Rising out from the ever-evolving Wolverhampton alt-rock scene, indie-rockers Runaway Hounds have dropped their second single ‘Sophie’.

For their second single, ‘Sophie’ is certainly heading in the right direction. A 4-minute flood of echoic atmospheric guitar radiates through the track, smoothly running alongside the kicking drum patterns that perfectly fit in the balance. Nothing about this track is out of sync. If anything, the mixing and recording helps make everything about this track fall into place. Nothing is lost, nothing is too clamorous. Even the slight edges from the raw vocals infused within ‘Sophie’ help eventuate the track. Runaway Hounds’ influences are clear, taking styles from Catfish and the Bottlemen and Artic Monkeys showing they know the style and direction they want to head. Not a complete copy, not quite as experienced and ready, but certainly prepared to launch out of their local scene imminently.

Runaway Hounds are beginning to make waves within their local community, and soon perhaps elsewhere. Keep an eye out for the indie revellers, because there will be more to expect.

Rating: 8.5/10

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