Birmingham rockers Failure Is An Option are in the cusp of releasing their split EP with counterparts Discordance, releasing their first single ‘Second Chance’ very soon. Being created and produced independently by the heavy rock group, they are taking this EP in their own hands. The EP can mainly be described as ‘ a mix of Emotional Hardcore and Heavy Rock. Failure Is An Option and Discordance are both bands local to the West Midlands area and have made links to each other for over a year now back when both bands were founded.’

Opening in a rather melodic fashion, the track starts rather simplistically, an echo styled viva track interweaved between the lines of guitar fluctuating through. Even through the luxuries, Failure Is An Option begin to emerge as lyricists, not only showing emotion but through simplistic measures, opposed to relying on effects and emphasised metaphors. Circling around ‘losing a bond between yourself and someone that you hold dearly to your heart’ is well portrayed, perhaps a little lyrics development can ensue in their progression as a band however.

However, a small letdown for this track is the mixing. Failure Is An Option are a smaller band, it is understandable that they may not be able to afforded high quality mixing and having done this independently, this is a good attempt. The problem is, this unfortunately does take down the quality of the track, making it hard to hear each individual section for what it is, instead of a blended compression.

Failure Is An Option have been floating around the Birmingham scene and you will definitely see them grow. Time and growth will bring this band further, this split so just being one of the ways to do so.

Rating: 6/10

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