Hello! Could you please introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

Hey I’m Cole, I sing in the band.

Your latest EP, ‘Struck’, was recorded and produced by Diego Ruelas. What was it about his that made you want to record with him?

Cole:  Recording bands is what Diego does so he is always exposed to great artists who come through Capitol/ Eastwest Studios.  His enthusiasm to create, produce, and record is definitely inspiring and it’s fun working with Diego.

Are there any plans to produce any music videos for the tracks from ‘Struck’?

John:  We are currently working on our next album and are half way through that.  Once that is complete we are most likely going to pick a couple of our favorite’s and do a couple music videos.  Whether it be off our EP “Struck” or our new album.  Right now our main focus is just getting the music recorded.

If you were to collaborate with any band/artist dead or alive, who would you collaborate with?

Rene:  Queen

Are there any facts about any members that people don’t know?

Rene:  We recently just added 3 new players to our group.  Brian Lanzarotto, who plays Lead guitar and is also in a well known 80’s cover band known as “The Flux Capacitors”.  Ryan Silverberg, who plays the keyboard/synth also from “The Flux Capacitors”, and our new drummer Jordan Lipp.

Was creating the band always a goal, or did it just fall together unexpectedly?

John:  Creating this band was definitely a goal, and collectively formed over time as each band member clicked into place.

What can we expect next from Pick Up And Run?

Cole:We would like to have a full length self titled album by summer with several more singles on the way. We also want to start playing as many shows as possible and start touring soon.  Also do a couple music video’s like we mentioned.

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