Two tracks out and another now released, Amorla are working hard to get their material out there since the release of debut ‘Matches‘ in April. Now with the recent release of ‘Sail Alone‘, the Southampton 5 piece are ready to push forward their music to all who will listen.

Incorporating a spacious, almost hollow and simplistic opening to the track, Amorla waste no time on setting their personalised tone. A track etched into a sorrowful atmospheric approach, the post-hardcore outfit manage to capture a balance in both vocal techniques, with the raw, gritty screams successfully capturing heartfelt vulnerability – the clean vocals also integrating well in the emotive release. While the bridge breakdown could have a little more of a kick, it works in favour of the track, paving a path for the final lyrically dominant closure of the song. To have a good track is key, but to leave something impactful, something to truly help it stand out is an important factor often lost: ‘Sail Alone’ does not forget this. Ending strong, the band bring listeners onboard, closing the lyrical story and leaving them to truly consider the meaning of the track.

As a whole, the track is blended together in a harmonious and memorable way. The band tell a story, one that isn’t clear till the end, but hits hard through the final lyrics. There are few downsides to this track and this is another great release to add to their previous two track list.

Rating: 9.5/10

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