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Speak, Brother, the five piece indie band from the Midlands are on the verge of releasing their new single ‘Lions Roar’ on Friday 3rd November ahead of their new album ‘Young & Brave’ out next April.

The track itself follows a slower pattern but is juxtaposed by a quick drum beat in the verses that then slows into the chorus. This brings a greater emphasis on the chorus, having a different style to the juxtaposing, yet well created verses. While the track follows a similar pace throughout, it never seems to appear repetitive, with powerful choruses dominating the track but still leaving room for quieter verses and an excellent build up in the bridge of ‘Lions Roar’.

Speak, Brother have a good track on their hands. This new single indicates big things for the band, is a strong start for this new material Speak, Brother are stepping forward in to.

Rating: 9/10