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With their second single now out, The New Age are already preparing for the release of their new upcoming album ‘Placebo’.

‘Temper’ is quite an atmospheric track from its outset. While being a little lighter than previous tracks the band have released, the heavy guitar riffs are still present from the tracks and fade into the deeper ending of the track. While at first, Continue reading “THE NEW AGE – TEMPER – REVIEW”



Describing themselves as ‘too loud for your parents, too distorted for indie kids, just right for you’, come new Leeds based grunge band Avenoir with their new single ‘The Leviathan’.

The track starts off very low and quiet, bringing a clear grunge influence style from the very start of the track. Throughout ‘Leviathan’, Avenoir cleverly build up the track from a quieter foundation into a much more developed track with heavier drumming and differentiating guitar riffs, while still capturing a simplistic style that Avenoir are trying to achieve.As for visuals for the video, the simplistic location and setting fits perfectly with the style as well as well throughout out lighting changes to accentuate various changes within the track.

Being their debut single, Avenoir have already set the bar high for further releases, bringing out a strong track that falls well into their style and what they want to achieve. Avenoir are a band that are ready to rise and aren’t afraid to make the music to do it.

Rating: 9/10



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Novatines are the newest alternative rock band on the scene with the release of their highly anticipated debut single ‘Medicine’.

The track follows their mixed style of rock & roll alongside elements of alternative rock as well. The track brings a along a classic familiarity of the rock & roll genre offered throughout. The high energy of the track alongside the raw vocals bring a good track that never loses its energy.

After four years, the band are starting once again with the right strength and passion they need to make it. This track is only the beginning for Novatines, and certainly worth a listen.

Rating: 8.5/10

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After a 4 year hiatus, punk rock band Orange are back with their new single ‘Late Nights And Early Mornings’.

The track itself instantly starts with high energy giving a clear mixture of punk and pop-punk together. The lyrical aspects once again highlights their mixture of punk rock and pop-punk. The energy of the track never drops and . The video itself also brings a punk, alt rock vibe with emphasis on the black and white visuals and quick camera. The track certainly works well both musically and visually.

Overall, this track is a great comeback for Orange and brings back the strong vibes that they were giving before their break. Make sure to keep an eye out because we can certainly expect more to come from the band soon.

Rating 8/10