Divenire’s fourth single ‘Origami’ is set to drop on January 19th and with a trio of previous singles to live up to, does ‘Origami’ fit alongside all the other tracks produced?

The clear answer is yes. ‘Origami’ from its onset is a strong track that encompasses Divenire’s indie style while still differing in its own ways from their other songs. Within all of Divenire’s singles, there is a distinct tone to vocalist Dom Morgan that helps make all of Divenire’s tracks stand out a little more from everything else. ‘Origami’ brings this out. The build up to the bridge is interesting in this track. Instead of a slow build or the same layered track as heard before, instead, the track falls into a lower singled out guitar pattern, slowly filling up the quick transformation into an echoic, filling ending with both the vocals and backing spreading out in an even more atmospheric way than before.

Divenire are no strangers to making stand-out singles, from their first single ‘Caravan’ to most recent ‘Quaint Romance’, there is never a dull note and ‘Origami’ is no exception. All that’s next is to find out what great track the band are ready to produce next You can pre-order the single now!

Rating: 9.5/10




Bellevue are a pop-punk band hailing from Canada. Describing themselves as ‘alternative band drawing influences from all over the spectrum’, Belleuve have a 12 song album in the works and have just released their single ‘Counting Stars’

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Single_cover_inner call_gravity_def.jpg

Inner Call are what you would call a melodic rock band from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Northeastern Italy. With a mix of musical influences, Inner Call bring a mixture of rock, pop and classical music in their debut track ‘Gravity’.

The track begins slow and mellow with just vocals from Lorenzo Nadalin and a basic backing track before quickly kicking in Continue reading “INNER CALL – GRAVITY – REVIEW”