If you haven’t heard Stand Atlantic yet, you will soon. With a groundbreaking new EP ‘Sidewinder’ released late last year and featuring on our top 3 bands about to break in 2018, these guys are set to be breaking boundaries in the following year. The three-piece have been sending waves across the music scene in both their home country of Australia and overseas here in the UK after gaining further recognition from touring with bands along the likes of New Found Glory and ROAM.

Made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, bassist David Potter and Drummer Jonno Panichi, Stand Atlantic fall musically into the range of alt-rock with their strong ability to create a heavier pop/rock vibe with its own individual aspect. As well a s this, Stand Atlantic have raised the bar with their polished musicianship and musicality both on recording and live on stage.

Yet, not only have Stand Atlantic already shown they have their potential, but they have also reached a few achievements as well. They not only became the first Australian band to be signed to Rude Records, but their standout EP ‘Sidewinder’ reached number 31 on the ITunes chart at its release!

Definitely take the time to check out Stand Atlantic. While the band may not have any tours announced currently, you can listen to their EP ‘Sidewinder’ below and check out their social media for updates!

FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/standatlantic

TWITTER: Www.twitter.com/Standatlantic

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/standatlantic

EUPHORIA OF BREAKDOWN INTERVIEW: https://youtu.be/9lwmYsor9rM



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