Glasgow Pop-Punkers Lost In Stereo have been announced as ‘Fireballs Hottest Band 2018’ and will be opening on the ‘Fireball-Fuelling The Fire Tour’ 2018!

Commenting on their win, the band said: “We’re very humbled to be named Fireball’s Hottest Band 2018. To play O2 Academy Glasgow and be on the same bill as Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag, Mad Caddies and last year’s winners Sweet Little Machine – who all killed it that night – was an awesome experience and one which has really kick-started what we want to achieve with the band. Big thanks to everyone on the panel who chose us, we can’t wait to work with everyone for the coming year and appreciate the vote of confidence in our music.’

Make sure to listen below!

This years winners Lost In Stereo will be taking part in three showcases alongside 2017 winners Sweet Little Machine, as well as runners up Ghouls, River Jumpers, Eat Defeat, Better Days, Last Edition and Everyone and Anyone! Make sure to check out dates below!

19 December – London – O2 Academy2 Islington *

21 December – Glasgow – O2 ABC2 #

23 December – Sheffield – O2 Academy2 Sheffield ~

* w/ Sweet Little Machine, Lost In Stereo, Ghouls, River Jumpers

# w/ Lost In Stereo, Sweet Little Machine, Eat Defeat, Better Days

~ w/ Sweet Little Machine, Lost In Stereo, Last Edition, Everyone and Anyone



Describing themselves as ‘too loud for your parents, too distorted for indie kids, just right for you’, come new Leeds based grunge band Avenoir with their new single ‘The Leviathan’.

The track starts off very low and quiet, bringing a clear grunge influence style from the very start of the track. Throughout ‘Leviathan’, Avenoir cleverly build up the track from a quieter foundation into a much more developed track with heavier drumming and differentiating guitar riffs, while still capturing a simplistic style that Avenoir are trying to achieve.As for visuals for the video, the simplistic location and setting fits perfectly with the style as well as well throughout out lighting changes to accentuate various changes within the track.

Being their debut single, Avenoir have already set the bar high for further releases, bringing out a strong track that falls well into their style and what they want to achieve. Avenoir are a band that are ready to rise and aren’t afraid to make the music to do it.

Rating: 9/10



Medicine Single Artwork 9.jpg

Novatines are the newest alternative rock band on the scene with the release of their highly anticipated debut single ‘Medicine’.

The track follows their mixed style of rock & roll alongside elements of alternative rock as well. The track brings a along a classic familiarity of the rock & roll genre offered throughout. The high energy of the track alongside the raw vocals bring a good track that never loses its energy.

After four years, the band are starting once again with the right strength and passion they need to make it. This track is only the beginning for Novatines, and certainly worth a listen.

Rating: 8.5/10

Novatines Logo Colour Vibe.jpg


Manmade Horizons.jpg

Broadsea are an alternative post-rock band from Aberdeen in Scotland. With the release of their debut EP ‘Manmade Horizons’ also comes their new single and video for ‘Wynd’, make sure to check it out below.

‘Wynd’ is a good, well polished song with good clear influences from bands such as Biffy Clyro and Reuben. The track transitions from loud and heavy riffs down to a calmer, more atmospherical verse style. Both the vocals and lyrics fit well with this track and once again enhance the smoothness of the different style transitions. ‘Wynd’ is certainly a high quality track which emphasises itself throughout. Continue reading “BROADSEA – WYND – REVIEW”



This weeks track is none other than Oceandvst’s debut single ‘Set Me Free’. Bringing together an eerie intro which transforms to a more impactful build-up track, ‘Set Me Free has what it takes to make it into your punk-rock playlists. The track also mixes strenght from the song into a well made visual music video to go alongside the killer track. Check it out below!

Continue reading “TRACK OF THE WEEK 16/07/17 – OCEANDVST – SET ME FREE”