It’s well known that the LA scene is well oversaturated with musicians trying to stand out. The Crown Remnant are another one of those bands, fighting to make them self known. However, the difference is, they have some great music to boost themselves up there.

The lyrical concept of the track ‘From Damnation To Deliverance (The Journey) is different to say the least. It’s not everyday you hear the words of a ‘nocturnal massacre’, but nevertheless, this more obscure idea is manipulated well into a track (and album) that may defy expectations. As tracks should, everything has a place in ‘Damnation…’. The guitar solos, quieter styled vocals, heavier bass lines, they all have a set fit place that doesn’t stick out for the wrong reasons. It’s one thing to throw these in for extra show-off points, yet to incorporate these well into a track is another thing. A solid track to say the least, especially just the track alone.

It’s one thing to say the band have a very messy music video, but the messy demeanour is captured in a crisp, high quality and clever manner. The Crown Remnant haven’t been subtle with their symbolism either, from the contrasting bright white performance shots to the grittier darker takes. Even the clever use of chiaroscuro falling between the action shots portray the visual concepts of light and dark within the lyrics itself. One issue that does stand out in the video is the performances. While it is hard to incorporate the look of proper playing, occasionally the full band shots just seem a little too forced. Either way, this visual story still has a lot of positive points.

It’s impressive what The Crown Remnant have out, especially with a smaller following at this time. Above all, not only do this band have good music to put across, but their dedication to their music is also what will take this band to the top.

Rating: 9/10

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