Small Welsh pop-punk band ‘Everyone And Anyone’ are back at it again getting ready to release their second EP ‘A Page From A Journal’ on June 16th 2017.

Opening track ‘Yearbook’ begins strongly with a kicking drum pattern and guitar riff before speeding up in tempo instantly showing off the well-known style of pop-punk. Offering strong group back-up vocals, the song has a nice catchy chorus that leaves it circling around your head for hours. Despite the lyrics being a pop-punk cliché about ‘leaving and not coming back’, it is still a good upbeat track that sets the tone for the EP. Second killer track ‘Coffee And Contemplation’, at first glance, probably sums up most of our mornings. However, the track brings fast paced energy and powerful lyrics about not being able to find ‘an explanation’ to life and to have a little ‘Time to myself’, bringing the theme of “Fuck it I’ll be alright” to the EP.

Leading on to the EP’s title track, ‘A Page From A Journal’ opens with a lone guitar line before kicking back into a bouncy, fast paced track that has been presented through the EP. Closing track ‘Better Days’ doesn’t hesitate to bring the same energy as the other tracks, meaning not a single track lacks energy on this EP. ‘Better Days’ seems to have more raw, gritty vocals, giving a something a little different to the release, which is always a good note to end on.

promo everyone and anyone.png

One thing to be said about this EP, is that at times it can seem a bit generic. Being a band playing in the pop-punk genre is hard, and sometimes standing out can be an issue amongst the massive amount of other bands you’re competing with. Another thing is sometimes the vocals can be drowned out little in the backing track, but this doesn’t happen all the time in all the songs.

Although the songs are rather short and all have the same high tempo style, this is a good second EP from Everyone And Anyone. This EP will hopefully bring Everyone And Anyone more fans and popularity, at least so they don’t always have to spend their times with coffee and contemplation!


Rating: 9/10

Recommended songs: Coffee And Contemplation, Better Days

For fans of: Roam, State Champs

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