Blueprint Studios for a three hour rehearsal and due to a mix-up from C:/Dos/Pun’s live drummer Nick; we only ended up half an hour late. Seeing a duo in such a large rehearsal room is rather different to the 3/4/5 piece bands I usually come across, but nonetheless just as entertaining to watch.

Listening to C:/dos in a recorded and live setting, the fusion of styles is eclectic, yet interestingly works surprisingly well. You’d be surprised to learn the live explosion that is the group is only a duo (soon to be trio) and the recorded side comes down soley to creator Kezia. To quote the duo in their own words, “I’m Kezia and I do everything” and “I’m Nick and I do the one thing that Kez doesn’t do which is actually play an instrument”. The two have a humorous connection, as seen by the reoccurring theme of The Algorithm’s Remi having ‘those jumpers’ and the lack of payment actually needed for the labelled ‘bumming’ of said member.

With improvising taking a large role in their live set (as well as this interview), the interpersonal connection between them is a lot simpler than thought. The talent falls not just in musical ability, but ability to follow and manipulate mistakes. “The number of times live like I’ve forgotten to add a section in, or Nick’s forgotten a section like because it’s not just a backing track if something goes wrong, we can get on top of it quicker.” Even as Nick states, mistakes are quickly recognised by “The usual go to is usually the cheeky hand signal behind the back from you! (Kezia)”. The two actson each other’s whims as nothing can truly be perfected, even throughout the rehearsal – but it works, its unexpected.

Accidents happen, hell I walked into a chair during their rehearsal, and ironically the bands latest release OST was never intended to be created. “I was technically on a break, I was having a break from writing all music because the first four EP’s they were released over the span of like a year and it was a lot of work and I felt very burnt out, so I told myself I’m just gonna take a year off writing any music. The next thing I knew I had the skeletons of 7 tracks, I listened to all of them, 2 of them were crap so I binned them but yeah it basically came about as an accident.” It’s safe to say the new material certainly is groovy. A mix of everything or as better described “OST itself is the soundtrack to a boss rush in a video game that doesn’t exist”, something quirky, entertaining and pretty cool if you ask me.

Sometimes we fall victim to endlessly searching for a meaning in the music, something even I am guilty of (constantly criticising and reviewing especially), but the fact of the mater is, the real meaning for Kez is just fun. “There’s tracks like that I think have a very sort of emotional vibe to them. When I was writing them, I was like ‘I’m pissed off I want everyone to know I’m pissed off’ so whereas on the new one a lot of it is just making music for the fun of it rather than conveying emotions.” But even live its more about the aspect of having fun. Slowly digressing away from the deep conversations of emotions comes a story. A truly beautiful story of performing, ‘Slav-core’ and Kezia terrifying a plethora of local ‘hardcore kids’. Filling in on a local opening support slot in Manchester, Kezia single handily struck fear into the hearts of many. “I put on Slav core, jumped into the crowd and everyone just moves out of the way looking terrified like, I’ve never seen so much fear at a metal show.” If there’s a lesson to be learned, always evaluate the audience. Unless you want a humorous story of course.

There’s a long way to go for C:/Dos, as there is for any smaller niche band. It isn’t stopping them. Breaks are inevitably false, there is no breaking for this band. Even Nick agrees, “it often ends up being the case that when you tell yourself you’re going to have a break I think mentally you relax a bit and that’s when the ideas start flowing.” Catch the duo at a show, have a groove, support local music. It’s a niche that you’ll enjoy to at least some extent, that I can guarantee.

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