Lifehack are taking a risk. Coming from Hungary with a goal to reach listeners across their country, the exuberant rockers produced a 7-track album to gain national success. However, with a desire to reach out to an international audience, Lifehack have written and are debuting their first full English EP, with the hopes of showcasing their style to the world.

Without a doubt, from the start of ‘brave’, it is clear vocalist Anna Sevena’s soft vocals form a perfect fit to the track. While perhaps a little deeper instrumental layering could help bring this track a little more, the vocals and the instrumentals are put into their own layers, with no real distinct layer for each individual aspect. Yet, with a more atmospheric, flowing track such as ‘Brave’, this doesn’t cause a massive issue through the track.

Opening up the three track EP is ‘Wait Up’. Now, once again the issue of a depth in the tracks isn’t the clearest part of the track. However, this may just be a part of the process Lifehack will go through to evolve as a band. The track itself in terms of verses is rather basic, but Lifehack form this in a way that amplifies the vocal aspects more and, in turn, emphasise the deeper lyrical aspect of the track.

Yet, it is title track ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ that is the standout of this album. Holding the similar genre styling of the accompanying two tracks of the EP, this has a slightly heavier, deeper opening through the track. Is the track perfect? No, but the thing about it is, it doesn’t need to be. While some improvements could be developed in future releases, this track is probably the most developed off the EP and truly does stand out as a singular track/

Overall, Lifehack have put out a good attempt at an English EP. Following onto a new singing style from a more traditional Hungarian lyric style can be difficult, but it appears that the band have made this transition their own and done this rather well.

Rating: 7/10

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