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Divenire’s fourth single ‘Origami’ is set to drop on January 19th and with a trio of previous singles to live up to, does ‘Origami’ fit alongside all the other tracks produced?

The clear answer is yes. ‘Origami’ from its onset is a strong track that encompasses Divenire’s indie style while still differing in its own ways from their other songs. Within all of Divenire’s singles, there is a distinct tone to vocalist Dom Morgan that helps make all of Divenire’s tracks stand out a little more from everything else. ‘Origami’ brings this out. The build up to the bridge is interesting in this track. Instead of a slow build or the same layered track as heard before, instead, the track falls into a lower singled out guitar pattern, slowly filling up the quick transformation into an echoic, filling ending with both the vocals and backing spreading out in an even more atmospheric way than before.

Divenire are no strangers to making stand-out singles, from their first single ‘Caravan’ to most recent ‘Quaint Romance’, there is never a dull note and ‘Origami’ is no exception. All that’s next is to find out what great track the band are ready to produce next You can pre-order the single now!

Rating: 9.5/10




Describing themselves as ‘too loud for your parents, too distorted for indie kids, just right for you’, come new Leeds based grunge band Avenoir with their new single ‘The Leviathan’.

The track starts off very low and quiet, bringing a clear grunge influence style from the very start of the track. Throughout ‘Leviathan’, Avenoir cleverly build up the track from a quieter foundation into a much more developed track with heavier drumming and differentiating guitar riffs, while still capturing a simplistic style that Avenoir are trying to achieve.As for visuals for the video, the simplistic location and setting fits perfectly with the style as well as well throughout out lighting changes to accentuate various changes within the track.

Being their debut single, Avenoir have already set the bar high for further releases, bringing out a strong track that falls well into their style and what they want to achieve. Avenoir are a band that are ready to rise and aren’t afraid to make the music to do it.

Rating: 9/10




Solo indie-rock artist Danny Wright has just released his new single ‘Is This Rock And Roll?’. After touring with rock bands DissolvedIn and We Are Lost Boys, Danny Wright describes himself as a someone who ‘rarely fits neatly into one stereotypical box’.

Regarding the track, Danny states that ‘I wrote this song during a period of my life when I thought about giving up pursuing music as a career, the song talks about the sacrifices I’ve made to ‘follow my dreams’ which have ultimately led to isolation and feeling lost.’ Make sure to listen to the track down below! Continue reading “DANNY WRIGHT RELEASES NEW TRACK ‘IS THIS ROCK AND ROLL?’”



With their upcoming album ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’ out on August 25th, Pvris have decided to release yet another single in preparation for the release. This weeks track of the week is none other than their new single ‘Winter’!

Warming us up for ‘AWKOHAWNOH’, ‘Winter’ is definitely a great track alongside other singles ‘Whats Wrong’ and ‘Heaven’. Check out the song below!


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This weeks standout track goes to Divenire with their new single ‘Quaint Romance’. Offering great indie style vocals alongside some hard-hitting instrumentals this track is certainly one to listen to this week. Listen to it down below!

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Divenire, the alternative indie band from Stoke-on-Trent are the next band ready to take their chance in the world of music.

Being a smaller band, Divenire have already started gaining a fanbase by touring alongside bands such as ‘The Orielles’ and ‘Hermitage Green’ in large venues across the Midlands in the UK. Alongside supporting, they have also played UK festivals such as Your City Music Festival, Lymelight Festival and Ashcombury Music Festival this year.

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