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Homefront, the pop-punk band from Brisbane, Australia are ready to showcase their music, with their debut single ‘Faultlines’ being released today! (8th July)

The track opens with what appears to be a section of the song playing on the radio. The track then gets cut off by what appears to be a radio presenter before their song quickly fades in and drowns out the voice on the radio. From the start the track is well mixed as vocals are clear against the background instrumental backing track. The song maintains its upbeat tempo throughout, before a smooth transition to the bridge of the track where the track slows down to offer a heartfelt bridge before picking back up to the final chorus. The track is catchy, upbeat and mixed well which helps to back up the high energy as well as emotion shown through every aspect of ‘Faultlines’. Accompanying the track, is a high quality lyric video that shows creative ideas behind the lyrics. Check it out below!


From the track alone, the distinct familiarity of Homefront’s pop-punk influences shine through but the band manage to keep their own personal twist on their sound to help offer something both fitting to the genre, but also a little different . With music like this, it won’t take long for Homefront to break out, so make sure to check them out now!

Rating: 9.5/10


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