Hertfordshire three piece Chocolate have released their newest single ‘Heavyweight’, following on from their last release ‘Ninth Cloud’

Being the bands second single, they bring the same grunge tinted alt-rock power they brought in previous single ‘Ninth Cloud’. ‘Heavyweight’ brings a darker, gritty undertone throughout its progression, exploiting the alt-rock vibe they are infusing into their music. The slightly distorted vocals, powerful drum beats, deep wave basslines and interesting guitar patterns all bring their contribution to the track well. Yet, one thing this track doesn’t quite hit is the evolution of the track during its playthrough. The track lacks any excitement, or anything relatively new to give to listeners.

It isn’t a bad start, maybe not quite up to the standard of their previous debut, but they still have a way to go ahead of them yet. With time and practice comes improvement and Chocolate are already putting out good tracks. With time, we can expect even more.

Rating 5/10

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