A Song Which Made You Want To Make Music:

Ozzy Osbourne – Shot in the dark. I used to tape the Rock Show from the TV that was on in the middle of the night and the video for that song was really cool at the time. Ozzy looks like a drag queen in it. It was amazing and Jake E lee was on guitar.

Best Experience While On Tour:

Any gig where we get a rider is a plus. A nice pizza always goes down well. Apart from that all the gigs are pretty similar we just try and give everything we can in the performance. It’s always nice to get paid.

Cover you would really like to do?

Not really a big fan of covers live as there are plenty of cover bands and tribute bands around I think it’s important to remain original and produce the best music you can as a band. I think in the studio LA Woman by The Doors would be a good song for us to cover as we are all influenced by The Doors.

Deepest Lyrics One Of Your Songs Features:

All of our songs have great stories to them the best thing to do would be to listen to the album as Jake writes like a poet. We have songs about demonic possession relationship breakdowns rock and roll swagger and general debauchery. I’m raging mad dog she’s my killer pill. Mad dog is about a relationship where people can’t live with or without each other.

Easiest Song You Wrote:

There is a new song that we have just written called killing machine that’s pretty straightforward it’s a slow stomp type song a bit similar to Adam and the Ants in its rhythm.

Favourite album/single/EP you have released:

Our album Care plan for the soul is a debut release and we are really proud of it. We feel there are plenty of Great lyrics and the music is driving yet subtle in places. We seem to be receiving great reviews so I think we did something right.

Greatest Show/Festival You Have Played:

Camden Town London at the Unicorn. That was a good one. We played there with Red Spektor and The Healthy Junkies….had a nice size crowd.

Happiest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band:

The day we received our limited edition splatter vinyl from our record label. When I was a kid I used to save all my money and buy vinyl from the local record store so to have it go full circle and actually have the Band release a vinyl was pretty impressive. A great feeling of achievement and a middle finger to all the people who doubted us.

Interesting Fact About One Of Your Members:

Jake our singer won Come dine with me on Channel 4. Everytime it is repeated we get an influx of middle age women adding us on social media. So in that respect it’s a really cool thing for the band. It’s got a bit repetitive for Jake now though.

Jokes You Have In The Band:

Not sure about that we are always joking around and playing pranks on each other. We are all pretty funny individuals so there probably too many jokes to mention can’t really think of one in particularly. Two snowmen stood in a field one says to the other can you smell carrots?

Kicking Off Your Set Is Best With Which Song:

We start our set with a song called My rock and roll. It builds with a bass and drum groove and the guitars and singer have a question and answer kind of build up. Then all of a sudden it bursts into full on. Jake likes to chant some of his Mojo at the start of the show and set the mood.

Longest Distance You’ve Travelled To Play A Show:

We are still on our UK tour promoting our debut album South Wales is pretty far away that was a five and a half hour drive there and five and a half hours back. But when you have a bunch of drunk rock and rollers in the car time goes pretty quick.

Movie That Best Represents The Band:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre because we are all a bunch of freaky individuals. We do draw the line at cannibalism though but Jake is pretty handy with a chainsaw.

New Band You’d Recommend:

Red Spektor are a great band. We tour a lot with them and we are all really good friends.

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal:

Queens of the Stone Age will be pretty cool Clutch maybe Alice Cooper, ZZTop any bands that has a legacy.

Place You’d Most Like To Tour:

America, it’s huge. California is the same size as the UK and all the states have different weather. I love America I go every year four four weeks if I can.

Quote That You’d Like To Pass On To Readers:

You can take the money take the dog but you will never get your hands on the rock and roll of life.

Reason For The Title Of Your Recent/Forthcoming Release:

Our drummer lamb is a pretty deep thinker and we thought that the album shows various states of emotion. The news and media is so negative nowadays and the internet has no boundaries of censorship so your soul can get burnt. We just thought take some time out to take a deep breath create a care plan for the soul.

See Us Live At:

A venue near you and if we aren’t there give us their details and we will try to get there.

The First Song You Ever Played Together As A Band:

The song that is the oldest is Don’t get caught I am the Lotus. The band has been playing that for around 7 years I only joined in 2016 and we got the record deal the same year but that song goes way back. It’s a strong song and one of our best. It gets the greatest response from the fans live

Unusual Merchandise:

We don’t have any unusual merchandise just the standard stuff although I did make a mistake and got some window stickers made. I thought the order said 100cm it was actually 100mm. And I made them black so nobody can see them anyway. Felt like banging my head against a brick wall

Variations You’d Like To Do On Any Of Your Songs:

We already did that. Our song Demon was remixed in a drum and bass style by Ben our bass players brother Simon who was the drummer of Inme. We are open to other people remixing our songs in different genres. We like to think of our band as a multi genre act.

Worst Experience On Tour:

I once played with a band that was supporting Wrinkle. Wrinkle went on to become The Cribs. The whole gig started late and they over played so we ended up not playing at all as there was an early curfew because of sound levels. So pretty much a waste of time as been there at all.

X-rays Or Any Other Treatments For Band Related Injuries:

Luckily we haven’t had any broken bones yet we do Jump Around quite a bit though. A nice packet of Alka-Seltzer and antacid tablets is about as medical as we get.

Your Favourite Show You’ve Ever Played:

All our shows are our favorites as long as there are people there and they respond to the music it’s hard to pinpoint any single one. The London ones are always good and Stoke-on-Trent has a cracking scene. Newcastle-under-Lyme has a great little venue called the Free Bird everyone is so friendly and into music.

Zoo Animal That Best Describes The Band:

A tiger because they are pretty cool. I love the colours and they can pounce at any time. Suppose it’s better to be a tiger than something like a baboon or an anteater.

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