Pop-Punks You Know The Drill recently announced details of their forthcoming sophomore EP. The 5 tracker ‘Selfhood’ will see release via Scylla Records on 22nd June 2018, with vocalist Benji Yapp saying: “Selfhood is a word which describes the quality that makes up a person and just being aware and proud of who you are, which really resonated with us as we wrote this EP. We tried not let ourselves be limited by the “pop-punk” label and write without worrying what people were going to think, which definitely ended up benefitting the record.” A first taste of ‘Selfhood’ was also unveiled in the form of single ‘Snake Eyeshere, which premiered on the Radio 1 Rock Show. Now Yapp is here to discuss the creation of it’s striking cover artwork…

If memory serves me right, then the artwork (or at least the idea behind it) came before the title did. We were toying around with a lot of different ideas at the time, but we knew for certain that we wanted to go with a photograph rather than a cartoon again, in attempt to break the mould and stand out a little more.

When I first thought of the idea of the dandelion and the lawnmower, I thought it was kind of dumb and wasn’t expecting the boys to take to it at all, but much to my surprise they loved it and starting planning how we were going to go about shooting it. In terms of photographer we didn’t consider anyone other than our long time friend and talented visuals guy, Mike Mann (Schmannly Visuals).

Before involving Mike, we thought we’d have a go at demoing the artwork ourselves; just to see how it might look. We couldn’t find any real dandelions for our practice shoot so we found a yellow ball and stuck it in a ground hook, to replicate the weed.

From this tester shoot we decided the artwork could work and with a little bit of magic from Schmannly, actually look good!

The photo was shot in Damo’s (bass) back garden on a fairly cloudy day. Damo is also the person in the photo mowing the lawn! Despite the weather conditions, Mike did a fantastic job of editing the photo to look like a beautiful summer’s day!

The story being told in the art is that we have this dandelion at the forefront, and dandelions by nature are classed as weeds, which in most cases are undesirable. Meanwhile lurking in the background is the lawnmower, pointed in the direction of the dandelion, but despite this the dandelion is bright, colourful, stood tall and ready to face adversity head on and that’s what Selfhood is all about; being proud and owning who you are, despite what anyone else might say.

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