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Upcoming: Offended By Everything 

A band certainly grabbing our attention right now are none other than rock band Offended By Everything. The Dallas based 5 piece are beginning to make waves with their debut EP ‘Never Too Late To Start Again’ and

The bands first leading single ‘22’ has already reached 1.9k views since its debut in June and has both an original acoustic and a newly recorded album version on their EP ‘Never Too Late To Start Again’. The bands Continue reading “Upcoming: Offended By Everything “



Divenire, the alternative indie band from Stoke-on-Trent are the next band ready to take their chance in the world of music.

Being a smaller band, Divenire have already started gaining a fanbase by touring alongside bands such as ‘The Orielles’ and ‘Hermitage Green’ in large venues across the Midlands in the UK. Alongside supporting, they have also played UK festivals such as Your City Music Festival, Lymelight Festival and Ashcombury Music Festival this year.

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Upcoming band Dream State are a 5-piece post hardcore group from South Wales in the UK. With their most recent single ‘White Lies’ currently having over 1m views in two months, Dream State are ones to watch.

Dream State produced their first EP ‘Consequences’ in late 2015 consisting of 5 tracks of high quality music. Mixing both hardcore vocals alongside hard-hitting lyrics, Dream State have the
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Lets admit something, we all love some punk rock from time to time right? If so then Sumo Cyco are a band to look out for.

Being a band from Hamilton Canada, they are yet to make waves in the UK, but after touring with alternative rockers Alien Ant Farm and releasing their second album a month ago they are certainly on the way to ‘Move Mountains’.

Sumo Cyco mix both punk/metal and alternative styles of Continue reading “UPCOMING: SUMO CYCO”



The Overcast are a 4-piece pop-punk emo band from Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire.

After forming in 2015, The Overcast have produced their first set of songs in ‘Keepsake Volume 1’ and released their latest single ‘Misery Loves Company (And It’s Better Under Lock And Key)’ in December 2016.

‘Wish You Were Here (The Best Of Me)’ offers a mixture of pop-punk elements alongside Continue reading “UPCOMING: THE OVERCAST”



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Germany are well known for producing some well-known heavy metal bands along the likes of Rammstein and Kreator. Now it Is time for hardcore band Annisokay to come on to the international scene. Coming from Halle, Germany, Annisokay are tearing up the music scene in their country. Having produced three albums already, Continue reading “UPCOMING: ANNISOKAY”