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With a debut album already released and another on the way, we had the chance to chat to Geordy, Will and Josue from The Crown Remnant about their album, recording process and what film their band would be…

Can you please introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

Geordy: My name’s Geordy and I am the lead singer

Will: Hello! My name is Will, I play lead guitar and I do the pretty harmonies with this guy, the secondary vocals, I do the proposition and orchestration, whenever there’s piano and keys and stuff like that, its a good time.

Josue: I’m Josue, I play bass and…

Georgy: He’s the only human in the band. The most responsible.

So you’ve released your debut ‘The Wicked King Part 1’, why did you choose an album over an EP or a singe?

Geordy: There’s a funny story behind that, like it is a full album but we split it up like pretty much in half and the reason behind that was we wanted to have two EP’s worth of songs as it would be more accessible to fans. Normally, you’ll see with each release there’s a couple of songs that people really react and respond to and the other ones get maybe tossed aside, and we said we wanted these songs to be actually be listened to by the audience and we didn’t want to overwhelm them with the first release so we cut it in half because then people are more likely to check out part one and part two

Will: I think also we wanted to legitimize ourselves, there’s a lot of bands. In LA there’s like 5 million bands doing the same thing we are and they are releasing singles and bundles of three songs and that and we just didn’t feel that it would have the impact that we wanted. What Geordy said was right, we made like a double album and its split in half to spread out content out.

Josue: I wasn’t there for like the writing or the composition of it, I did come in a little later. I think these guys were anywhere from 75% done with tracking and I got in and it was like oh we’re gonna send the mixes back and forth to see what works and what doesn’t. So I wasn’t all part of that decision making, except for the mixing.

With the recording, as you said you are in your home studio, I assume you mixed and recorded it yourself?

Geordy: We didn’t actually. So my home studio, I work with other bands, we don’t work with out stuff here. We used all our amps for pre-production but we did not actually record in the home studio.

Will: Yeah, it was important to get the best quality we could. Not only did we want to come out with something a little larger than bands normally do for their debut, but we also wanted to up the quality and not sound like an amateur! We spent a lot of time recording songs to make sure they were the best that they could be and we went to studios and paid quite a lot of money to make this.

Geordy: Some songs went through at least ten alterations.

Will: We wrote a lot, but we definitely went to studios to make sure that it was top notch.

How long did the process take to record?

Geordy: It was probably like 7 sessions to record the 6 songs with vocals for the first half and it probably took you [Will] maybe about the same or less for guitar.

Will: I got through the guitars in like five sessions. We did have some scheduling conflicts because of that it stretched out the production period. If we did it day after day we would have finished it in a few weeks but it ended up being over a few months because of that. My guitars, I got those done in like under 7 days. We did like 12 hour recording sessions every day until 2am, straight up recording guitars

Geordy: Yeah the guy was meant to work till 12 but was like ‘ I really like your stuff you guys can stay for another an hour if you need to’. Live drums were fun, I wrote them all myself and we had access to the drum studio where we could get it all done.

I can imagine afterwards you never wanted to hear some of the tracks again?

Will: One day I brought some of the other guys in as I do most of the tracking myself as I knew it was the most annoying thing in the world to sit down and listen to it. I brought these guys in for an hour and I could tell that after hearing the same chorus over and over again they were like ‘yeah we get it, we get whats going on’. I never brought them back after that.

Geordy We have him [Josue] for his dashing good looks.

Will: We let him sell our merch, shirtless.

Will there be a part 2 to the album and when?

Will: Well there would be no sense in making a part 1!

Geordy: The easiest way to put it is that there’s a part 1 and a part 2 and then the whole thing together and with that there’s gonna be some bonus tracks that we will be recording soon.

Will: We wanted to strategise with the release and make sure that we had consistent content, so we split it up. We don’t want to share a date yet. It’s gonna come out pretty soon.

Geordy: Yeah, end of June is when we talked about.

Will: That’s a little more specific than I wanted! We waned a winter release and then a summer release which is pretty close to each other.

In about a month or so, you have a show at the Viper rooms. Do you have any surprises for this show?

Geordy: We might be pulling out a few new songs.

Will: Unreleased material may or may not make its way to the stage in the Viper room. Maybe from part two… We’re trying to spice it up a bit as we know this is one of our bigger shows. Bigger stage, bigger audience and more prestige, we are putting together a pretty spicy live show. More shirtless! We’re all gonna drop shirts and pants…

Geordy: The day after we’re opening for a band on Rise Records called Fire From The Gods, we just booked that which we’re stoked about.

Will: If we suck at these shows, we’re done, no more The Crown Remnant, cut the interview, dissolve the franchise!

Are you planning to tour outside of LA anytime soon?

Geordy: Yeah, we want to do a west coast tour at some point this year. The goal is to do west coast so hopefuly some California and then go on from there. We want to hit seattle really badly. Yeah we’re all really big on coffee.

Will: Yeah we’re planning a west coast tour and it’s going to be as soon as possible. We all understand that the ticket is getting out of LA, its great cause all of the producers are in LA but if you want the people to hear what you got, you got to get out. I’m from the midwest of my country, I’m from Iowa so I’d like to take it out to the Midwest and then eventually hit the west coast and when were tired of that we will come see you!

Geordy: If it was up to me, I’d want to go the UK as one of our first places. We’d have a better chance but we would have to get our 15 piece drum set over!

Will: The guy wants to put a gong on it. We’re a metal band! Where are you going to have a gong? Did you know I’m trained in Gong? I would gong all day, I would gong in the morning, gong at night and I was gong with the wind!

Geordy: That was terrible… Yeah so the condensed answer would be yeah as soon as we can! We’re so excited, I’m from south of here, San Diego so it is very feasible for us to do that.

What’s on your bucket list for 2018?

Geordy: Release a new album, release bonus tracks, hopefully write some new music, plenty of touring. It would be awesome to get official management as we’ve been managing ourselves. We’ve had a few people come up and offer but we kind of stayed on our own terms because we’re waiting for the right person. Sounds oddly romantic but we are!

Will: We’re waiting for the one. It’s a ‘Love Actually’ situation… We’re still on topic!

Geordy: We’re trying!

Will: We want to diversify our catalogue, we have fans that ask us for instrumentals cause we do a lot of orchestration and really intricate guitar work. To diversify our catalogue, not only do we want to drop a new record, a new deluxe version of the record also an instrumental version, that might be cool. We’re going to try and space that out for the people that want that. The rest of the list is finding management we care about, start to play larger shows in larger areas and move out a little bit.

Josue: Get paid. This is all really fun, done get me wrong we all love it but we wanna do what we love and get paid for it!

Geordy: Yeah so we can start making money in a year or so.

Josue: If I could meet Iron Maiden more than get paid I’d do that.

Will: I would also like to be paid.

Geordy: Being paid to do what you love, what a concept!

After mentioning Love Actually, what film defines you as a band and individuals?

Geordy: I have an acting degree so like I’m really into that stuff so it’s really hard to say…

Will: We’re a goofy band, we like comedy, a little sarcastic.

Geordy: So ‘The Room’? ‘Wayne’s World’ maybe? I think of that ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ intro where its all of them singing along to it in the car and that just makes me think of all of us immediately.

Will: I can see that. ‘Boogie Nights!’

Josue: I have still not seen that movie…

Will: I’d say as a band, we’re ‘Cars’. With the lead protagonist voiced by Owen Wilson, Lightning McQueen goes on a trip through the South West of America to find himself and get away from the racing scene.

Geordy: What about ‘Scooby Doo’ the live action film?

Will: We are NOT the Scooby Doo love action film. Well I get to be Daphne so…

Geordy: Really? I’d take you as more of a Fred.

Will: I get to be Fred. He’s [Josue] Daphne.

Geordy: You’d [Josue] be Scooby Doo hands down!

Now that is you as a band, what about as individuals?

Josue: While I’ll say ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is my number 1, ‘Return Of The Jedi’ because out on the front I seem like this really serious person like Darth Vader, but once you get to know me, you see I’m actually the good guy.

Geordy: I’d probably go with ‘Wayne’s World’ or ‘Deadpool’. ‘Wayne’s World’ because it deals with a bunch of music, makes a bunch of really dumb jokes, but there’ a lot of serious heart and core content that makes it definitive to me personally. ‘Deadpool’ just because it’s one of the reasons I started listening to Pantera and I love Ryan Reynolds. Outside of that it’s just my exact type of humour through and through combined with the ability to not die and constantly get kicked down and get backup again. You can beat the hell out of him, but he’s not gonna die for some weird reason.

Will: I’m not sure…

Geordy: Please say ‘Lord Of The Rings’. He’s literally an Elf!

Will: I’d say ‘No Country For Old Men’ cause I’m just sad. I’m just a sad guy. No, I mean its a great flick but I’m more like a combination of that, Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Butterfly Effect’, CGI ‘Green Lantern’ movie and a little bit of ‘Lord Of The Rings’. Ashton Kutcher is from my hometown so I feel like I need to mention him. Yeah I don’t know! I’ll say ‘Lord Of The Rings’ cause I like thinking I have a little epic flair in the solos.

Geordy: In ‘Lord Of The Rings’ he’s Legolas.

Will: That’s not true at all! Geordy just likes catagorising people!

Geordy: The relationship between you and Jorge represents the relationship between Legolas and Gimli!

Will: Yes we’re friends with each other. ‘Lord Of The Rings’ is probably my favourite film franchise. I’ve got the Middle Earth map in my room!

What is next for you as a band?

Will: Let’s take the opportunity to maybe bring the time span a little later as we’ve already talked about 2018.

Geordy: Yeah! I’d say next is we want to be touring and we’d eventually like to be signed with a management.

Will: I mean a larger sense. Adult Diapers.

Geordy: We’re a very serious metal band.

Will: For our 79th birthday, what will we be doing?

Geordy: Drinking a lot probably.

Will: That’s right. Touring! We want to play to the soul of the people. We’re ready to play live for the rest of our lives.

Geordy: We are a band that prides our self on the ability to take everything in stride and work with what we have. We did two shows and the second one we shot with a GoPro. We went back and we listened to everything and we’ve been refining ever since and I think that’s a really big thing that’s allowed us to keep getting better so we can have the best show that we can live. Our goal is to keep touring and making music constantly cause I’m always writing new music, every time I run into will he has another 100 riffs, Josue has grooves for days, we’re always writing, ready to play live. I thunk we want to be doing this on the biggest scale.

Will: I think we want to be at that point that people get, where you have favourite bands and they’re on hiatus or laying low for a year or two and I want our fans to have that feeling of anticipation for ‘when are these guys gonna release something new?’ We’re eventually probably not gonna release two albums a year cause that’s ridiculous, but I want to have that anticipation surrounding the bands name.

Josue: What he said!

Each of you have to describe The Crown Remnant using a lyric from one of your songs.

Will: ‘I swear this.’ We have this one song, where part of the chorus background harmonists sing ‘I swear’ multiple times and its like a choir sort of effect but it gets stuck in our heads so often that its probably the first lyric that we all thought of at the same time. I’ll digress to actual answers, this guy has the lyrics in his head.

Geordy: Funny but also true! There’s one from Execution I’m thinking of personally. At the very end of our second song on the release, ‘Execution’, a song I wrote to my sister, there’s a bit that says ‘I am bound to be better’ which is a really good way of putting it. I think individually every member of this band is trying their hardest to be the best that they can be and strive to give everything we can. This was our baby, Josue as well obviously and others to but for this album it was just me who wrote the whole thing.

Will: Yep, original 150 Pokemon and those guys are Generation 2.

Geordy: Yeah I think that’s a very big thing, we’re all trying to get better, that’s why we filmed the show to get our live show better. Its why we go through ten alterations of our songs. That’s why we all talk to the band all the time to make sure everybody is doing what they can.

Will: Right, I’ve got a lyric and it’s a cut off of number 2. It’s off a song we’re going to be playing live…maybe. It goes ‘Memories try to find the moments we’re alive. We can break the chains to find a place to last a while’. The song is about leaving behind a legacy, something for people to care about. In a different sense it ties to the thematic properties of the album but as it applies to the bands, we’re trying to do something that’s bigger than ourselves. We’re trying to put together something that lasts and it’s not something that we take lightly, we’re not here to make your pop core music. There’s nothing wrong with pop core music but I want to make something real that means something to us in a really valuable way. I think that that’s what is really going to impact our own fans the most. People actually care about real music and I think that a lot of what people hear today is cookie cutter, watered down bullshit. So I want to make something real,something that lasts when we’re not making music anymore or we’re in adult diapers!

Geordy: Or when I’m dead, 5 years give or take!

Josue: I’m gonna take this one out of context cause that’s how I see it, its ‘A den of ash’. In a sense we’ve all had ups and downs and from the ashes something great comes up and that’s how I see it. We’re like the Phoenix.

Will: Like out of Harry Potter!

Josue: I was thinking more of the X-Men but yeah sure…

Geordy: Yeah that is a reference to rising from the ashes after the aftermath of a man who’s currently in charge that we’re not very fond of!

Make sure to checkout the band at their social media’s linked below!


Facebook: TheCrownremnant

Instagram: Thecrownremnant

Twitter: Thecrownremnant



Heya! Could you please introduce yourself, what you do in the band and one random fact about yourself?

Hello my name is Benedict and I sing and play guitar. Nice to meet ya.

You guys consider yourself an Alt-rock style band, where did the idea to incorporate a saxophone to your music come from and how did you do it?

Honestly, there was no plan behind it. The horns especially are something that just happened. We never set out to be a certain genre or join a “scene” so the music we make is just what comes out when the 5 of us come together. It’s fresh and organic to do it that way.

Your new track ‘Internet Famous’ is being released ahead of the tour, can you tell us a little but about the recording process?

The recording process for Internet was really productive. Writing to rehearsing to recording all happened in quick succession for this song. This meant it was a really exciting process as it wasn’t a song that we’d been playing/rehearsing for a while meaning it was really new for us. We recorded it in a studio that’s in an old converted biscuit factory in London too.

What exactly is ‘Internet Famous’ about for each of you personally?

I think across the board it’s about how the internet has consumed people’s perception of real life and also, for some some people, forgetting to live in the real world. Social media definitely has a place in the real world but it’s definitely getting a little out of hand.

Speaking of becoming ‘Internet Famous’, soon you’ll be Australia famous! How does it feel that you’re getting the chance to co-headline a tour in Australia?

Honestly, it’s something that was on the list but we never thought would be feasible. We’re so excited to come over. The feeling of going somewhere new and unexpected through the band is irreplaceable and hard to relate to anything else. I don’t think it will really have hit me until we’re sat on the plane.

Of course, for a UK band Australia is pretty far, how did this opportunity come to you?

To be honest it’s all down to some lovely people who run Inhale Music Promotions. They’ve put the whole thing together from a twitter post about us coming to Australia that’s needed up going way further than expected.

Are you afraid of any of the many ‘horrors’ Australia has to offer such as spiders etc?

Haha, for me personally I’m not scared of any of the animals or creatures. I know that some of the others absolutely hate spiders and snakes. Poor old Russ hates flying too so I’m looking forward to how he fairs on the 20 hour journey!

This will be your first time out of the UK/European circuit, do you feel you will begin touring further internationally after this tour?

Actually that’s not true. We’ve been to the USA twice! Saying that Australia will definitely be the furthest we’ve ever been. Like I said before, I remember when we got on the plane to the US for the first tile and we all looked at each other like “WTF is going on?!” – it’s a feeling I’ve yet to have experienced since but I think going to Australia is gonna feel pretty damn similar.

Finally, if you were to define being ‘internet famous’, how would define it?

As a song, it’s a statement. Remember to live life in the real world and that the wonderful lives of the internet celebrities that fill your Instagram feeds and YouTube subs are not always who and what they appear to be!


Local Birmingham openers Mindstep were first on the bill. Mindstep are your average openers as shown by most of their performance. Yes, their vibrancy was average (excluding their amazing energy filled drummer – shoutout to them for lifting the set) but otherwise it was a lacked any audience-band reciprocity and was overall a little…dull. That’s not to say all of it was. Faster dance style tracks such as Peach lifted the set from time to time, but unfortunately the performance was brought down by a lack of stage presence from their main vocalist. A good voice, no doubt, yet it almost seemed as if they were afraid on that stage, whether it was a bad night or a bout of stage fright, Mindstep had their time and took it to a reasonable extent.

Next on the local support roster was pop-rock band Layover. With a clear definition between their old and upcoming material, it’s a clear factor of which ones the band prefer. While older tracks such as ‘Stage Fright’ had their moment, it was their upcoming unreleased material that truly stole the stage for Layover. A true overflow of emotion brought some of these fluctuating newer songs to life, and it’s something we can hopefully look out for in their upcoming studio recordings too.

Yet, if somehow you didn’t notice the bands before, you certainly did now. As Chapter And Verse flew through their set, with impeccably impressive vocal harmonies, insane stage presence and exuberant tracks to match, it’s clearly portrayed as to why they were chosen to support the full length of the tour. It’s rare to see bands consistently perform with vivacious power while including three part harmonies side by side, but through every track, be it ‘Slaves’ or even newer track ‘Magazines’, Chapter and Verse were there to get your attention, and that they did excellently.

Headliners Dream State are rising through in the world of rock, maybe not enough to sell out massive rooms, but enough to have a great performance and fan base to match. Dream State do not have the largest catalogue of material to hand, with one EP (Consequences) and two singles, meaning their set was a little shorter than one may hope, however, perhaps it was their insane performance from their opener ‘Burden’ to their ending track ‘Rebuild, Recreate’ that made time fly within the venue.

Interestingly though, it wasn’t just an average band, barrier, audience show. In a true Dream State fashion, vocalist CJ took off from the stage to sing fan favourites such as ‘White Lies’ amongst the crowd and in the pit, with some of the other band members joining along from time to time. It’s one thing to perform and sing to a few on the front row, but when you get fully integrated, singing their finale Rebuild, Recreate’ on the shoulders of a friendly mosher, you know you have a band who are there for enjoyment. This radiated throughout their set, and even though the set was a little short, there were more than enough highlights to fulfil the crowd, and either way, this is definitely NOT the last we will be seeing of Dream State.

Gig rating: 4.5/5


Milestones are back with not only a new single, but a debut album coming sooner than you’d imagine!

Their new single ‘Paranoid’ gives off a pretty catchy chorus that won’t leave your head for weeks (in time for the new album!) and gives a pretty good taster of what we may expect in this new Milestones era!

As for the album, their debut is titled ‘Red Lights’ and looks a little something like this!

As for tracklisting;

01. Bittersweetheart

02. Once Upon A Time

03. Paranoid

04. Against The World

05. Eighteen

06. Liar

07. Hold On

08. End Game

09. This Is My Life

10. Counting Cars

11. Forever Or Never

The album is set to be released on February 23rd through Fearless Records so make sure to keep an eye out!

Also make sure to check out our interview with Milestones HERE!


Severn were first up and while you could tell it was their second ever show, they didn’t do as badly as one would have expected. Giving a few little awkward quirks such as ‘track 6’ and stumbling trying to be a frontman, the band did give it what they had and took advantage of their opportunity.

Scattering Ashes took their stage and held it…to an extent. As for many of the bands on this stage tonight, movement and energy did lack for a large majority of the night. Scattering Ashes were more polished than the band prior to them and helped get the audience a bit more intrigued.

Netherhall, like Fire Red Empress, had the advantage of playing a few weeks prior to this show on the same stage to a similar crowd. However, being a member down meant they had to perform an entirely instrumental set for their slot. The technicality and higher energy of Netherhall helped bring a more interesting side to an instrumental performance, giving it a further push and really making use of the creative technicality all three members use for their individual instruments. Yet, the worry with instrumentals is that sometimes they can drag on which sadly did seem to be the case at times in their set. Having to go completely instrumental which may not be instantly known is hard, so props to Netherhall for executing it well!

On the other hand, headliners Fire Red Empress took the stage with monumental exuberance, playing their full debut ‘Black Morphine’. Taking advantage of their recent set just a few months previous at Midlands Metal Crusade, the band clearly knew the stage and their audience well. While their set was longer than they may be used to, the band didn’t let that stop them as they threw 100% of their energy into killer tracks such as ‘Giants’ and ‘Dead Nature’.

Even on the slower side of things with ‘The Little Death’ there was still a full flow of eccentric energy and talent coming through. However, a lot of the songs sounded similar to their recordings, which isn’t an issue, but perhaps a little twist to some of the tracks could have embraced a more changeable side of the band and open them up to new stage ideas. Fire Red Empress are no strangers to playing Wolverhampton, and this was clear tonight. Make sure to stay tuned for our interview later this week!

Rating: 3/5


If you haven’t heard Stand Atlantic yet, you will soon. With a groundbreaking new EP ‘Sidewinder’ released late last year and featuring on our top 3 bands about to break in 2018, these guys are set to be breaking boundaries in the following year. The three-piece have been sending waves across the music scene in both their home country of Australia and overseas here in the UK after gaining further recognition from touring with bands along the likes of New Found Glory and ROAM.

Made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, bassist David Potter and Drummer Jonno Panichi, Stand Atlantic fall musically into the range of alt-rock with their strong ability to create a heavier pop/rock vibe with its own individual aspect. As well a s this, Stand Atlantic have raised the bar with their polished musicianship and musicality both on recording and live on stage.

Yet, not only have Stand Atlantic already shown they have their potential, but they have also reached a few achievements as well. They not only became the first Australian band to be signed to Rude Records, but their standout EP ‘Sidewinder’ reached number 31 on the ITunes chart at its release!

Definitely take the time to check out Stand Atlantic. While the band may not have any tours announced currently, you can listen to their EP ‘Sidewinder’ below and check out their social media for updates!

FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/standatlantic

TWITTER: Www.twitter.com/Standatlantic

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/standatlantic

EUPHORIA OF BREAKDOWN INTERVIEW: https://youtu.be/9lwmYsor9rM