‘The most hard-working band to brace Nottingham’. This is how rising unsigned band ASHFIELDS have been described since their formation in late 2015. Following the release of their debut EP ‘New Skin’ last April, ASHFIELDS are now ready to release their newest single ‘We Don’t Talk’

The track has a good opening, something that differs from your generic indie-rock release, instead bringing a more simplistic approach. Yet, it’s simplicity of the opening that truly helps bring the powerful chorus to life. With the intense vocals standing out against the instrumentals of the track, it can appear that parts of the track are left behind, but this is no issue whatsoever. Following the more simplistic approach to the backing, this helps bring out the vocals even more, amplifying the message further. However, it’s at the bridge of a track where a song can easily fall down, but as predicted this is definitely not the case for Ashfields. If anything, the bridge gives ‘We Don’t Talk’ that extra push forward to stand out amongst the rest in the indie genre.

Ashfields have put a lot of work into their new single. With its release, so soon after their debut, this band are very determined to get their music heard and so it should be. Ashfields have good potential behind them and they’re ready to prove it.

Rating : 8/10

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