The second EP from Dream State, ‘Recovery’, has hit our platforms, bringing with it a hype across the rock scene as to just who the Welsh 5-piece actually are. Quickly building up a hype and audience and being placed onto festivals and shows across the country has great connotations, but do the 5-piece really have something to show?

‘White Lies’ ultimately showed the biggest developmental change from their debut ‘Consequences’ back in 2015. Helping the 5-piece find their sound and audience the track, while not being the most outstanding creation in the scene, does hold creativity and potential Dream State have. Pushing forward on this track, the rest of the EP is developed thoroughly and well, with massive choruses and build-ups to truly form not just a sound, but an atmosphere. Similarly, ‘Solace’ also reinforces the EP’s massive atmospheric rocking choruses. Even though vocalist CJ’s vocals are the main standout of all the tracks, ‘Solace’ finds a way to stick in your head with the catchy backing infused so well into the chorus and bridge.

‘In This Hell’ once again sells the bands hard work and style development while ‘Help Myself’ brings forward the heaviest post-hardcore tinged rock style track Dream State encapsulate so well. Yes, CJ’s powerful vocals do form a central focus of the EP, yet this doesn’t bring down any of the other parts of the Ep’s creation either. Both Aled and Rhys guitar work carefully fits to help emphasise the slower, emotional moments and truly help power the faster heavier elements.

However, ‘New Waves’ is ultimately the most different of the three singles, let alone the whole EP. Instead of taking a more generic approach with a large pounding track to end on, Dream State instead have created the softer track of the EP. Not saying this track is a completely different genre to the rest, but ‘New Waves’ does pull itself apart from the rock/post-hardcore style of the EP ever so slightly to stand out alone.

One thing that is questionable though is the tracklist of the EP itself. Being formed of three already released singles over the last year and two new tracks, there just wasn’t as much to expect compared to if the EP was formed of newer tracks.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Dream State will become huge. This EP proves it and if the band keeps up this great performance and production streak, they can easily launch themselves further, perhaps even to an international scene sooner than expected.

Rating: 8/10


Every year, Slam Dunk creates a stage lineup full of new bands, this year being sponsored by Rocksound. Want to learn a little more about the breakout bands taking this year’s stage? Read below!


Coming over from the US are Chapel, a unlikely synth-pop/rock duo formed of ex metal band members guitarist/vocalist Carter Hardin (Nightmares) and drummer Kortney Grinwis (Favourite Weapon). With a debut EP already released, Chapel’s catchy synth infused tunes captured the attention of British audiences after their slot supporting Waterparks during September 2017. Make sure check out our upcoming post HERE and catch them at Slam Dunk this year!


Dream State are a 5-piece post-hardcore band hailing from South Wales, UK, and one of our predicted upcoming bands of 2018. With rising popularity from their 2017 single ‘White Lies’, the band have gone on to release a new single, ‘In This Hell’, and travel on a headline tour across the UK. Like female fronted post-hardcore? Dream State are ones to watch. Check out our interview HERE and our upcoming write up HERE!


Philadelphia pop-punk 5-piece Grayscale are no strangers to music, receiving instant attention from their latest album ‘Adornment’ and appearing on ‘Punk Goes Pop Vol 7’ with their interesting cover of Justin Biebers ‘Love Yourself’. Touring alongside the likes of Slam Dunk returning pop-punk act As It Is, Grayscale are most likely going to create quite a buzz around the UK. Make sure to check them out!


Holding Absence are not your average post-hardcore band. Most probably know Holding Absence through their split EP with UK heavy metal act Loathe earlier this year. Being around for little over 6 months, Holding Absence are quickly gaining popularity and will only get bigger as the year progresses. Want to see them on a small intimate stage? Check them out this May!


Forming in late 2014, Milestones are the reminiscent 2006 era pop-punk band slowly saturating the UK rock scene. With their debut EP ‘Equal Measures’ boosting them onto tours across America with the likes of Mayday Parade and touring their home country of the UK consistently, they not have an album ‘Red Lights’ and are prepared to show just what they’re here to do. Make sure to read our interview HERE and check out our upcoming post on Milestones HERE!


Rising in popularity over the last 6 months, art-rock risers Palaye Royale are making their Breakout Stage headline exclusive this May. Making waves with their album ‘Boom Boom Room Side A’, Palaye Royal already have a plethora of fans across the UK ready to push them even further into the scene over the next few months.


Pop-punk is a genre sweeping the majority of the breakout stage for a good reason. There are some good pop-punk bands bringing back the genre to its old potential. ‘Overexposed’ album release has increased the Illinois bands discography, and with three other EP’s to hand, Sleep On It are a band that may just creep up unexpectedly into your playlists soon.


Coming all the way from Australia are female fronted rock band Stand Atlantic. After their popularity increased with the release of ‘Sidewinder’, the band have had the chance to tour across the UK and Europe before making their Slam Dunk debut this May. Make sure to check out our interview HERE and our upcoming postHERE!


The Faim are possibly the newest band to be on the lineup this year. Releasing their DEBUT ‘Saints Of The Sinners’ (co-written with Pete Wentz) in February and not even making their live debut till April with Lower Than Atlantis,such a quick breakout is one you should keep your eye on.Make sure to check them out on the Breakout Stage in May!


Dream State have hit the ground running after the release of recent single ‘In This Hell’ and show no sign of slowing, having now dropped one more track: ‘New Waves’.

Pinned for release on May 18th, Dream State have announced their second EP ‘Recovery’ featuring two new tracks among the three already released singles ‘White Lies’, ‘In This Hell’ and ‘New Waves’.

Make sure to check out the artwork and tracklisting below, as well as the other two singles and our interview with Dream State!



1.White Lies

2.In This Hell

3.Help Myself


5.New Waves

White Lies: https://youtu.be/GwkUq3cXe8o

In This Hell: https://youtu.be/yE63XBK-bhI

Interview: https://youtu.be/hpqZix-fBHc


Slam Dunk Festival have just released their list of bands taking over the Rocksound Breakout stage this year!

Headlining the stage are breakout rock band Palaye Royale, joined by the likes of Chapel, Sleep On It and Grayscale as well as our upcoming bandsDream State,Stand Atlantic and Milestones! You can check out the full Rocksound Breakout Stage lineup below!











Local Birmingham openers Mindstep were first on the bill. Mindstep are your average openers as shown by most of their performance. Yes, their vibrancy was average (excluding their amazing energy filled drummer – shoutout to them for lifting the set) but otherwise it was a lacked any audience-band reciprocity and was overall a little…dull. That’s not to say all of it was. Faster dance style tracks such as Peach lifted the set from time to time, but unfortunately the performance was brought down by a lack of stage presence from their main vocalist. A good voice, no doubt, yet it almost seemed as if they were afraid on that stage, whether it was a bad night or a bout of stage fright, Mindstep had their time and took it to a reasonable extent.

Next on the local support roster was pop-rock band Layover. With a clear definition between their old and upcoming material, it’s a clear factor of which ones the band prefer. While older tracks such as ‘Stage Fright’ had their moment, it was their upcoming unreleased material that truly stole the stage for Layover. A true overflow of emotion brought some of these fluctuating newer songs to life, and it’s something we can hopefully look out for in their upcoming studio recordings too.

Yet, if somehow you didn’t notice the bands before, you certainly did now. As Chapter And Verse flew through their set, with impeccably impressive vocal harmonies, insane stage presence and exuberant tracks to match, it’s clearly portrayed as to why they were chosen to support the full length of the tour. It’s rare to see bands consistently perform with vivacious power while including three part harmonies side by side, but through every track, be it ‘Slaves’ or even newer track ‘Magazines’, Chapter and Verse were there to get your attention, and that they did excellently.

Headliners Dream State are rising through in the world of rock, maybe not enough to sell out massive rooms, but enough to have a great performance and fan base to match. Dream State do not have the largest catalogue of material to hand, with one EP (Consequences) and two singles, meaning their set was a little shorter than one may hope, however, perhaps it was their insane performance from their opener ‘Burden’ to their ending track ‘Rebuild, Recreate’ that made time fly within the venue.

Interestingly though, it wasn’t just an average band, barrier, audience show. In a true Dream State fashion, vocalist CJ took off from the stage to sing fan favourites such as ‘White Lies’ amongst the crowd and in the pit, with some of the other band members joining along from time to time. It’s one thing to perform and sing to a few on the front row, but when you get fully integrated, singing their finale Rebuild, Recreate’ on the shoulders of a friendly mosher, you know you have a band who are there for enjoyment. This radiated throughout their set, and even though the set was a little short, there were more than enough highlights to fulfil the crowd, and either way, this is definitely NOT the last we will be seeing of Dream State.

Gig rating: 4.5/5


After the success of their hit single ‘White Lies’ in 2017 and their signing to UNFD in late 2017, Dream State have released their first single of the year ‘In This Hell’.

From its origins, ‘In This Hell’ is more than just vocally powerful. Everything about this track fits well most of the track from its well thought out musicality to the variations of vocals from vocalist CJ. One thing that is different about this track is that it breaks the idea that the chorus is stronger than the verses. ‘In This Hell’ brings the complete opposite with strong emotive verses with a less powerful chorus. In its own element, the chorus is loud and strong, a relentless aspect to the song but in terms of lyrical and emotive release, the verses are a lot stronger. In its entirety, the collective track is similar in elements to its counterpart single ‘White Lies’ yet has its own little differences such as the hauntingly mellow guitar patterns at the bridge that offer a hollow, yet melancholic show build up towards the end of the track.

Dream State have released another track that cannot be described as anything less than great. The question now is what’s next for Dream State, and when is their next release?

Rating: 9/10