0BA8C54C-1CD4-451C-9F80-91FE8F1383A5 Swansea pop-punk explorers have been running around the local scene for over two years, and are now ready to debut their new EP ‘Deadweight’ on November 24th 2017.

Undeniably, ‘Deadweight’ has a clear impacting burst of energy. Seven Stories High bring a real depth into ‘Midas’ with deep emotive vocals and a rhythm that breaks down into a level that really stands out for the EP.  The smooth transition from a slower acoustic ballad to a heavier style rock track explores how the band are able to blend styles well and effectively. Even through closing track ‘Alchemy Part I’, clear 2000’s emo style influences incorporate themselves into the track creating something different to this EP.

Yet, even though the band subtly show their talents, a lot of their creative spark is swallowed by a blanket of generic ‘pop-punk’ styles and sounds. Lead single ‘Apathy’ disappears into its fast guitar patterns and drum beats and never seems to pull away. Even tracks that start off strong such as ‘Hoax’ at points fall victim. This isn’t to say that Seven Stories High always fall victim. In all tracks there is a subtle element of their creativity and emerging style, especially through their standout tracks of the EP ‘Midas’ and ‘Alchemy Part I’

Seven Stories High have created an EP with some clear potential. ‘Midas’ really highlights the depth that the band can go, but are just skimming the surface of right now. While ‘Deadweight’ does fall into a more generic pop-punk category, it has its moments and highlights that they do have a spark, it just needs to be brought out a little bit more.

Rating: 6/10

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