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We caught up with Tom Weaver (Vocals) from Casey to chat about the bands new album, touring and favourite coffee shops? Make sure to check it out below!

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Dream State have hit the ground running after the release of recent single ‘In This Hell’ and show no sign of slowing, having now dropped one more track: ‘New Waves’.

Pinned for release on May 18th, Dream State have announced their second EP ‘Recovery’ featuring two new tracks among the three already released singles ‘White Lies’, ‘In This Hell’ and ‘New Waves’.

Make sure to check out the artwork and tracklisting below, as well as the other two singles and our interview with Dream State!



1.White Lies

2.In This Hell

3.Help Myself


5.New Waves

White Lies: https://youtu.be/GwkUq3cXe8o

In This Hell: https://youtu.be/yE63XBK-bhI

Interview: https://youtu.be/hpqZix-fBHc


London electro-punk three-piece Calling All Astronauts have a lot to say, but what are the true A-Z factors about them that they want to tell their fans?

A Song Which Made You Want To Make Music:

My parents had loads on old 60s records when I was a kid, I used to play them all the time I had favourites, Bits And Pieces by The Dave Clark Five and Hippy Hippy Shake by The Swinging Blue Jeans, I was hooked on music from age 4

Best Experience While On Tour:

We haven’t actually toured as Calling All Astronauts, yes I know we’ve had 2 albums and 12 singles out, but we have very young children, so it hasn’t been possible so far, we’ve kinda stuck to playing high profile one off shows and festivals

Cover you would really like to do?

Strangely enough, we have just released our “Influences EP”, a quadruple A-side single. Four tracks that have influenced our love of music, we did a Pendulumesque version of Gary Numan’s “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” and followed that with a stripped back, dark, atmospheric version of T-Rex’s “Metal Guru”, we then took on on the legend that is David Bowie’s classic, “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)”, and rounded it off with a Post Punk version of Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water” we hope we have made them our own.

Deepest Lyrics One Of Your Songs Features:

That’s a tricky one as I’m so shallow, hahahah, I do like the chorus of our song Divisive, “Greed equals power, equals war, equals death”

Easiest Song You Wrote:

None of our songs have been easy or hard, we take a long time writing, our last album took us 2,000 hours, it’s just a process we go through, all our songs develop over a period of time in the studio, I don’t think we’ve ever written one in a short space of time.

Favourite album/single/EP you have released:

Our “Anti Social Network” album is my favourite, we could have easily released every track as a single, it also marked a vast improvement in my production skills, I believe that album sounds like we recorded in a major studio rather than in my lounge, though we did actually record it in my lounge

Greatest Show/Festival You Have Played:

We’ve had quite a few good shows, I think my favourite was when we played “Death To Dicso” at Notting Hill Arts Club, it was a night run by Alan Magee, but the crowd was all Made In Chelsea type people, it was totally sold out, we thought we were going to stiff, but within 2 songs, we had a pit and crowd surfing, a really awesome night

Happiest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band:

When we hit #1 at 2 minutes to midnight on December 24th on the Hype Machine Chart, knocking Adele off the top spot and getting the Christmas Number One!!

Interesting Fact About One Of Your Members:

Paul used to be a tree surgeon

Jokes You Have In The Band

We have so many, they are always “in jokes” that we find hilarious, but would never made anyone else laugh, if you ever meet Paul ask him “would you like some pork?”:

Kicking Off Your Set Is Best With Which Song:

We change our intro regularly, but always seem to kick of the set with “Someone Like You”, it was our frist single and got us BBC radio play within a week of release, so it’s a very special tune for us

Longest Distance You’ve Travelled To Play A Show:

J has toured America, I think just travelling there is further than the whole size on the UK and sadly we’ve never played outside England so far

Movie That Best Represents The Band:

It’s very cliched, but I’d have to say Spinal Tap, especially when we all want everything to be on 11

New Band You’d Recommend:

I really like Ded, they have a song called “Anti-Everything” which I just love, I must have watched the video about 100 times

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal:

For the right Target audience, any of NIN, Ministry, Killing Joke, Marilyn Manson, we’d be stoked to play with any of them, from a personal point of view, I’d love to tour with The Offspring or Editors

Place You’d Most Like To Tour:

America, I’ve been there many times, but have never played there, it would be awesome to see more of the country

Quote That You’d Like To Pass On To Readers:

One Man’s plagiarism is another man’s art

Reason For The Title Of Your Recent/Forthcoming Release:

As I’ve mentioned our latest EP is called “Influences EP” because we recorded covers of songs that have influenced us, the working title for the new album is “Divided States Of America” because that is exacly what Trump has done

See Us Live At:

The First Song You Ever Played Together As A Band:

I really have no recollection, I would guess it would be either “Someone Like You” or “What’s So Good About?”

Unusual Merchandise:

We have zero mechandise, which I suppose is quite unusual in itself

Variations You’d Like To Do On Any Of Your Songs:

Worst Experience On Tour:

Because we use a lot of programming, we have clicks coming to the stage monitors, so we can hear where the songs start, at one festival, the clicks went to the field, and we didn’t have a clue when any of our songs were going to start #nightmare

X-rays Or Any Other Treatments For Band Related Injuries:

I have broken loads of bones, my leg, ankle, wrist twice, Paul has had several operations on his back, I don’t think J has ever broken anything

Your Favourite Show You’ve Ever Played:

When we were in US:UK, we sold out The Marquee and got as many of the audience on stage for the encore as was humanly possible, that was an amazing night

Zoo Animal That Best Describes The Band:

The chimps as we love a good tea party

Our aformentioned Influences EP is available here



It’s well known that the LA scene is well oversaturated with musicians trying to stand out. The Crown Remnant are another one of those bands, fighting to make them self known. However, the difference is, they have some great music to boost themselves up there.

The lyrical concept of the track ‘From Damnation To Deliverance (The Journey) is different to say the least. It’s not everyday you hear the words of a ‘nocturnal massacre’, but nevertheless, this more obscure idea is manipulated well into a track (and album) that may defy expectations. As tracks should, everything has a place in ‘Damnation…’. The guitar solos, quieter styled vocals, heavier bass lines, they all have a set fit place that doesn’t stick out for the wrong reasons. It’s one thing to throw these in for extra show-off points, yet to incorporate these well into a track is another thing. A solid track to say the least, especially just the track alone.

It’s one thing to say the band have a very messy music video, but the messy demeanour is captured in a crisp, high quality and clever manner. The Crown Remnant haven’t been subtle with their symbolism either, from the contrasting bright white performance shots to the grittier darker takes. Even the clever use of chiaroscuro falling between the action shots portray the visual concepts of light and dark within the lyrics itself. One issue that does stand out in the video is the performances. While it is hard to incorporate the look of proper playing, occasionally the full band shots just seem a little too forced. Either way, this visual story still has a lot of positive points.

It’s impressive what The Crown Remnant have out, especially with a smaller following at this time. Above all, not only do this band have good music to put across, but their dedication to their music is also what will take this band to the top.

Rating: 9/10


Hello! Could you please introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

Hey I’m Cole, I sing in the band.

Your latest EP, ‘Struck’, was recorded and produced by Diego Ruelas. What was it about his that made you want to record with him?

Cole:  Recording bands is what Diego does so he is always exposed to great artists who come through Capitol/ Eastwest Studios.  His enthusiasm to create, produce, and record is definitely inspiring and it’s fun working with Diego.

Are there any plans to produce any music videos for the tracks from ‘Struck’?

John:  We are currently working on our next album and are half way through that.  Once that is complete we are most likely going to pick a couple of our favorite’s and do a couple music videos.  Whether it be off our EP “Struck” or our new album.  Right now our main focus is just getting the music recorded.

If you were to collaborate with any band/artist dead or alive, who would you collaborate with?

Rene:  Queen

Are there any facts about any members that people don’t know?

Rene:  We recently just added 3 new players to our group.  Brian Lanzarotto, who plays Lead guitar and is also in a well known 80’s cover band known as “The Flux Capacitors”.  Ryan Silverberg, who plays the keyboard/synth also from “The Flux Capacitors”, and our new drummer Jordan Lipp.

Was creating the band always a goal, or did it just fall together unexpectedly?

John:  Creating this band was definitely a goal, and collectively formed over time as each band member clicked into place.

What can we expect next from Pick Up And Run?

Cole:We would like to have a full length self titled album by summer with several more singles on the way. We also want to start playing as many shows as possible and start touring soon.  Also do a couple music video’s like we mentioned.


Launching from Norwich, pop-punks Crossing The Limits will release their debut EP ‘Perseverance’ on 6th April 2018. Rachael Holland, the vocalist for the newcomers, sets the scene: “Its about walking through the storm. Life gets rough, but you have to keep going. You can’t just sit there in your rut and give up, you have to persevere through set backs to grow.” Having recently put out their debut video, ‘Won’t Settlehere, Holland is keen to give a further insight into what can be expected, so read on for her track by track breakdown….

Won’t Settle:

This track is pop with an edge, it’s happy, bright sounding, upbeat and catchy. Lyrically, I wrote the song about a girl I had dated. I was really into her and she was the first person I’d liked for a while after coming out of a bad break up. Our chemistry was undeniable but we weren’t on the same page. She was emotionally disconnected, and anytime I’d try and confront her about it she’d just run away. It’s hard letting go of someone that you care about, but if you’re not getting the same respect in return, you have to put yourself first and don’t settle for what isn’t making you happy. The main chorus riff was the first part written, and the rest of the song came together fairly quickly after that. It was the first song we recorded and finished all the way through for Perseverance, and really set the sound for the whole EP. It changed a lot over the recording process, but the outcome was even better than we had imagined. It’s been a mainstay of the live set, and it’s always fun to play live.

2. Predictable:

What you can expect from this track is fun, bouncy, punchy, and a whole lot of attitude! This was the last song written before we entered the studio. We were struggling to choose the last song to take with us, and Tom came up with the chorus riff in the practice room and the rest was history! The guitar parts both share lead duties on this song, so it’s fun to do duelling guitars when we play it live. It’s got that classic pop punk party vibe to it. It’s a good one to get the crowd involved and out of the comfort zone. The inspiration for the lyrics of this song came to me when I was in a bad mood, I was tired of seeing everyone around me giving up on things that they loved to do, just to fall in line with everyone else. I feel like people lose themselves because they decide to do what they’re expected to do, rather than what they want to do. People can sometimes make our dreams and goals feel unachievable, and if we believe them and don’t listen to ourselves, we’re letting ourselves down and destroying our own dreams. You have to do what makes you happy no matter what anybody thinks.

3. Reverse:

This started as two songs that Tom merged the chords together to. Tom and I spent a while messing around with the structure as I was writing the lyrics alongside it, which really helped develop the song as a whole. The song didn’t change too much in the studio, but all the additional riffs and synth parts really added to the sound and it came out amazing! It’s great live, as it’s one of those songs that has a big, beefy sound, but also has some nice stops and starts in it to give everyone a burst of energy. Lyrically the song was inspired by a really bad heartbreak I’d been through, how for a long time after me and this person had broken up I was living in reverse in my head, thinking about us and the memories constantly, I was torturing myself.  This song is really me making peace with all of that. I hope someone can relate to this song and can find some kind of comfort in it.

4. Chaos:

You can expect mellow, hopeful, and uplifting from this song. We wanted to write a song that had a picky lead, and this is what turned out. Adding the thrashing power chords underneath give the song a real relentless feel. It was fun to record this one in the studio, as a lot of the structure was changed about to make parts of it snappier. Live the song is great to throw in the middle of the set to ease it down for a minute. give our crowd

a break from all the energy with the mellow verses but the chorus is pretty full on so they don’t get off that easy!  Lyrically the song really comes from a place of feeling lost but still having a hope that things will be alright. You can really think you’ve got it all figured out sometimes, and then the floor gets pulled from

under your feet and you’re back at square one. All you can do is rebuild from where you are. It’s a reminder to anyone who feels lost to keep it moving, you’ll find your way again and you’ll start to understand why

some things have to fall apart.

5. My Own Way:

What you can expect from this song is a fast, upbeat, happy track! This is the oldest song out of all of them on Perseverance. It actually started as a slow acoustic song, and we changed the main part to be distorted and a lot quicker. It’s got more of a rock feel than a lot of the other tracks, and almost a double rhythm effect on the verse guitars which really fill out the sound. It didn’t change too much in recording, besides adding lots of background vocals and the sound of the drums in the breakdown, but it came out sounding great. It’s a great song to play live, as there’s lots of challenging drums on the track. This song always seems to go down well with the crowd, it gets everybody moving! Lyrically the song is about not being afraid to walk alone. I wrote it about when my last band had called it a day, I’d put so much of myself into that band and was really good friends with the people in it. I felt truly lost and disheartened when it was over, but I knew I wasn’t done. I wasn’t about to stay in that miserable rut I was in so I pulled myself together and started from the bottom. It’s the last track on the EP and the last line in the song is “It’s almost like I believe in me again” which really feels fitting as its the place I got to after persevering through it all.