Maypine had an average start with their debut ‘In The Back Of My Mind’, pulling off a 5 track EP with some catchy tracks to satisfy new listeners. However, this is not the band they want you to hear. ‘A much truer representation of our band’ is what they want to present, starting with their new track ‘Give’.

‘Give’ instantly hits listeners with a darker approach to music. The happier pop-punk foundations have fallen away and instead bring forth a different side to Maypine. There is no doubt that the opening of the track and choruses have a very good potential that will hopefully be unleashed in their forthcoming release. Even though the group are beginning to stray from their roots, the elements of pop-punk are still ingrained through the vocals of the track. The verses may need a hint of improvement to fit the development, as at times it just doesn’t match up with the flow of the full track. Is there anything overly new about this track as a whole? For the bands style, yes, as an overall fitting into the rock genre? Not really. However, this is their first time perhaps exploring outside of their original roots and that’s okay. This is by no means a bad track, if anything it’s a good improvement in their music as a whole.

Maypine are reinventing their style, clearly opting for a darker theme through their newest single, artwork and promotional shots. They have a new direction and aren’t afraid to show it. ‘Bend/Break’ is coming soon and Maypine are determined to let it be heard.

Rating: 7/10

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