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Christmas is over and Of Virtue are already hitting the ground running for the year ahead. Signing to Sharptone Records also comes the release of ‘Suffer’, a new step ahead for the group, but where does it hold up in the ratings?

Well, Of Virtue are undoubtly throwing the heavy punches to the track. Combining harsh and clean vocals perhaps takes the track to different tones, but as a whole the bands usual heavy influence still remains. Verses are heavy, gritty with a hardcore depth emerging juxtaposed by the melodic choruses where emotional depth is concieved. This is a contrast that works in the bands favour, with the balance almost right for the style of music Of Virtue are working to create. In terms of the tracks length, the breakdown is slightly underwhelming. Pehaps better fitting as a track intro, the breakdown leaves you wanting more. Something solidified, something to really impact listeners.

Of Virtue are still putting out good tracks. Trial and error is a factor all bands must embrace from time to time. ‘Suffer’ is still a great track with the potential still shining through from the band, its just the polishing that is the next stage.




Metalcore act Of Virtue have claimed out track of the week with their brand new single ‘Torn Apart’

The track itself focuses on the impactful reality of losing a loved one to suicide as does the video alongside. Vocalist Tyler Ennis’ personal experience flows through the track, explaining how ‘Torn Apart’ is one of the most personal songs Of Virtue have released to this date.

With ‘Torn Apart’, Of Virtue strive to reach out to those struggling and share the message that it’s okay to not be okay. A portion of all proceeds from each stream/sale goes to the Hope For The Day foundation which raises awareness about mental health issues and suicide prevention. Make sure to watch the video below.


iTunes – https://goo.gl/YsUZLo

BandCamp – https://goo.gl/UpWv6z


Spotify – https://goo.gl/TruU5Q

Apple Music – https://goo.gl/TruU5Q

Of Virtue will also be touring the US alongside Redeem Revive and We Gave It Hell on The Unonymous Tour. Check out dates below.


Of Virtue have released probably their best single to date with their new song ‘Surrounded’. After premiering on Altpress, the melodic hardcore band have now released the full video and track across their platforms.

‘Surrounded’ from the first second gives a strange post-apocalyptic style to the track, combining sirens, PSA announcements and some more subtly ingrained vocals to match into its outer structure. Even when this original idea fades away, the bridge of ‘Surrounded’ instantly brings a cyclical feel to the song. The sudden cut off and the vigorous build up also help to create a breakdown that feels entirely in place within this track.

Of course, there is something deeper in this track than it’s outer appearance, a deeply rooted meaning that transcends above the polished technicality and musicality. The tracks theme of hatred and bigotry stands clear and isn’t something that misses the mark. While they first two verses do repeat themselves, this structure works in favour for Of Virtue. Not only does a more simplistic lyrical structure help blatantly push across the message, but the intense vocal emotion also portrayed within the track.

Of Virtue have really pushed themselves with this single and not only does it show in the track itself, but the cleverly created video alongside. The theme, video and execution of the track is outstanding, so make sure to check out this single as it is one of their best ones yet.

Rating: 10/10


American melodic-hardcore band Of Virtue have been teasing a new video and track on their Facebook with the hashtag #wearesurrounded.

The teaser video itself features some intense clips of the band, some running shots alongside the alarming sound of sirens and a PSA. The track is set to be released at 2PM EST via the Alternative Press Facebook Live on January 19th.

Make sure to check out the teaser below!


Michigan melodic metal band Of Virtue have signed on to Scarim Management!

Of Virtue will be joining the likes of For The Fallen Dreams (Rise), Deadships (Stay Sick) and Falsifier (Artery)! Make sure to keep an eye on Of Virtue as we can expect new things along the way! In the mean time why not check out Of Virtue’s track ‘Ghost Town’ below!

Make sure to also check out the other. Bands on Scarim Managements roster!




Metalcore powerhouse pair Of Virtue and In Search Of Solace have announced a small run of American shows this September!

After Of Virtue’s European tour with Griever and In Search Of Solace’s various US shows, the two have come together to bring one pretty awesome tour back to the US. So if you want to hear a little bit of this Continue reading “OF VIRTUE AND IN SEARCH OF SOLACE HAVE ANNOUNCED A TOUR”