Beating the ‘sophomore slump’ curse of a second album is a scrutiny many bands face after a critically acknowledged debut release. However, following on from Casey’s 2016 effort ‘Love Is Not Enough’, the awaited, revealing new album ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ is now up to attempt to build a new height for the melodic-hardcore crossover.

Undoubtedly, Casey have put out a beautiful creation. The flow of the album sticks through the 12-track creation, sweeping through the emotively inclined lyrical stories as told by lead vocalist Tom Weaver. ‘Wavering’ takes the bands more energetic hardcore elements tinged with weaving moments of old-school emo roots influenced by the likes of Touché Amore and La Dispute. Moreover, the wavering hardcore additions are scattered within the record, with raw cleans fueling over half of the albums vocals. ‘Phosphenes’ and ‘Fluorescents’, two of the bands main singles, bringing a crossover of melodic-hardcore packed with a softer emo genre root. As the singles hold much of the albums heavier aspects, this leaves the hidden astonishingly ambient gems left to be discovered.

‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’s’ ethereal components within the truthful storytelling opener ‘Making Weight’ almost brings a prologue to the overall album. The flowing lyrical vulnerability describes the story of Weaver’s mother finding him passed out in the bathroom from his, at the time, un-diagnosed colitis. The simplistic track leaves room for the depth of the track to be realised, and ends with a drawn out note, almost as a link to the next story of ‘Wavering’.

Yet, one thing that must be mentioned in the creation of this album is the intensely subversive backing. Every pattern from the softly added drums to the atmospheric, melancholic laden guitar riffs courtesy of Liam Torrance and Toby Evans that line each individual track. Too often bands use their instruments to add a filling, some extra seconds to an already over saturated track, whereas Casey use theirs to tell a story. Instrumental bridges between tracks can be risky, but the links of ‘&’ and ‘Morphine’ intensify an already intense narrative. It’s sections like this that prove the powerful talent Casey have by not even using lyrics to portray a feeling or emotion. Title track ‘Where I Go Where I Am Sleeping’ falls onto the longer side of the albums instrumentals, yet cleverly brings an enhanced line of beautifully dynamic guitars with a subtle build-up of drive and emotion through Max Nicolai’s drum additions. Even the addition of Adam Smith’s basslines creates a density that darker tracks such as ‘The Funeral’ and ‘Flowers By The Bed’ would have possibly fallen flat without.

Raw vulnerability through releasing deeply personal emotions is a risk many bands choose to avoid. Yet, one thing Weaver has learned is ‘the best way to not stress about it all is to be open and honest’ and this is a phrase that is truthful for each and every aspect of the album. To find an album with such intense emotion in every singular point is hard, and Casey have put out a remarkable effort. Casey’s second release is far from a drag, and if their furthering career is anything to be based off this album, they have a great future ahead of them.

Rating: 10/10


Casey have just dropped the latest track ‘Bruise’ from their upcoming new album ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’.

Newest track ‘Bruise’, to vocalist Tom Weaver, “explores how I feel now about the topics I was writing about on the first record. It also looks forward, introducing the idea that the experiences I’ve been through have left me in a fragile state, which leads into a feeling of guilt and of insufficiency, not feeling deserving enough of happiness.”

Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ is about Weavers personal journey throughout his afflictions in life. “I was diagnosed with brittle bones at birth,” he explains, “and when I was 15 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and at 20 I was diagnosed with manic depression. I’ve also had a heart attack and a stroke and I was in this crazy car accident that crushed half my face. They’re big life events, but a lot of the stuff that’s happened to me medically was stuff that I was just living through at the time. Looking back now, though, I realise I could have died four or five times. I’m lucky to be here.”

‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ is released March 16th 2018 via Hassle Records. Make sure to check out their European tour dates below!

Where I Go When I Am Sleeping – March 2018 Release Shows:

16th – Cardiff – Buffalo Bar (in association with Spillers Records)

17th – Kingston – Banquet Instore (Matinee All Ages) & Fighting Cocks (18+) (in association with Banquet Records)

22nd – Sheffield – Picturehouse (in association with Bears Den Records)


(with support from Endless Heights & Rarity)

30.03.18 Belgium Dendermonde @ JH Zenith  

31.03.18 Netherlands Arnhem @ Willemeen

01.04.18 Germany Berlin @ Musik & Frieden  

02.04.18 Germany Hannover @ Mephisto

03.04.18 Germany Nürnberg @ Z-Bau  

04.04.18 Germany Leipzig @ Naumanns  

06.04.18 Hungary Budapest @ Dürer Kert  

08.04.18 Germany Munich @ Feierwerk

09.04.18 Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff

10.04.18 Germany Frankfurt @ 11er  

11.04.18 Germany Hamburg @ Goldener Salon

12.04.18 Germany Cologne @ MTC

13.04.18 UK London @ Boston Music Room  

14.04.18 UK Leeds @ The Key Club  

15.04.18 UK Newcastle @ Jumpin Jacks  

16.04.18 UK Plymouth @ Underground

17.04.18 UK Manchester @ Satan’s Hollow  

18.04.18 UK Birmingham @ Asylum2

19.04.18 UK Nottingham @ Rock City Basement