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We’re a bunch of kids who want to make a piece of art. We want to make a statement and a lot of noise’, exactly how this release is defined. ‘3027’, the first concept release from West Yorkshire alt-grunge band Avenoir.

Opening with ‘The Darkest Hour’, a unsettling atmospheric approach is taken, forming a long dragged out opening of almost horror music to set a tone. For setting an atmosphere from the start, Avenoir do well but length is a slight issue. The opening drags out very long which would work at points, however in this case, is just too dragged out. Yet, this darker theme is brought forward once again ending ‘Krakow P’, almost bringing a subtly underlying concept to the release. However, final track ‘Shoe Lick’ does take away the concept underlay sadly, even separating the tracks ever so slightly.

Lyrically, Avenoir follows their genre statements well, following lyricism of apathy and alienation, specifically in ‘Krakow P’, a lack of freedom, confinement and hints at war as explored in ‘The Darkest Hour’. Lyricism is simplistic in some forms, something in a way that is expected from previous releases ‘Columbus’ and ‘Leviathan’ but still portrays a poignant point when listened to in depth. One of the slight flaws that arises with the EP, is that there isn’t necessarily a range through the tracks. Each track sounds very similar, with each section of each track being incredibly similar from verse to chorus. With the grungy alt feel Avenoir are going for, diversity isn’t always the most important aspect, but this is something the band could perhaps work on with their next release.

Avenoir are a young band, new to the scene and still have a way to go. ‘3027’ shows that the trio have a direction, know their genre and that they understand where they want to go; refining this will be their next step.

Rating: 6.5



Up for a new ALT/grunge band in the UK scene? Then Avenoir are the ones to check out with their new track ‘Columbus’

‘Columbus’ differs from the darker grunge of their last single ‘The Leviathan’. Instead, this new track brings a much more distorted punk style to its heavily bass infused form. From a consistent fast paced hard hitting drum pattern to the electrifying guitar riffs, the track is far from dull or boring. While the song does begin to have an air of repetition and the extreme distortion of the vocals can make the track a little static, the backing and vocals do fit together well to top off this grunge punk creation. Of course, while the chaotic clutter of this track sounds in words as if it wouldn’t work, yet Avenoir fuse their darker grunge with a collective, almost experimental mixture within ‘Columbus’. Being quite a new band out of Yorkshire, their current discography is far from terrible and ‘Columbus’ is another rage infused creation to add to the list.

Avenoir have presented something a little different to what we may have expected from their last single. Yet, this slight switch around of expectations has worked very well for the grunge three piece. While still young within the music scene, they don’t have it all just yet, but you should definitely be prepared for whatever comes next.

Rating: 8/10



Describing themselves as ‘too loud for your parents, too distorted for indie kids, just right for you’, come new Leeds based grunge band Avenoir with their new single ‘The Leviathan’.

The track starts off very low and quiet, bringing a clear grunge influence style from the very start of the track. Throughout ‘Leviathan’, Avenoir cleverly build up the track from a quieter foundation into a much more developed track with heavier drumming and differentiating guitar riffs, while still capturing a simplistic style that Avenoir are trying to achieve.As for visuals for the video, the simplistic location and setting fits perfectly with the style as well as well throughout out lighting changes to accentuate various changes within the track.

Being their debut single, Avenoir have already set the bar high for further releases, bringing out a strong track that falls well into their style and what they want to achieve. Avenoir are a band that are ready to rise and aren’t afraid to make the music to do it.

Rating: 9/10