Rhyl pop-punk band Everyone And Anyone are set to head to the studio this April to record their forthcoming release. We had the chance to get E&A’s input on their planned recording process and what listeners can expect!

Heya! Could you give us a little introduction as to who you are and what you do in the band?

Rob: Yo yo I’m Rob and I sing and play bass in the band.

Gary: Sup I’m Gary I sing and play guitar in Everyone and Anyone

Scott: I’m Scott and I play lead guitar

Aaron: My name’s Aaron and I play drums in E&A

You’re planning to head into the studio in April to record a new EP! Can you tell us bit about the plans for that?

Scott: yeah we head to The Ranch in Southampton on April 15th to record. Really looking forward to it!

Aaron: things are sounding colossal

Rob: fantastic word colossal well played mate.

Gary: In terms of writing I wouldn’t really say there was that much planning because the writing process is always on going for me so it’s really just been a case of the band putting our heads together and making the drivel I write in my bedroom into real songs.

You will be working with Neil Kennedy on this new release, what is it about his work that drew you to want to record with him?

Rob: the first big show we ever played was with Creeper and we were chatting to Will who sings in that band and he was telling us about Neil and The Ranch and that it would be a sick match for what we were looking to do so when we knew we were heading back out to record we looked into it

Gary: in a nutshell the guy produces bangers!

Scott: for me it has to be his involvement with the Creeper and Boston Manor records. Heavily into Boston Manor me

Aaron: Neil’s production is fantastic, he also worked on Lizzy Farrall’s EP which bangs

This will also be your newest material since ‘A Page From A Journal’. How do you feel you have evolved as a band since its release?

Scott: we’ve definitely had a good year since that EP came out supporting Reel Big Fish and Anti Flag at the Ritz in Manchester gave us a real insight into the big leagues and it was surreal.

Rob: yeah we got to play some real cool shows with sick bands since APFAJ came out. A highlight for me was playing at the other end of the country in places we’d never been to before and having people sing my lyrics back at me on stage. Absolute madness that.

Aaron: we evolved into a Charizard!

Gary: as for the evolution of our music I personally wanted to create a middle ground between our last 2 EP’s but this third one has definitely evolved into its own beast

Are there any things you will be doing differently this time compared to the recording of ‘A Page From A Journal?

Rob: A big difference for me is that in the past we’ve released all our music on a diy basis but we’re actually gonna be working with other people to put this record out which is super exciting. It’s cool to have somebody hear what you’re creating and be pumped on it and want to get on board.

Gary: there’s also the line up change but we’ve fallen on solid ground so we’re more than ready to smash out the bangers.

Aaron: real everything recorded live!

Scott: yeah we absolutely loved working with Dann (bae) on our last ep and he taught me loads of nifty guitar tricks but it’ll be cool to get back into a big studio again and get that big studio feel.

Will you be creating any studio diaries documenting the recording/producing process of the new EP?

Rob: Ya damn right we will!

Gary: expect the regular updates vlogs etc

Rob: we wanna get some live streams on the go too there’s a lot of downtime when you’re not recording your own parts so expect bants in an abundance

Scott: we’ve got a bunch of go pros and stuff so it’d be a morale sin not to like

Aaron: Mario Kart tournaments and me talking about hip hop probably

Rob: we’re basically going on a little group holiday I’m taking my slider flip flops and everything I’ll be rocking the old sock and slides for the entirety of our time there.

Are there any hints or clues you can give to fans about what any of your demos sound like?

Gary: up tempo pop punk as you’d expect from us but we’ve got some new tricks up our sleeves

Rob: it’s basically what you’d expect from us but it’s had a 10 minute caffeine power nap and it’s ready to bench press a medium sized car

Scott: jumpy and aggressive sums it up quite nicely

Aaron: everyone’s upped their game the demos sound sick!

To all the new and old fans you’ve acquired, is there anything you would like to say to them?

Gary: please lower your expectations haha jkzzzz cheers you guys are all sick

Aaron: thanks to everyone old and new there’s nothing better than hearing your positive feedback and hearing you sing along at shows, love ya

Scott: mainly thank you for listening and following us it means a lot to us to see people excited for our future and singing lyrics back to us in places we’ve never been before it’s something I’ll never forget.

Rob: Like the rest of the boys said cheers for sticking around, ya rule! It’s been a cool ride so far but we’re 100% just getting started the best is definitely still yet to come!

Scott: And don’t forget to vote for us for the Slam Dunk Festival competition we’re running a giveaway on our Facebook page check it out for some free stuff!

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