am i asleep

Ethereal, atmospheric, tranquil. Irish alt-rock duo ‘Greywind’ have returned to the music scene with their brand new single ‘Am I Asleep’, four years after their debut album ‘Afterthoughts’ in 2017. Gaining a wide range of critical acclaim from their debut release, the pair took to focusing on their performances across the following years, before surprising fans with their new single in the last month.

Flowing with an openly ethereal sound, Steph’s vocals highlight a bold path, whilst still blending fluidly into the tranquillity of the track. Slowly drifting from the soothing calmness of the tracks opening, the song progresses through a lucid lightness, with small echoic piano notes hinted deep in the track to add an extra layer of depth. Yet, the track does build up towards the end, resulting in powerful vocals still resting well amongst the slowly building track. Even with perhaps a simpler guitar melody the cinematic atmosphere is still ever-present, beautifully capturing the spirit of the track whilst not over-complicating the world of their track with unneeded complexity.

However, in terms of lyrics, ‘Am I Asleep?’ does fall on the more simplistic side of their tracks. While this works perfectly in their melancholic chorus’, it would be nice to see Greywind step outside of their comfort zone in this track. The second chorus gives us hints at what lyrical and emotional sides the duo can achieve, but just needs that extra push to truly make it outstanding.

Greywind captured a perfect example of the beautiful simplicity and fluidity of shoegaze with their debut ‘Afterthoughts’, but ‘Am I Asleep’ does come four years after their debut. While still showing the intense ability the duo has to create, one can only hope they can keep up the quality of their music to bring them back to the audiences of their debut and more.

Rating 9/10


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