The world is crazy now. Pandemics, fake news, you name it. Blended with a mix of emotions comes Annisokays new single ‘STFU’, first release since 2018’s ‘Arms’ (plus its instrumentals respectively) ‘STFU’ introduces Annisokay’s new harsh vocalist Rudi Schwarzer after the departure of Dave Grunewald in October 2019.

While this is by no means Annisokay’s first politically leaning track, with the current state of the world, ‘STFU’ is a lyrically direct target at the ‘load of bullshit’ being spread throughout the world. The tracks subtle transition from verse/chorus to the impending breakdown also help to highlight lyrically, the flowing rhetorical simplicity into a hard impacting message. Focusing primarily on melodic clean vocals, there is just enough room for the clean-cut harsh elements to push through. While more of Schwarzer’s new vocals could have been explored, we can hopefully expect more to be heard in the band’s future releases. The production is clean cut, mixing well so no part is too overbearing. However, the length of the verses into chorus joined with the similar sound does drag slightly. Not detrimental but a noticable aspect.
‘STFU’ relates to the critical world we are facing, we all wish people would shut the fuck up sometimes. To some it’s ‘edgy’ but it just appears truthful. Whether Annisokay will follow on with this lead is still unknown, but this track is definitely one to lead with.

Rating: 8.5/10

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