The wait for a new single from Homefront has been highly anticipated, being 10 months since their debut release of ‘Faultlines’. The question is, do Homefront give listeners the breathing space they need to stand out?

As for sticking to their respective genre, ‘Breathing Space’ has all the elements of a pop-punk track, fast sound, gang vocals and even a catchy chorus to match. The distinctive vocals from Peter Harvey give a distinctive tone to the track, while the remaining instrumental patterns are clearly set in place throughout the majority of the track. Despite a slight factor of repetitiveness through the tracks progression, the song itself definitely does grow the more you listen, with the catchy choruses taking the main forefront and verses acting as good secondary fillers.

Is the track super original? No and honestly, the pop-punk genre is one that is hard to break into. However, Homefront have presented us with a worthwhile track that will help them break out into their local Australian scene, if not further in the next few months/years.

Rating: 8/10



The pop-punk scene in Australia is rising, fast. While pop-punk bands are predominantly known for coming from America with the likes of Real Friends and Knuckle Puck or the UK with Neck Deep and As It Is, Australia are starting to quickly climb up the ranks producing some pretty good bands and music.

Australia currently houses some pretty big bands in the pop-punk scene such as inspirational rockers Tonight Alive or the energetic breaking band With Confidence, but some of the smaller bands are also peaking through ready to break into the world. So these are some of the top Australian pop-punk rockers you need to hear. Continue reading “THE TOP AUSTRALIAN POP-PUNK BANDS YOU NEED TO HEAR”