This is CloseUp Promotions first 1-day festival in Portsmouth, can you give us a bit of background information as to why you decided to create Follow The Sun?

With the upcoming festival Follow The Sun coming soon, we had the chance to chat with Sam Tucker from CloseUp promotions all about the upcoming festival!

After the back to back successes of CloseUp Festival in LDN, we wanted to bring a unique, intimate one day festival to the South Coast. There is so many exciting artists in the area we work with frequently, and with the weather (we hope) great on the coast during summer, we just couldn’t resist.

How was Follow The Sun Festival planned?

We use the Wedgewood Rooms for all of our shows in Portsmouth, so it just seemed like a logical step for us. We’re used to shows/one day festivals so keeping within that

framework, we built the lineup/aesthetics from there.

You have formed a lineup including the likes of Marsicians, Bel Esprit and Me And The Moon, how did you filter and select performers for the lineup?

We’re really excited to work with all of these acts again, we’ve worked within them before both locally and across the country, we always pick our favourite artists musically and the artists we know will promote/work hard for the festival.

Being the festivals first year, how do you aim to expand the festival over the next five years?

That is a damn good question.. We have lots planned, but unfortunately can’t be divulging that just yet. We’re currently working within the Edge of the Wedge, but I don’t see what could stop us taking on the main room in years to come.

Is there anything you feel many British festivals do not incorporate that you wish to bring to FTS?

Intimacy. Don’t get me wrong, I go to loads of major festivals and they are all great, but for me I don’t feel like there is anything better than seeing one of your favourite bands in small venue. It’s something you’ll remember for a long time and key for us when creating live events. We’ve capped this event at 100 exclusive tickets for that very reason.

How far do you feel small local-talent festivals can help boost a performers career and fanbase?

I think its huge, there is very few opportunities where they’ll be a large, essentially ‘free’ crowds/people that local (or any bands for that matter) acts have the chance to

perform infront of.

What are some things attendees to the festival can expect?

One of the best Saturdays of their year. 8 of the UK’s most exciting artists, in a reputable intimate venue, 5 minutes away from the seafront. Not much sounds better than that eh?

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