Rock and Roll band The Novatines have released a new Valentine’s Day single ‘Silver Screen’!

The raw, DIY track is the perfect single to listen to on Valentine’s Day so make sure to listen to it below!



We had the opportunity to interview Dream State at their Birmingham show on February 11th! Make sure to check it out below!


Local Birmingham openers Mindstep were first on the bill. Mindstep are your average openers as shown by most of their performance. Yes, their vibrancy was average (excluding their amazing energy filled drummer – shoutout to them for lifting the set) but otherwise it was a lacked any audience-band reciprocity and was overall a little…dull. That’s not to say all of it was. Faster dance style tracks such as Peach lifted the set from time to time, but unfortunately the performance was brought down by a lack of stage presence from their main vocalist. A good voice, no doubt, yet it almost seemed as if they were afraid on that stage, whether it was a bad night or a bout of stage fright, Mindstep had their time and took it to a reasonable extent.

Next on the local support roster was pop-rock band Layover. With a clear definition between their old and upcoming material, it’s a clear factor of which ones the band prefer. While older tracks such as ‘Stage Fright’ had their moment, it was their upcoming unreleased material that truly stole the stage for Layover. A true overflow of emotion brought some of these fluctuating newer songs to life, and it’s something we can hopefully look out for in their upcoming studio recordings too.

Yet, if somehow you didn’t notice the bands before, you certainly did now. As Chapter And Verse flew through their set, with impeccably impressive vocal harmonies, insane stage presence and exuberant tracks to match, it’s clearly portrayed as to why they were chosen to support the full length of the tour. It’s rare to see bands consistently perform with vivacious power while including three part harmonies side by side, but through every track, be it ‘Slaves’ or even newer track ‘Magazines’, Chapter and Verse were there to get your attention, and that they did excellently.

Headliners Dream State are rising through in the world of rock, maybe not enough to sell out massive rooms, but enough to have a great performance and fan base to match. Dream State do not have the largest catalogue of material to hand, with one EP (Consequences) and two singles, meaning their set was a little shorter than one may hope, however, perhaps it was their insane performance from their opener ‘Burden’ to their ending track ‘Rebuild, Recreate’ that made time fly within the venue.

Interestingly though, it wasn’t just an average band, barrier, audience show. In a true Dream State fashion, vocalist CJ took off from the stage to sing fan favourites such as ‘White Lies’ amongst the crowd and in the pit, with some of the other band members joining along from time to time. It’s one thing to perform and sing to a few on the front row, but when you get fully integrated, singing their finale Rebuild, Recreate’ on the shoulders of a friendly mosher, you know you have a band who are there for enjoyment. This radiated throughout their set, and even though the set was a little short, there were more than enough highlights to fulfil the crowd, and either way, this is definitely NOT the last we will be seeing of Dream State.

Gig rating: 4.5/5


Emil Bulls have announced the supports for their ‘Kill Your Demons’ Germany tour this April/March!

Joining them on the road are Swedish post-hardcore 4-piece Imminence and management mates Lonely Spring. The tour comes after the release of their new album “Kill Your Demons’ so if you want to hear some of this:

Make sure to check out the dates below!


Glass shattering female rockers The Nyx are defying all expectations to release a new track every full moon. We spoke to Becky about the band, and what they stand for!

Hello! Could you please introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

Hey! I’m Becky, I play guitar and sing.

Your band, The Nyx, are releasing a track every full moon, can you explain the thought process behind this?

At the end of last year we decided we wanted to do something original to gain momentum for The Nyx in 2018. We had a few tracks we’d been waiting to release for a while, and as an unsigned band without backing, releasing music can feel like you’re throwing a frisbee off a cliff. So we thought, if we keep throwing loads of frisbees, they will eventually start hitting people in the face.

We decided to release a track every full moon to represent the femininity and energy of our band. ‘Nyx’ is the goddess of the night. Moons represent monthly cycles. There’s something undeniably powerful about the moon. It’s an unconventional clock I guess, you’ve just got to look up to see how long until our next release, and hopefully find a little bit of wonder while you’re looking.

 You have mentioned that your reasoning for this band is for female empowerment, what do you hope to achieve through The Nyx?

Female empowerment is certainly a strong reason for our existence – we’re purposefully an all-female band. That purpose is to help fill the gaping hole in the representation of women in rock music. So we’re hoping to embody that and inspire people.

But that’s not the only string to our bow. The lack of women in music just frustration more than anything. When we see line ups and playlists dominated by men we’re like, uggghhhhh when will the times catch up, it’s getting boring. But we’re pretty optimistic that in the next few years a lot of progress will be made for diversity in music. This representation fight feels like a skin we need to shed before we can move into the real deal.

…And that leads us to what it’s really about: energy.

Music is supposed to make you feel something, right? Going to a live show is supposed to energise and inspire you. Artists are supposed to help you make sense of the world. More than anything we want to transfer a real, authentic, awakening dose of energy to whoever’s listening.

Who are each of your biggest inspirations in music?

Here’s some which came to mind: Foo Fighters, Skunk Anansie, Warpaint, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, Ben Howard, Incubus, PJ Harvey, Radiohead.

Do your new tracks have a running theme throughout, or does each track vary?

There’s a silent revolution happening right now. It’s an energy revolution. People are starting to realise how their lives have been spent trapped in their own destructive heads, and they want out, they want to feel alive. We’ve felt what it’s like to be caged by the man (both the patriarchy and the system), and glimpses of the other side. Our songs are written about this experience

Is this year going to be composed of just singles, or are you planning and EP or album as well?

Currently we’re just trying to make sure we have a song ready for each moon!! 13 songs does feel like a pretty solid album, but we’re just taking it as it comes currently.

What is your opinion of female representation in music right now?

know there are shit load of female-focused artists out there right now, especially in London, but they’re still not really breaking through. Although cracks are definitely beginning to show. Feelin’ optimistic.

What’s next for The Nyx in terms of shows?

17 Feb – The Engine Rooms, valentines gig with DIY Thursdays.
1 March – Lighthouse Bar, Shoreditch
7 March – The Victoria, Dalston
10 March – Typical Girls, International Women’s Day, Four Quarters, Peckham
12 March – The Lock Tavern
29 March – The Monarch
17th May – The Victoria


Faulkner are the next rising American indie hip-hop crossover, ready to release their debut LP ‘PARIAHS’ on February 9th 2018. Already working along the likes of Wu Tang Clan and Royce Da 5,9” (Eminem), the band have certainly got a backed up following for their new release. So, how does the release sound in comparison to its promotional hypes?

The answer is, not quite as well as hoped. Faulkner set off on a good start with their single ‘Hot Streak’, which brings quite a groovy steady beat with a synth co-ordinated chorus that brings a bouncing indie, hip-hop, new-wave crossover. ‘Revolutionary’, the albums opener also has a good flowing rhythm, with interesting added synths and steel-drum style features to its backing creating something quite enjoyable. ’Halo Me’ has its potential from its opening, bleeding out a slower track that adds a distanced feel from previous tracks, yet adds a fitting change.

Yet, some tracks seem to just try and lead to a build-up that never really brings anything exceptionally exciting. As much as one may want to enjoy ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’, the plain styled hip-hop track doesn’t quite live up to the fun alt sided styles of tracks such ‘Hot Streak’ and ‘Revolutionary’. ‘Street Axioms’ is a quick-fire attempt at a potential punk/hip-hop crossover that doesn’t seem to get anywhere of exceptional mention. The chorus and verses almost appear too different, and the track itself, while having some similarities, is a difference that doesn’t exactly mix entirely well.

Then again, even tracks that do fit sometimes fall victim to a looping repetitive structure. ‘Molly’ is one of them. The track attempts a dramatic style chorus, yet it just doesn’t stand out through the repetitiveness of the verses at hand. However, this album isn’t all bad. Faulkner work well with mixing new elements into their music. ‘Hustle Everything’ has an interesting, almost 80’s vibe to it which brings a fun lightness to it (even though it does lack any real changes or noticeable contrasts between chorus and verse.)

Faulkner have some potential, quite clearly with their features and notices by famous artists. This album however, doesn’t quite cut to the expectation from their previous singles. There is no doubt that ‘PARIAHS’ has its highlights, but it isn’t as revolutionary as one may hope. A good debut, but there is always room for improvement.



Northlane are releasing a live album titled ‘Analogue Future’ out March 16th 2018!

To create the album, the band recorded every live show they played in 2017, and handpicked the best and most memorable ten for the album.

Have a listen to the live version of ‘Citizen’ below!