The pop-punk scene in Australia is rising, fast. While pop-punk bands are predominantly known for coming from America with the likes of Real Friends and Knuckle Puck or the UK with Neck Deep and As It Is, Australia are starting to quickly climb up the ranks producing some pretty good bands and music.

Australia currently houses some pretty big bands in the pop-punk scene such as inspirational rockers Tonight Alive or the energetic breaking band With Confidence, but some of the smaller bands are also peaking through ready to break into the world. So these are some of the top Australian pop-punk rockers you need to hear.



Skies Collide are your next favourite band with their quality album ‘The Dream & The Lie’ out now! If you want a little more pop in your pop-punk, Skies Collide are the band for you. Make sure to have a listen to ‘Come Alive’ below!




Shorelines are the dual vocalist, 4-piece rock band from Brisbane, Australia. With their well made debut album ‘New Heights’, it’s no surprise they’ve had the chance to play alongside well-known bands such as Real Friends and Harbours.  If you want a little taste of Shorelines (not the beach, but that would be nice too), have a listen to ‘New Heights’ below!




Stand Atlantic are the band being talked about across the world after their announcement they would be joining legendary band ‘New Found Glory’ on their Australian run of their ’20 Years Of Pop-Punk’ tour. Stand Atlantic bring the same familiarity of the genre we all know and love with some little twists hidden in as well. Have a listen to ‘Mess I Made’!




Homefront are one of the newest bands on this list, but have a massive potential earning them the highest rating ever given on Euphoria Of Breakdown for their track debut ‘Faultlines’. With their distinctive similar style to influences such as State Champs with a little twist of their own, Homefront are a band pop-punk fans will love. Listen to the highly rated debut ‘Faultlines’ below!



Between You and Me are one of the bands who are certainly about to break through onto international shores after being signed to familiar pop-punk label Hopeless Records back in July 2017. With a new single just released, we can’t wait to hear what stuff they have lined up next! Listen to their new single ‘Overthinking’ below!


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