Alternative rock outfit Mirages are taking on Gloucestershire with their debut ‘Promise‘. Will it be easy? No, but that’s not hindering them with their groovy new release.

Opening with a slow, simplistic buildup, ‘Promise’ has the feel of a slow old style rock track, a feel that quickly proves to be correct. Groovy basslines dominate the track, giving it a classic yet relaxed feel, nothing too complicated or simple in its buildup yet balances rather well in the middle. However, the track itself can feel a little repetitive, following a similar structure throughout and not thronging any surprises or changes through its running time. It’s a good track in the sense of its calm, relaxed nature, but perhaps just needs that little bit more behind it to push it a bit further.

For a debut, Mirages haven’t done bad. To break out of Gloucester will take more work, but that’s inevitable for any band with a first single. We will be keeping an eye on these guys, we’re ready for more.

Rating: 7/10

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