After the success of their hit single ‘White Lies’ in 2017 and their signing to UNFD in late 2017, Dream State have released their first single of the year ‘In This Hell’.

From its origins, ‘In This Hell’ is more than just vocally powerful. Everything about this track fits well most of the track from its well thought out musicality to the variations of vocals from vocalist CJ. One thing that is different about this track is that it breaks the idea that the chorus is stronger than the verses. ‘In This Hell’ brings the complete opposite with strong emotive verses with a less powerful chorus. In its own element, the chorus is loud and strong, a relentless aspect to the song but in terms of lyrical and emotive release, the verses are a lot stronger. In its entirety, the collective track is similar in elements to its counterpart single ‘White Lies’ yet has its own little differences such as the hauntingly mellow guitar patterns at the bridge that offer a hollow, yet melancholic show build up towards the end of the track.

Dream State have released another track that cannot be described as anything less than great. The question now is what’s next for Dream State, and when is their next release?

Rating: 9/10

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