The red bin is destroyed. Monday Mosh III is filled with slam bands, a very good turn out and some pretty big bands in the underground scene. Not a show to miss. Four hours of sheer intense brutality and slam – what could go wrong?
Wolverhampton commuters Old Wharf (6) can be described as new to the northern slam scene. With little to no scene in Wolves and a minute growth in Birmingham, a time to grow into a different area is a step. Breakdowns were impressive for a new band and their attempt at a different style of rap metal was a surprising, but well transitioned performance. As always improvements are to be made. Screachy guitar solos did hinder the performance and stage presence was not at its highest. Looking bored and not interacting with the crowd caused a lack of interest, but good on their vocalist for at least trying to get off stage to bridge a connection. An increase in stage presence is a factor that comes with time. The group have only been in the scene for around 3/4 months, so for now , they’re doing pretty well.

(Elliot Hughes – @hugeelfphotography)

The next band took a turn to a Fall In The Brawl memoir – Capital Punishment (7) the bin was sacrficed for you. Any local slam fans will know the incident of the Rebellion bin. For those unaware, a large red bin was smashed and thrown into a crowdkilling pit earlier in November. Give a local scene a bin and some kicking heavy slam music, its inevitabvle what will happen. Reaction built up during the set, starting slow and quickly increasing. Improvement is perhaps needed to bring up their performance level, but they are definitely at a standard that gets them respect in the scene. Brutal slam at a raw gritty level, a slightly different performance to previous supports. It’s unfortunate that their memorable moment was a bin being smashed to pieces, but people remember them. R.I.P Rebellion’s final bin.
(Elliot Hughes – @hugeelfphotography)

If there is any band starting to rise from Manchester, Chainsaw Castration (7.5) are the band to watch. Quite a mismatched band from a quick glance, but unexpectedly, one of the most entertaining bands to watch. A noticable aspect of the set was the timing did fall off track at points. Too quick, slow or musicality not quite aligning to a perfect standard. Feedback also caused a rupture in their set, with microphone feedback tainting their songs at parts. Yet, what Chainsaw couldn’t quite achieve perfectly in their musical performance, they made up for in their stage presence. Energy from all points of the stage reflected into the audience and pits, and not once did this drop for the full 30 minutes of their time. A band that can incorperate humour into their set, capturing and holding an audiences attention. A solid band with only timing/tech issues bringing them down.

(Elliot Hughes – @hugeelfphotography)

Clawhammer (8), the Scottish slamdown band who most likely the most well known band of the night. Despite Chrissy Jones (vocals) clearly on the Bucky, their set was actually rather enjoyable. Hyping the crowd with some singalong tunes and a rowdy fufulling set, energy is no issue to be combatted. Gaining an insane crowd response only brought up the set and its clear that Clawhammer know what they’re playing. Even through Jones’ intoxicated antics, their performance was timed well and performed to a pretty good standard, with guest vocalists included in the lineup. One critisism is their between song commentary. At times boring, but they can’t entirely be to blame. Running out of water is hard to commentate, but possibly sobered up the poor guys on stage.

(Elliot Hughes – @hugeelfphotography)

Finally, headliners Gunishment (4.5). Coming on 20 minutes late and only performing a 25 minute set, even less than the other supports let alone the hour scheduled. On a positive note, the beatdown band did a good job musically. Tight on timing, with impressive vocals and musicality. Even in terms of energy, their unrestrained, disorderly ways created a mass eruption in the audience.

(Elliot Hughes – @hugeelfphotography)

Bands don’t always have to be 100% professional. In cases it’s more enjoyable to watch when they joke around and have fun, but there’s a line between funny memes and being annoying. Some jokes landed but the majority were babble to fill between songs. Also, when some of the only jokes you can make are about ‘girls with their asses out’ in the crowd, maybe its time for a new idea. Air horn sound effects, a fun technique to get a laugh – not when overused many times in a set. Silly non-hurtful comments about Old Wharf? Amusing – not when overused. Its okay to be a jokey band, but the way they do this can be improved.

Overall, the night was quite a success. Monday nights are hard to fill, but the turnout was beyond expected. Rising bands are growing faster than expected – so make sure to get out to the next lineup!
Overall night 7/10

(Elliot Hughes – @hugeelfphotography)

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