiences. Between songs, they do lack a little but this is easily made up with their connectivity with the audience throughout their tracks. Definitely go catch Milestones at a show near you, you’ll thank us later.

Gig rating: 4/5



I Don’t Know How But They Found Me have announced a run of US shows this July.

The tour kicks off on 7th April in Los Angeles and concludes on April 17 in Portland.

Make sure to check out dates below!



Beating the ‘sophomore slump’ curse of a second album is a scrutiny many bands face after a critically acknowledged debut release. However, following on from Casey’s 2016 effort ‘Love Is Not Enough’, the awaited, revealing new album ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ is now up to attempt to build a new height for the melodic-hardcore crossover.

Undoubtedly, Casey have put out a beautiful creation. The flow of the album sticks through the 12-track creation, sweeping through the emotively inclined lyrical stories as told by lead vocalist Tom Weaver. ‘Wavering’ takes the bands more energetic hardcore elements tinged with weaving moments of old-school emo roots influenced by the likes of Touché Amore and La Dispute. Moreover, the wavering hardcore additions are scattered within the record, with raw cleans fueling over half of the albums vocals. ‘Phosphenes’ and ‘Fluorescents’, two of the bands main singles, bringing a crossover of melodic-hardcore packed with a softer emo genre root. As the singles hold much of the albums heavier aspects, this leaves the hidden astonishingly ambient gems left to be discovered.

‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’s’ ethereal components within the truthful storytelling opener ‘Making Weight’ almost brings a prologue to the overall album. The flowing lyrical vulnerability describes the story of Weaver’s mother finding him passed out in the bathroom from his, at the time, un-diagnosed colitis. The simplistic track leaves room for the depth of the track to be realised, and ends with a drawn out note, almost as a link to the next story of ‘Wavering’.

Yet, one thing that must be mentioned in the creation of this album is the intensely subversive backing. Every pattern from the softly added drums to the atmospheric, melancholic laden guitar riffs courtesy of Liam Torrance and Toby Evans that line each individual track. Too often bands use their instruments to add a filling, some extra seconds to an already over saturated track, whereas Casey use theirs to tell a story. Instrumental bridges between tracks can be risky, but the links of ‘&’ and ‘Morphine’ intensify an already intense narrative. It’s sections like this that prove the powerful talent Casey have by not even using lyrics to portray a feeling or emotion. Title track ‘Where I Go Where I Am Sleeping’ falls onto the longer side of the albums instrumentals, yet cleverly brings an enhanced line of beautifully dynamic guitars with a subtle build-up of drive and emotion through Max Nicolai’s drum additions. Even the addition of Adam Smith’s basslines creates a density that darker tracks such as ‘The Funeral’ and ‘Flowers By The Bed’ would have possibly fallen flat without.

Raw vulnerability through releasing deeply personal emotions is a risk many bands choose to avoid. Yet, one thing Weaver has learned is ‘the best way to not stress about it all is to be open and honest’ and this is a phrase that is truthful for each and every aspect of the album. To find an album with such intense emotion in every singular point is hard, and Casey have put out a remarkable effort. Casey’s second release is far from a drag, and if their furthering career is anything to be based off this album, they have a great future ahead of them.

Rating: 10/10



A Song Which Made You Want To Make Music: 

Declan: Not going to lie, for me back in the day it was definitely early All that remains, perhaps the song Six or The air that I breathe.

Rory: Parkway Drive’s first album; Killing With A Smile, that pretty much introduced me to this sort of music.

Best Experience While On Tour: 

Declan: We havent quite been on ‘tour’ as of yet –  however my greatest experience whilst getting around playing shows would be just being able to go and play at venues all around the state which is an adventure on its own.

Rory: While I haven’t been on tour yet, a highlight moment was playing with Fit For A King a few years back.

Cover you would really like to perform?

Declan: Something by In Hearts Wake, Afterglow comes to mind straight away

Deepest Lyrics One Of Your Songs Features:

Rory: I’d say The Void, as it really accurately depicts a mindset that I’ve commonly found myself in.

Easiest Song You Wrote: 

Declan: If by easiest you mean the most simple then definitely disclosure off our new EP. We wanted to keep it simple, yet hard hitting.

Rory: Chromatic by To Catch A Fox, my old band, was the easiest song, it pretty much came together by itself.

Favourite album/single/EP you have released: 

Declan: As we have our new EP out personally my favourite song is Selfless off Four Walls, I feel it captures our sound perfectly.

Rory: Four Walls of course!

Greatest Show/Festival You Have Played: 

Declan: We played a festival a couple years back that was to raise money for the bushfires that happened. Over 20+ bands volunteered to play this show and it was an incredible day.

Rory: I played Hyperfest a couple of years back, despite almost dying from the heat, it was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever played.

Happiest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band:

Declan: Probably at our old EP launch, we had an incredible turn out, lots of my family and friends attended and there was a lot of energy at the show and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.

Rory: Seeing all our hard work we put into this EP finally paying off.

Interesting Fact About One Of Your Members: 

Declan: Our singer Tom really loves to get around a good fish taco.

Rory: Our guitarist Declan always rocks up to jams with a different/new car.

Jokes You Have In The Band: 

Declan: Hahaha we always have a lot of banter when we are together, i’d say a good running joke within the band is about our love for chicken tenders

Kicking Off Your Set Is Best With Which Song: 

Declan: We open with the opening track of our EP which is Selfless, we feel it builds up well and is good to kick things off.

Rory: Selfless, as its a perfect introduction to what we’re all about.

Longest Distance You’ve Travelled To Play A Show: 

Declan: Although it doesn’t sound far, I travelled from Joondalup to fremantle for a show in peak hour.

Movie That Best Represents The Band: 

Declan: Shutter Island I would have to say as we are named after a reference from the film

Rory: Shutter Island, our name is derived from that movie after all.

New Band You’d Recommend: 

Declan: Our pals in Displacement just released their debut EP definately worth a listen

Rory: While not a ‘new’ band, I’ll always recommend Architects to people.

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal:

Declan: Parkway drive, nuff said.

Rory: Anyone who wants a gig, we love discovering and playing with new bands.

Place You’d Most Like To Tour: 

Declan: With our sound it would be fantastic to be able to tour North America.

Rory: Basically anywhere!

Quote That You’d Like To Pass On To Readers: 

Declan: I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

Reason For The Title Of Your Recent/Forthcoming Release: 

Declan: Tom named our EP Four Walls to symbolise the feeling of being trapped in the same place.

See Us Live At: 

Declan: Amplifier Bar on the 16th of March for our Ep launch!

Rory: Catch us at a local Perth show near you soon!

The First Song You Ever Played Together As A Band:

Declan: Waaaaay back in the day, would have been our debut single Gustavo Bling.

Rory: As P67, the first song we would have played from this EP would have been Selfless, if I recall.

Unusual Merchandise:

Declan: We have discussed a P67 shower curtain

Rory: We don’t really have anything unusual, but if we did, it’d definitely be booty shorts. Unisex of course.

Variations You’d Like To Do On Any Of Your Songs:

Declan: We would be interested for sure at some possible acoustic covers.

Worst Experience On Tour: 

Declan: Once we got cut short after 10 mins of playing because the previous band played over their set by 20 mins. Incredibly frustrating.

Rory: We’ve all had shows where we’ve been cut off because one of the other bands overplayed, or took too long. That sucks, and it happens every now and then

X-rays Or Any Other Treatments For Band Related Injuries:.

Declan: Ummm, not so much myself but I believe I gave Tom a scar for life after I hit him with my guitar on stage by accident.

Rory: I have a habit of cutting my hands at work in the days leading up to a big show, so I’m always paranoid about that.

Your Favourite Show You’ve Ever Played: 

Declan: The Festival for the bushfires was the most fun I’ve had at a show! Such a good day.

Zoo Animal That Best Describes The Band:

Declan: Definitely any sort of large water dwelling mammal as we are known to wade in shallow water.

Rory:  I’d say a lemur. I’m not exactly sure why, but its fitting in my mind.



Up for a new ALT/grunge band in the UK scene? Then Avenoir are the ones to check out with their new track ‘Columbus’

‘Columbus’ differs from the darker grunge of their last single ‘The Leviathan’. Instead, this new track brings a much more distorted punk style to its heavily bass infused form. From a consistent fast paced hard hitting drum pattern to the electrifying guitar riffs, the track is far from dull or boring. While the song does begin to have an air of repetition and the extreme distortion of the vocals can make the track a little static, the backing and vocals do fit together well to top off this grunge punk creation. Of course, while the chaotic clutter of this track sounds in words as if it wouldn’t work, yet Avenoir fuse their darker grunge with a collective, almost experimental mixture within ‘Columbus’. Being quite a new band out of Yorkshire, their current discography is far from terrible and ‘Columbus’ is another rage infused creation to add to the list.

Avenoir have presented something a little different to what we may have expected from their last single. Yet, this slight switch around of expectations has worked very well for the grunge three piece. While still young within the music scene, they don’t have it all just yet, but you should definitely be prepared for whatever comes next.

Rating: 8/10



Lonely The Brave have announced the departure of fellow bandmate David Jakes. The band posted this statement on Sunday about his departure:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Dave’s departure from Lonely the Brave. As a brother in music, vocalist and co-founder of the band, he has been integral to everything we’ve done. These times have been life defining for all of us and it’s been a privilege to have shared them with one of the best singers of our generation.

We will miss Dave greatly as a musical collaborator but remain great friends – health and well-being have to be a priority so we fully understand and respect his decision. We’ll all be eternally grateful for the support we have received over the last few years, we will cherish the memories of sharing a stage with Dave, and sharing the experience with everyone who has come to see us.

This is not the end of Lonely the Brave. The four of us will continue with a new vocalist and we plan to begin the search as soon as possible. We shall return to the live arena when the time is right and will be continuing to work on new material in the meantime.

Thank you for all the love and support, see you very soon.

Mark, Mo, Ross and Bush”

David Jakes also posted the following handwritten statement confirming his departure.

I’m writing this with the news that I’ve decided to call it a day with Lonely The Brave.

I’m afraid the problems I’ve been having, with touring and playing live, have made things really difficult concerning my mental health side of things. Sorry I couldn’t push on through it.

To the LTB boys… Thank you fellas for the amazing time I had with you! All the very best with the band going forward. It was a helluva ride. Thanks Wez, James and Mease.

Most of all thank you to everyone I saw at the gigs and spent their money on the music I was part of. It meant so much!

I’ll be the sky and you be the bird,

Dave x”



This weeks track of the week goes to Kent quintet Cove with their new track ‘All I Believe’

Guitarist Pete Woolven commented: ‘It’s a song that deals with being lost, having everything you stand for fall around you and not being able to relate or connect, whilst desperately holding on to anything that gives a sense of purpose or a reason to carry on.”

Discussing the track within the context of the EP Woolven adds: “With all of the songs on “A Conscious Motion” we really wanted to explore different dynamics and push them in ways we hadn’t used before, which influenced parts like the haunting first verse of the song. This section is probably one of our favourite parts on the EP and makes the heavy choruses sound huge.”

Cove’s new EP, ‘A Conscious Motion’ is released on March 23rd. The band will be following up the release with a UK tour. You can check out dates below!