Indie Punk Crew Youth Killed It recently released the video for single ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’ (here), saying of the track: “It is a view from the perspective of the outside, looking in at the current divide in the country: Old vs young, poor vs rich, left vs right; and how all of it is just labels made up to split us further. We take each other for granted and it’s easy to forget that sometimes people might have differing opinions which come from a good place. We never judge, we don’t like to take sides, wejust see what’s good and bad about the current state of politics and satirize it through music.” They have also revealed that the song is taken from their forthcoming sophomore album of the same title, set for release via Rude Records on 5th October. Now the band are here to tell us about the filming of the video…

Why did you pick ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’ as a single track?

We felt it was the right time with everything going on in the country. It was our way of trying to pull it all back together in our minds. When you see everyone fighting all the time it can seriously fatigue you and out of that anger and frustration came this song. It’s about opening your eyes to what’s going on around you, looking forward and coming together to achieve a common goal.

What the video is about and how did the concept come about?

The video is meant to be a tourist outing to London that goes a bit wrong. We have a perfect idea of what represents Britain right? But then when you really look at what’s going on in society it’s actually a bit of a let down. That’s what the video is meant to be about and is why Jack has this idealistic view of what London is: Big Ben, the arcades and 2p machines – the works. When he gets there, the one thing he really wanted was completely different to what he saw in his head. We sat down and talked about keeping it fun and bouncy, then came up with a bunch of location ideas like Victoria Park for the boats.

Where did you shoot it?

All over London, we literally spent a day sightseeing. I’ve lived in London four years now and I’ve never done as much sightseeing as I did on the shoot. We went to as many stereotypical tourist traps as we could!

Who was your director?

Our good friend and collaborator Ray Roberts. The guy is super talented and we love working with him. He’s part of our team and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Can you tell us about anything interesting or unusual that happened?

We had a lot of weird looks when we went on the merry-go-round and also when we started screaming in the arcade trying to win on the claw game. People must have thought we were absolutely bonkers haha!

And to close, what are your thoughts on the outcome?

The vision came to life and we feel we portrayed our emotions well in the video. Sometimes it’s hard to capture the idea in your head but in this instance we feel we nailed it!

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