The second EP from Dream State, ‘Recovery’, has hit our platforms, bringing with it a hype across the rock scene as to just who the Welsh 5-piece actually are. Quickly building up a hype and audience and being placed onto festivals and shows across the country has great connotations, but do the 5-piece really have something to show?

‘White Lies’ ultimately showed the biggest developmental change from their debut ‘Consequences’ back in 2015. Helping the 5-piece find their sound and audience the track, while not being the most outstanding creation in the scene, does hold creativity and potential Dream State have. Pushing forward on this track, the rest of the EP is developed thoroughly and well, with massive choruses and build-ups to truly form not just a sound, but an atmosphere. Similarly, ‘Solace’ also reinforces the EP’s massive atmospheric rocking choruses. Even though vocalist CJ’s vocals are the main standout of all the tracks, ‘Solace’ finds a way to stick in your head with the catchy backing infused so well into the chorus and bridge.

‘In This Hell’ once again sells the bands hard work and style development while ‘Help Myself’ brings forward the heaviest post-hardcore tinged rock style track Dream State encapsulate so well. Yes, CJ’s powerful vocals do form a central focus of the EP, yet this doesn’t bring down any of the other parts of the Ep’s creation either. Both Aled and Rhys guitar work carefully fits to help emphasise the slower, emotional moments and truly help power the faster heavier elements.

However, ‘New Waves’ is ultimately the most different of the three singles, let alone the whole EP. Instead of taking a more generic approach with a large pounding track to end on, Dream State instead have created the softer track of the EP. Not saying this track is a completely different genre to the rest, but ‘New Waves’ does pull itself apart from the rock/post-hardcore style of the EP ever so slightly to stand out alone.

One thing that is questionable though is the tracklist of the EP itself. Being formed of three already released singles over the last year and two new tracks, there just wasn’t as much to expect compared to if the EP was formed of newer tracks.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Dream State will become huge. This EP proves it and if the band keeps up this great performance and production streak, they can easily launch themselves further, perhaps even to an international scene sooner than expected.

Rating: 8/10

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