Birmingham rockers Failure Is An Option are in the cusp of releasing their split EP with counterparts Discordance, releasing their first single ‘Second Chance’ very soon. Being created and produced independently by the heavy rock group, they are taking this EP in their own hands. The EP can mainly be described as ‘ a mix of Emotional Hardcore and Heavy Rock. Failure Is An Option and Discordance are both bands local to the West Midlands area and have made links to each other for over a year now back when both bands were founded.’

Opening in a rather melodic fashion, the track starts rather simplistically, an echo styled viva track interweaved between the lines of guitar fluctuating through. Even through the luxuries, Failure Is An Option begin to emerge as lyricists, not only showing emotion but through simplistic measures, opposed to relying on effects and emphasised metaphors. Circling around ‘losing a bond between yourself and someone that you hold dearly to your heart’ is well portrayed, perhaps a little lyrics development can ensue in their progression as a band however.

However, a small letdown for this track is the mixing. Failure Is An Option are a smaller band, it is understandable that they may not be able to afforded high quality mixing and having done this independently, this is a good attempt. The problem is, this unfortunately does take down the quality of the track, making it hard to hear each individual section for what it is, instead of a blended compression.

Failure Is An Option have been floating around the Birmingham scene and you will definitely see them grow. Time and growth will bring this band further, this split so just being one of the ways to do so.

Rating: 6/10


Check out American acoustic-pop outfit Cinders take on our A-Z interview below!

A Song Which Made You Want To Make Music:

Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears. Who doesn’t get super pumped when that song is playing? It is one of the greatest songs of all time and it inspires you to move and smile. If we could bring a little more of that feeling to the world with our music then we have done our job. We will always be inspired by Tears For Fears

Best Experience While On Tour:

The first time we toured we didn’t expect to see anyone come out to our shows. We were a brand new band. One of the best experiences for us was showing up to a venue for the first time full of people who were wearing our t-shirts and screaming the words with us. It is still crazy every night to see all those kids in the audience singing and dancing along. It never gets old.

Cover you would really like to do?

The only cover we have ever played was In Between Days by The Cure. We made a weird agreement that if we ever do play a cover it will be by The Cure. Their music coined the sub genre of “Happy Sad”. Cinders definitely fits into that sub genre so it is hard not to pay tribute to the originator.  Short answer would be Just Like Heaven by the Cure.

Deepest Lyrics One Of Your Songs Features:

“Old friend, look what you’ve done

I held your hand while you shot the gun

A part of me has died inside my mind”


Our new record Looking Forward To Looking Back is much heavier emotionally than our previous releases. It has many more analogies and metaphors relating to overcoming depression and self doubt. Walls is lyrically one of our favorite tracks. It is a strong self realization that life can be very hard, but much of that is self inflicted. We all want someone to help share our pain that we often feel. Though sometimes we need to gain enough strength on our own, to climb out of these pits we dig ourselves into.

Easiest Song You Wrote:

It was probably the first song that we wrote for this record. It is called Gigantic. This is one of the only songs where we sat down all together and said “alright whatever we start playing next is going to be the first song we writing for the next record.” That song was finished in about a week. It has gone through some changes during recording but the actual writing of it remained the same from that first week.

Favourite album/single/EP you have released:

We have been extremely proud of everything that we have released and very pleased with how much our fans have enjoyed the music. We would definitely say Looking Forward To Looking Back is our favorite! We feel we have come much farther as musicians, performers, and song writers, and that is shown in this new record. We can’t wait for everyone to hear these 11 brand new songs on September 29th!!

Greatest Show/Festival You Have Played:

Our favorite festival that we played was this year on the 4th of July. We were asked to headline an Independence Day music festival/firework show for 25,000 people. It was an incredible night and one we will never forget. Also the fireworks went off so close that ash, debris and sparks were flying into the crowd. It was the kind of danger that felt cool rather than being in actual jeopardy.

Happiest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band:

Finishing this new record and listening to it front to back for the first time. This has been a 2 year process and we are so happy and excited for our fans to finally be able to hear it! The next happiest moment would be when our two saxophone players happened to date and got married. That is definitely second place.

Interesting Fact About One Of Your Members:

Our bass player Adrian was in a metal/hardcore band before joining Cinders. That is where he gets his crazy energy and aggressive stage presence. He also has helped sculpt some of the heavier moments in the songs from his background in heavier music. Aside from being in a metal band, he is an accomplished jazz guitar player. Makes sense why we have him playing bass right?

Jokes You Have In The Band:

We have a vision board in our with all of our goals written on it. We have a lot of goals written on there. One of them being to have one of our songs featured in a major motion picture. We have been banking on Infinity Wars part 2 for a while now. We know it is finished.. But there is still hope that they will use one of our songs. Spider-Man could have his big return while Call it Home is playing. Just imagine the emotion that would consume that audience.

I guess that is our joke.

Kicking Off Your Set Is Best With Which Song:

We can’t remember the last time that we opened up a set with a song other than Dog Heart. That song is perfect for new and returning audiences. It is a great way to show the crowd what they can expect for the next hour. It is also one of the easiest songs to sing and dance along with.

Longest Distance You’ve Travelled To Play A Show:

The longest distance was probably the drive from Southern Utah to Northern California. That was about 12 hours. It was a lot of time spent playing Mario Tennis. Without Mario Tennis it would have just been a lot of time sitting. I guess it was still a lot of time sitting. But with Mario Tennis that sitting became very competitive

Movie That Best Represents The Band:

That Thing You Do! It took a while for the whole band to finally see it. But it probably represents us the best. With that being said, Brad will be the only one who has a happy ending and Adrian will most likely die in combat. So maybe it doesn’t represent us in exact detail.

New Band You’d Recommend:

Recently discovered a group called HIGHS. They are awesome. Their mix of male and female vocal melodies with punchy perfect guitar tones creates a sound you can listen to for an hours.

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal:

We talk about this one pretty often. We usually end up with the same few answers. Probably Twenty One Pilots, The Front Bottoms, Grouplove, or The Head and the Heart. We feel like our music would match well with any one of these bands. The real dream is that in the near future they will be opening for us though.

Place You’d Most Like To Tour:

Right now we really can’t wait to make it to the East Coast of the US. We tour the West a lot and absolutely love it. We just can’t wait to make it out east to see more of our fans!

Quote That You’d Like To Pass On To Readers:

“The roughest road often leads to the top.” – Christine Aguilera

Christina said it best. I think it should be added that no road will be easy, so you might as well pick the one that takes you to the top. Otherwise you may just be walking in circles forever.

Reason For The Title Of Your Recent/Forthcoming Release:

One of the songs on the new record has the line “I’m looking forward to looking back.” It was our drummer Brad that had first brought that idea to us. From then on we ditched any other name we had in mind. It sums up the ultimate feeling and theme of the entire record. Whether there is a moment that you love in life or an extremely difficult hardship you are trying to make it though, you can take some comfort knowing that one day you will be able to look back on it. Either as a great memory or as a trial you overcame, it can be celebrated.

See Us Live At:

We have a list of Western US tour dates all throughout October in celebration of the album’s release!

The First Song You Ever Played Together As A Band:

At our first practice together we jammed our song Closed Blinds. Following that we played songs Last Year’s Winter and I Could Do Better. Those were 3 of the first Cinders songs written.

Unusual Merchandise:

We once put one of Brad’s sweaty post show t-shirts on sale. That may not be very unusual, though the funniest part of it was that Jordan’s mother-in-law is the one that purchased it before anyone else could.

Variations You’d Like To Do On Any Of Your Songs:

We’d say a dubstep version of Call it Home but apparently someone already did that! It is pretty sweet actually. You can check out the remix on YouTube!

Worst Experience On Tour:

I guess it would be boring to say that sitting in a van with no leg room for 10 hours a day is the worst. Though it really isn’t. Some of our best stories come from being crammed in that van. The worst experience was playing a venue with 0 in attendance. The venue owner also said we could only play 4 songs because they had to pick up a friend from the airport. It was a rough night for sure. The awesome thing is that we have 6 of us to share the pain, so we can laugh about it now. That is a great example of something that we were looking forward to looking back on. Glad that is over. To every artist out there who has struggled with pulling a crowd in a new area, we have been there!!

X-rays Or Any Other Treatments For Band Related Injuries:.

Our lead guitar player Montana had to have surgery on his wrist due to carpool tunnel. It was a music related injury though so it is equally as cool if not cooler than a sports injury. Also Jordan hit Adrian in the face with his guitar on stage once. No treatment needed… but there was a lot of blood.

Your Favourite Show You’ve Ever Played:

We love our hometown crowds so it is hard to choose anywhere else. Our single release show for Tree House earlier this year was insane. The crowd was as rowdy as we were and they were screaming along with every word. At one point in the show we went out into the crowd and did what we believe to be the world’s largest group hug. Guinness says other wise though.

Zoo Animal That Best Describes The Band:

Probably a Pygmy marmoset. Those are the craziest and weirdest little monkeys. I’m sure people have described us in the same way after watching us preform.


A Song Which Made You Want To Make Music: Ramones – Oh oh, I Love Her so. Brilliant song writing.

Best Experience While On Tour: Ofcourse when there’s a sick show. I remember playing Munster, Germany the first time, that was amazing.

Cover you would really like to do? We don’t do a lot of covers, but we did Waiting For The Man by the Velvet Underground, so I’ll go with that.

Deepest Lyrics One Of Your Songs Features: Hmm, tough one. “Still Searching” is one of the deepest ones so far.

Easiest Song You Wrote: “I don’t wanna be the one”. Wrote that one in 5 minutes and stole lyrics from another song I wrote before.

Favourite album/single/EP you have released: The next one! “Fading Into Oblivion” will be the shit.

Greatest Show/Festival You Have Played: Uppsala shows are always the best.

Happiest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band: When a record is out, it’s all done, and you head out on tour.

Interesting Fact About One Of Your Members: We’re not that interesting.

Jokes You Have In The Band: I did a thing where I tried to look like a lion by just open my mouth and everybody freaks out screaming “there’s a lion in the room”. Everybody thinks we’re the most stupid people in the world.

Kicking Off Your Set Is Best With Which Song: We’ve done “Wish You Were Gone” for well over a year now, so I guess it has to be the one.

Longest Distance You’ve Travelled To Play A Show: Oh, it has to be Sydney – Brisbane last year. At least it felt like it took forever.

Movie That Best Represents The Band: Goonies.

New Band You’d Recommend: Svart Katt from Sweden. Sick band.

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal: Don’t really get the question here.

Place You’d Most Like To Tour: South east Asia, the US, South America etc. Everywhere!

Quote That You’d Like To Pass On To Readers: “A cancelled gig is also a gig” – Ulf Lundell

Reason For The Title Of Your Recent/Forthcoming Release: It just fits well with the lyrics. The lyrics are dark and pessimistic so “Fading Into Oblivion” fits well.

See Us Live At: Every show you can.

The First Song You Ever Played Together As A Band: “Damaged State Of Mind” I think. That was the first song we had.

Unusual Merchandise: Don’t have anything strange now, but I wanna make all kinds of things.

Variations You’d Like To Do On Any Of Your Songs: I guess some songs could be done acoustic, but it’s not something we wanna do at the moment.

Worst Experience On Tour: Haha I can’t really say where and when this was, but we played a few shows a couple of years back in another country and everything around it was completely shit.

Xrays Or Any Other Treatments For Band Related Injuries: We’re good people. We take care of ourselves, so no.

Your Favourite Show You’ve Ever Played: First show we did in Uppsala. Sold out house in our home town with all our friends. A special night for sure.

Zoo Animal That Best Describes The Band: I heard something about an immortal jellyfish, so I’ll go with that.


Alternative rock outfit Mirages are taking on Gloucestershire with their debut ‘Promise‘. Will it be easy? No, but that’s not hindering them with their groovy new release.

Opening with a slow, simplistic buildup, ‘Promise’ has the feel of a slow old style rock track, a feel that quickly proves to be correct. Groovy basslines dominate the track, giving it a classic yet relaxed feel, nothing too complicated or simple in its buildup yet balances rather well in the middle. However, the track itself can feel a little repetitive, following a similar structure throughout and not thronging any surprises or changes through its running time. It’s a good track in the sense of its calm, relaxed nature, but perhaps just needs that little bit more behind it to push it a bit further.

For a debut, Mirages haven’t done bad. To break out of Gloucester will take more work, but that’s inevitable for any band with a first single. We will be keeping an eye on these guys, we’re ready for more.

Rating: 7/10


Starset have announced a delicious release of their second album “Vessels 2.0′!

The new release will include all the previous tracks, plus an additional 9 tracks including acoustics and remixes. The full track list can be found below:

1: The Order

2. Satellite

3: Frequency

4. Die For You

5. Ricochet

6. Starlight

7. Into The Unknown

8. Gravity Of You

9. Back To The Earth

10. Last To Fall

11. Bringing It Down

12. Unbecoming

13. Last To Fall

14. Telepathic

15. Everglow

16. Bringing It Down (Version 2.0)

17. Die For You (Acoustic)

18. Telepathic (Acoustic)

19. Starlight (Acoustic)

20. Ricochet (Acoustic)

21. Satellite (Acoustic)

22. Love You To Death

23. Telepathic (Not Your Dope remix)

24. Satellite (TRAILS remix)

The deluxe release is set to come out on September 28th through Fearless Records


Read below as Die So Fluid attempt our A-Z interview…

A Song Which Made You Want To Make Music:

Adam and the Ants singles Ant Music, Stand and Deliver and Prince Charming definitely

triggered something.

Best Experience While On Tour:

Besides the great experience of playing live shows it’s really cool when crazy stuff happens like chatting to Gene Simmons in the entrance to Hooters, visiting Graceland on a day off in Memphis, voodoo houses in New Orleans, having Bernie Shaw from Uriah Heep come to your show, exploring and hanging out with friends we’ve made around the world in their home towns…

Cover you would really like to do?

Manic Depression rocks hard and is full of soulful yearning.

Deepest Lyrics One Of Your Songs Features:

Drew and I worked together on the lyrics to the title track of our album:

“How many versions of the truth

demand faith without proof

and murder unity

before it bears its fruit.”

Easiest Song You Wrote:

Some songs kind of write themselves, Happy Halloween did that.

Favourite album/single/EP you have released:

One Bullet From Paradise. I like the single Bittersweet cus it’s so fun and sassy.

Greatest Show/Festival You Have Played:

One time we played Hard Rock Hell and we were having a tough time touring in heavy snow, but we made it, played a phenomenal set, and a fan who became a great friend brought all his ingredients with him and made us curry in his cabin that night. It’s a great memory of a fun night, great festival, great friends, great times.

Happiest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band:

My happiest band moments are always when I’m lost in the music and I’m deeply connected to everything and everyone.

Interesting Fact About One Of Your Members:

I’m a certified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner.

Jokes You Have In The Band:

We have a lot of stoopid in- jokes that would make no sense unless you were there at their birth. We shared a bunch of silly music references especially Al who would throw in comedy backing vocals and song lyrics. It’s one of the things I miss most about him, he was a very funny man. I should add that he tragically passed away when we were about to record our latest album. Our friend Justin from Skinny Puppy stepped in and played on some tracks and mixed some too.

Kicking Off Your Set Is Best With Which Song:

Bitterness by Discipline

Longest Distance You’ve Travelled To Play A Show:

I guess 6000 miles to play the US starting in AZ, but I live in LA now so it’s all relative.

Movie That Best Represents The Band:

Lost Boys? Vampire films have the best symbolism and hey we’re a gang that will live forever in our music.

New Band You’d Recommend:

Ultraphonix- George Lynch’s new thing with Corey from Living Color.

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal:


Place You’d Most Like To Tour:

Australia and Japan.

Quote That You’d Like To Pass On To Readers:

Remember, true strength is not found in the stone, but in the water that shapes the stone”

Reason For The Title Of Your Recent/Forthcoming Release:

The album is called ‘One Bullet From Paradise’ and the title questions the dogma that has been warped into a tool to embolden soldiers. It was inspired by an essay from a journalist embedded in the wars in Daesh.

See Us Live At:

The Lexington, London UK, November 11.

The First Song You Ever Played Together As A Band:

Something off the first album – we really only play originals.

Unusual Merchandise:

We have a cool baseball shirt available at featuring the unusually brilliant artwork of Dan Schaffer, creator of Dogwitch.

Variations You’d Like To Do On Any Of Your Songs:

A lounge version of Kiss The Floor. We heard something in the background of an old Bettie Page burlesque dvd that sounded just like it!

Worst Experience On Tour:

Take you pick between getting electrocuted by a mic with ungrounded wiring, sleeping in a rat infested backstage bunker or on the floor of an airport with delayed flights…it’s all part of the rich tapestry of tour life.

X -rays Or Any Other Treatments For Band Related Injuries:.

I had to have a hip X-ray after falling down a 6 ft hole at the back of the stage in the dark. It was the end of the set in Leeds, I managed to clamber out to play the encore with tears in my eyes. Adrenalin is an amazing thing.

Your Favourite Show You’ve Ever Played:

Sold out hometown London show at Dingwalls. Amazing energy and atmosphere.

Zoo Animal That Best Describes The Band:

Rhino! They’re built so fierce but beautiful and unique. Please check out my friend’s cause, there’s some awesome photos there too.


With a new album set to come out in 5 days, As It Is’ new single ‘The Fire, The Dark’ is our track of the week!

Speaking of the track, singer Patty Walters says, “The Fire, The Dark’ is about self-destruction. Weighed down by his regrets and resentments, The Poet turns to habits of self-destruction as a coping mechanism, isolated and completely withdrawn from the world, neurotic and unstable, consequently jeopardising his relationship with his wife. 

This song in particular is one of the boldest musical departures from the As It Is many have come to know. It was a pleasure and a privilege writing this song alongside Larry Hibbitt of Hundred Reasons, a band whose sound directly influenced ‘The Great Depression’s darker direction.”

As an introduction to ‘The Great Depression’, Walters also comments that The Great Depression’ is about the societal romanticisation of depression, the disrepair of present-day human connection, told through the story of a man who finds himself face-to-face with Death. This album is about asking questions rather than offering answers, exploring the lines where consolation and glorification collide, and asking if art is too subjective to offer a universal solution. 

We’ve approached this subject with the tremendous respect and sensitivity it warrants. Mental health awareness and prioritisation has always been immensely important to us, and we want to use this platform for good and to challenge problematic behaviours and stigmas.  More so than ever before, we’ll be working alongside incredible non-profits, donating proceeds to worthy causes, and using our music in hopes of creating a positive change.”


Due to record demand for tickets and a sellout of all three dates in just 20 minutes, You Me At Six will be releasing new show dates soon.

10 years since the release of their debut album ‘Take Off Your Colours’ means we will be treated to the album in full – to many people’s enjoyment, ‘Gossip’ included!

In a bid to settle upset fans, the band have responded saying ‘Hello friends, we are blown away. Thank you for selling out our UK tour. Due to phenomenal demand, we will be adding more ‘TOYC’ shows very soon. Please do not buy tickets from secondary ticket sites. Speak next week.”


24 degrees and a sweaty metal show may turn some people away, but with a lineup as strong as tonight with Dead Hands, Leeched, Rough Hands and Employed To Serve, this was not one to miss

Being a local support can bring a range of reaction possibilities. If anything, Dead Hands (8/10) actually brought a very good performance and created a great reaction, despite a smaller crowd size. Aside from the slight awkward talks between tracks, the stage presence was very high and technicality in their music was replicated almost perfectly with very little faults. Dead Hands were a very good pick for a support and hopefully gained more supporters through the night.

Leeched (5/10) being the first of the full tour supports would give them some hope to be entertaining, yet there wasn’t much to them. There wasn’t too much of a structure to their tracks, not bringing as much of a reaction. Musically the three-piece were average and didn’t show much versatility or energy on stage. Whether this was a bad night for them or not, they just need to give a bit more energy into their show.

Rough Hands (7/10) put on a pretty good show. For a relatively unheard of band, they gave a pretty good performance as a whole. With impressive vocal talent and on beat backings, they kicked off to a good start. The problem is, without a strong stream of energy throughout, things will start to head downhill and sadly this hit Rough Hands towards the end of their set. No doubt they can put on a show, it was just a little unfortunate that their energy blew out before the end.

It’s easy to see why Employed To Serve (9/10) are riding as one of the hottest new metal bands of 2018. Not only did they raise the heat of The Slade Rooms but they also completely raised the bar in terms of musical performance and versaitity. Playing their critical success ‘The Warmth Of A Dying Sun’.

Bringing an extremely polished opening with ‘Void Ambition’ the show set off to a great start, evoking incredibly enthusiastic reactions from their audience. While it is expected that their most popular tracks/singles such as ‘I Spend My Days’ and ‘Good For Nothing’, even tracks between such as ‘Never Falls Far’ still brought an extremely polished set. In terms of the show as a whole, a few technical issues were apparent. While these never held up the show too much, there still will be a slightly awkward pause, one that is often unavoidable. While this was unavoidable at points, after the few guitar tech issues, the show picked up again within seconds.

Yet, Frontwoman Justine truly helped lead the show, showing extreme versatility with almost perfect vocal talent and instrumental ability through ‘Apple Tree’. It is clear that Employed To Serve have the potential and talent to put together a strong show, one that not only evokes a good reaction, but sounds polished and clean throughout. For a show themed around WOADS, stage presence and setting was not something left behind. Small stages could have compromised this, yet the matching ETS jackets, amp banners and backline banner made it 100% clear Employed To Serve were here to leave an impression.

Employed To Serve have an incredible tour ahead of them, ready to prove themselves to the UK scene. With the brilliant chemistry between each of the members and their ability to play to such a high level gives them a step ahead of everyone else. Make sure to catch them while you can.