fractures in the sky

After creating the moniker Fractures In The Sky in 2018, musician Dan Cole has gone on to produce a plethora of music spanning the last two years, including a covers album before producing his new creation ‘Into The Void’. With the release entirely self-produced, the final product brings a thoughtful concept to the world, one of wanderlust and tranquillity.

Combining the elements of djent with the poignant components of progressive metal, Cole creates an instrumental release to keep listeners entranced for the full length of the release. Describing the track as “a love letter to the vast empty void of space”, Cole enthrals listeners into the reverie of the ‘void’, incorporating ambience and electronic aspects to truly explore the open themes of the album. Creating an entire universe for the listener to progress, there is much to be enjoyed throughout.

Albums don’t need lyrics to tell a story, “Into The Void” proves this without fault.

Check out Fractures Into The Sky’s “Into The Void” here!

fractures in the sky

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