Is our society falling into a state of self-destruction? This is the question alternative metal Band Lifelust are asking in their latest release ‘Sociocide’.

The track itself has a deeper context, far from that of something simplistic and plain, instead delving into something much more serious. The tracks focal point is its title ‘Sociocide’, the “the self-destruction of a society” and in the track, falling into oblivion. From a deeper insight, lyrically this track as previously stated knocks down into something more serious, a factor that can sometimes be lost within the complexity of the tracks rhythm and breakdowns. However, Lifelust hit the mark with ‘Sociocide’, spreading their internal message across very cleverly. In terms of its post-hardcore balance, the tracks smooth transition from screams to cleans is well achieved, leaving no gaps and saturating the outer presence of the song. Whole the track is mainly atmospherically dark and heavy, the opening clean vocal segment at the beginning of the track is perhaps the one part that doesn’t fit quite as well. By no means does it not work, because it has a place, but at the same time seems a little odd, and is quickly shadowed compared to the rest of the track.

Overall, Lifelust have come out with a track that pushes the importance of meaning in a track and just how it can push a track forward. Lifelust have given ‘Sociocide’ a purpose, something fulfilling that they can spread, that they should be proud of.

Rating: 8/10

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