‘At This Moment’ is Camilo’s first official release as a trio and it certainly is a good one for the upcoming Cambridge band.

The track highlights how Camilo are not shy to using a heavier style while still sticking to a style of softer rock. The track features great on-point instrumentals and well-fitting vocals creating a strong well polished track for the band. An issue for many bands is that sometimes the vocals can get a bit lost in the track, and sadly Camilo do fall victim to that issue at some points in the track.


The video itself isn’t a high quality, dramatic story with huge effects or massive stars, but it shows it doesn’t always have to be that. The video features the band in a recording studio, setting up, playing and mixing the track. The video is natural and shows how they all come together to produce something good.

Being one of the first proper releases from the band, this track shows strength, talent and potential. Keep a lookout for Camilo, because they will be tearing up your news feed soon.

Rating: 7.5/10


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